Paw Prints 2009-07-10

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-4420-0008-7Judy AndreksonBrigadier: Gentle Hero (True Horse Stories)
  ''978-1-4420-0023-0American Poetry & LIterarcy Project · American Poetry & Literacy Project · Ted KooserHow to Eat a Poem: A Smorgasbord of Tasty and Delicious Poems for Young Readers
  ''978-1-4420-0028-5Tom RobinsonThe Everything Kids’ Magical Science Experiments Book: Dazzle Your Friends and Family by Making Magical Things Happen (Everything Kids Series)
  ''978-1-4420-0053-7Alison InchesThe Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling (Little Green Books)
  ''978-1-4420-0065-0Ruud Van Der Rol · Rian VerhoevenAnne Frank: Beyond the Diary: a Photographic Remembrance
2009978-1-4420-0105-3L. DivineCourtin' Jayd (Drama High)
  ''978-1-4420-0121-3P. C. Cast · Kristin CastChosen: A House of Night Novel
  ''978-1-4420-0125-1Diana Rodriguez WallachAmigas and School Scandals
  ''978-1-4420-0148-0Cheri J. MeinersShare and Take Turns (Learning to Get Along)
  ''978-1-4420-0177-0Alison InchesThe Adventures of an Aluminum Can: A Story About Recycling (Little Green Books)
2009978-1-4420-0178-7Alison InchesI Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (Little Green Books)
  ''978-1-4420-0201-2Marc-Antoine MathieuMuseum Vaults: Excerpts from the Journal of an Expert
  ''978-1-4420-0207-4Stephen KingFour Past Midnight
  ''978-1-4420-0226-5Hillary JordanMudbound
  ''978-1-4420-0229-6David BenioffCity of Thieves
2009978-1-4420-0232-6Margret Rey · H. A. ReyCurious George in the Snow
  ''978-1-4420-0253-1Jose Luis OrozcoRin, Rin, Rin / Do, Re, Mi: Libro Ilustrado En Espanol E Ingles / a Picture Book in Spanish and English (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4420-0344-6Susan Taylor BrownHugging the Rock
  ''978-1-4420-0389-7Crockett JohnsonHarold and the Purple Crayon
  ''978-1-4420-0423-8Margaret HodgesSaint George and the Dragon
2009978-1-4420-0442-9Don WoodThe Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear (Child's Plays Intl, Singapore)
  ''978-1-4420-0445-0Torey L. HaydenBeautiful Child
  ''978-1-4420-0449-8Bill PeetCowardly Clyde
  ''978-1-4420-0450-4Bill PeetHow Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head
  ''978-1-4420-0479-5Bernard WolfComing to America: A Muslim Family's Story
2009978-1-4420-0483-2Alma FullertonLibertad
  ''978-1-4420-0536-5Paul GobleBuffalo Woman
  ''978-1-4420-0539-6Lee J. AmesDraw 50 Airplanes, Aircraft and Spacecraft (Zephyr Book)
  ''978-1-4420-0543-3Bill WattersonThe Essential Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury
  ''978-1-4420-0584-6Lee J. AmesDraw 50 Cats
2009978-1-4420-0585-3Lee J. AmesDraw 50 Dogs
  ''978-1-4420-0590-7Jack PrelutskyThe Headless Horseman Rides Tonight: More Poems to Trouble Your Sleep
  ''978-1-4420-0602-7Jez AlboroughWhere's My Teddy?
  ''978-1-4420-0611-9Lee J. Ames · P. Lee AmesDraw 50 Flowers, Trees, and Other Plants: The Step-by-step Way to Draw Daffodils, Poison Ivy, and Pineapples, Sycamores, Prickly Pears and Truffles
  ''978-1-4420-0617-1Stephen KingThe Dark Half
2009978-1-4420-0622-5Barbara AbercrombieCharlie Anderson
  ''978-1-4420-0637-9Stephen KingDolores Claiborne
  ''978-1-4420-0660-7Eugene TrivizasThe Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
  ''978-1-4420-0685-0Stuart J. Murphy · Lynne Woodcock CravathThe Penny Pot: Counting Coins (Mathstart)
  ''978-1-4420-0696-6Natasha WingThe Night Before Easter (All Aboard Books)
2009978-1-4420-0708-6Eric Carle · Laura WhippleEric Carle's Animals Animals
  ''978-1-4420-0719-2Jonathan P. Latimer · Karen Stray NoltingCaterpillars (Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists)
  ''978-1-4420-0733-8Stuart J. MurphyShark Swimathon (Mathstart: Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers, Level 3)
  ''978-1-4420-0737-6Jez AlboroughMy Friend Bear
  ''978-1-4420-0742-0Natasha WingThe Night Before Kindergarten (Reading Railroad Books)
2009978-1-4420-0789-5Ed EmberleyEd Emberley's Drawing Book of Trucks and Trains: Learn to Draw the Ed Emberley Way!
  ''978-1-4420-0809-0Warren Ellis · Scott Lobdell · Jeph Loeb · John Francis Moore · Fabian NiciezaX-men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic Book 3
  ''978-1-4420-0836-6Rumiko TakahashiInuyasha
  ''978-1-4420-0846-5Bernhard SchlinkThe Reader
2009978-1-4420-1753-5Horseshoe Crabs and Shorebirds: The Story of a Food Web
  ''978-1-4420-5723-43 Little Firefighters
  ''978-1-4420-5803-3The Pig Who Went Home on Sunday: An Appalachian Folktale
  ''978-1-4420-6200-9Yu-gi-oh!: Monster Fight!
2009978-1-4420-6231-3Inuyasha 14
  ''978-1-4420-6234-4Inuyasha 15
2010978-1-4420-9656-1Garfield Sits Around the House
  ''978-1-4420-9807-7The Rock and the River