L. Divine


titleISBN-13year of publication
Courtin' Jayd978-1-4420-0105-32009
Courtin' Jayd978-1-4178-3095-42008
Drama High: Cold As Ice978-0-7582-3113-02010
Drama High: Courtin' Jayd978-0-7582-2536-82008
Drama High: Culture Clash978-0-7582-3111-62010
Drama High: Frenemies978-0-7582-2532-02008
Drama High: Holidaze978-0-7582-3109-32009
Drama High: Hustlin'978-0-7582-3105-52009
Drama High: Keep It Movin'978-0-7582-3107-92009
Drama High: Lady J978-0-7582-2534-42008
Drama High: No Mercy978-0-9857368-1-12013
Drama High: Pushin'978-0-7582-3115-42010
Drama High: Second Chance978-0-7582-1635-92006
Drama High: So, So Hood978-0-7582-3119-22011
Drama High: Street Soldiers978-0-9857368-0-42012
Drama High: The Fight978-0-7582-1633-52006
Drama High: The Meltdown978-0-7582-3117-82011
Drama High, vol. 17: Sweet Dreams978-0-9857368-2-82014
Jayd's Legacy978-0-7582-1637-32007
Lady J978-0-7569-8833-32008

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