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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-57566-689-1Mary Roberts RinehartA Light In The Window
2000978-1-57566-691-4Leslie MeierChristmas Cookie Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries, No. 5)
  ''978-1-57566-693-8G. A. McKevettBitter Sweets: A Savannah Reid Mystery
  ''978-1-57566-695-2Carl WeberLookin' For Luv
2001978-1-57566-696-9Carl WeberMarried Men
  ''978-1-57566-698-3Robin SchoneGabriel's Woman
2007978-1-57566-699-0Robin SchoneScandalous Lovers
2001978-1-57566-706-5KensingtonThe Monkey King (Hallmark Entertainment Books)
2002978-1-57566-707-2Joanne FlukeBlueberry Muffin Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries)
2001978-1-57566-708-9Mary Ann BlockToday I Will Not Die
2002978-1-57566-709-6Barbara BlockRubbed Out (Robin Light Thriller)
2003978-1-57566-710-2Isis CrawfordA Catered Murder (Mystery with Recipes, No. 1)
2002978-1-57566-711-9G. A. McKevettPeaches And Screams: A Savannah Reid Mystery (Savannah Reid Mysteries)
2003978-1-57566-712-6   ''Death By Chocolate: A Savannah Reid Mystery (Savannah Reid Mysteries)
2001978-1-57566-713-3KensingtonFinding Ian
  ''978-1-57566-718-8Harvey DiamondFit for Life: A New Beginning
2000978-1-57566-720-1Gary NullThe Clinicain's Handbook of Natural Healing
2002978-1-57566-721-8Joanne FlukeStrawberry Shortcake Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries)
2003978-1-57566-722-5   ''Blueberry Muffin Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries)
2004978-1-57566-725-6Isis CrawfordA Catered Murder (Mystery with Recipes, No. 1)
2001978-1-57566-726-3G. A. McKevettSour Grapes: A Savannah Reid Mystery
2002978-1-57566-727-0   ''Peaches And Screams: A Savannah Reid Mystery (Savannah Reid Mysteries)
2003978-1-57566-728-7   ''Death By Chocolate: A Savannah Reid Mystery
2002978-1-57566-729-4Evan MarshallStabbing Stephanie: A Jane Stuart and Winky Mystery
2002978-1-57566-730-0Shelley FreydontMidsummer Murder (Linda Haggerty Mysteries)
  ''978-1-57566-734-8Leslie MeierWedding Day Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries, No. 8)
2001978-1-57566-735-5Samantha GlenBest Friends: The True Story of the World's Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary
2002978-1-57566-737-9Bertrice SmallJust Beyond Tomorrow (Brava Historical Romance)
  ''978-1-57566-741-6Nancy J. CohenMurder by Manicure (Bad Hair Day Mystery)
2001978-1-57566-748-5Isabel Gomez-BassolsDonde Estan las Instrucciones para Criar a los Hijos? (Spanish Edition)
2000978-1-57566-749-2Jennifer RobersonLady Of The Forest (A Novel of Sherwood)
  ''978-1-57566-750-8Carola DunnDeath at Wentwater Court (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 1)
2001978-1-57566-751-5Carola DunnThe Winter Garden Mystery (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 2)
2001978-1-57566-752-2Carola DunnRequiem for a Mezzo (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 3)
  ''978-1-57566-753-9   ''Murder on the Flying Scotsman (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 4)
2002978-1-57566-754-6   ''Damsel in Distress (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 5)
  ''978-1-57566-755-3   ''Styx and Stones (Daisy Dalrymple)
  ''978-1-57566-756-0   ''Dead in the Water (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 6)
2004978-1-57566-758-4Laurien BerensonJingle Bell Bark (Melanie Travis Mysteries)
2002978-1-57566-762-1Fern MichaelsKentucky Heat
  ''978-1-57566-763-8Fern MichaelsKentucky Sunrise
2001978-1-57566-764-5David Thomas LordBound In Blood: The Erotic Journey of a Vampire
2006978-1-57566-765-2David Thomas LordBound In Flesh
2002978-1-57566-776-8Ann RipleyHarvest Of Murder (Gardening Mysteries)
2003978-1-57566-778-2Ann RipleyThe Christmas Garden Affair: A Gardening Mystery
2002978-1-57566-781-2Laurien BerensonHot Dog: A Melanie Travis Mystery (Melanie Travis Mysteries)
2003978-1-57566-782-9Laurien BerensonHot Dog (Melanie Travis Mysteries)
  ''978-1-57566-783-6   ''Best In Show: A Melanie Travis Mystery (Melanie Travis Mysteries)
2004978-1-57566-784-3   ''Best In Show (A Melanie Travis Mystery)
2005978-1-57566-786-7   ''Jingle Bell Bark: A Melanie Travis Mystery
2002978-1-57566-793-5The Clinician's Handbook of Natural Healing
2000978-1-57566-796-6Robin SchoneThe Lady's Tutor
2001978-1-57566-798-0Thea DevineSeductive
2002978-1-57566-801-7Thea DevineBliss River
2001978-1-57566-803-1Susan JohnsonTempting
2002978-1-57566-804-8Susan JohnsonTempting
  ''978-1-57566-805-5   ''Again And Again (Brava)
2003978-1-57566-807-9Susan JohnsonForce Of Nature
2010978-1-57566-808-6   ''Force of Nature
2004978-1-57566-809-3   ''Pure Silk
2011978-1-57566-810-9   ''Pure Silk
2006978-1-57566-811-6   ''When You Love Someone
2011978-1-57566-812-3Susan JohnsonWhen You Love Someone (Darley)
2001978-1-57566-813-0Ben TylerTricks of the Trade: A Novel: In Gay Hollywood, It's Not Who You Know, It's Who You Do...
2002978-1-57566-814-7   ''Tricks of the Trade
2003978-1-57566-816-1Thea Devine · Susan Johnson · Katherine O'NealTaken By Surprise
2002978-1-57566-823-9Susan Johnson · Nikki Donovan · Liz Madison · Bertrice SmallDelighted
2001978-1-57566-824-6Thea DevineSinful Secrets
2002978-1-57566-831-4Virginia Harper · Tom MonteControlling Crohn's Disease: The Natural Way
  ''978-1-57566-832-1Leslie MeierBirthday Party Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries, No. 9)
2003978-1-57566-833-8   ''Birthday Party Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries, No. 9)
  ''978-1-57566-834-5   ''Father's Day Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries, No. 10)
2004978-1-57566-835-2   ''Father's Day Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery)
2004978-1-57566-836-9Leslie MeierStar Spangled Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries, No. 11)
2005978-1-57566-837-6   ''Star Spangled Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries, No. 11)
2001978-1-57566-838-3Toni L. P. KelnerMad As The Dickens: A Laura Fleming Mystery
2002978-1-57566-839-0Toni L. P. KelnerMad As The Dickens (Laura Fleming Mystery)
2004978-1-57566-841-3   ''Wed And Buried: A Laura Fleming Mystery
2001978-1-57566-845-1Chris KenryCan't Buy Me Love
2002978-1-57566-846-8   ''Can't Buy Me Love
  ''978-1-57566-847-5   ''Uncle Max
2003978-1-57566-848-2Chris KenryUncle Max
2001978-1-57566-849-9Gregory HintonCathedral City
2002978-1-57566-850-5Gregory HintonCathedral City
2001978-1-57566-851-2Roslyn CarringtonEvery Bitter Thing Sweet
2002978-1-57566-852-9Roslyn CarringtonCandy Don't Come In Gray
2000978-1-57566-854-3Michael CraftFlight Dreams (Mark Manning Mystery)
  ''978-1-57566-855-0Laura SchlessingerCope With It!
2003978-1-57566-856-7Bertrice SmallVixens (Skye's Legacy)
2004978-1-57566-857-4   ''The Dragon Lord's Daughters
2000978-1-57566-858-1Harvey DiamondFIT FOR LIFE:A NEW BE
2001978-1-57566-862-8J.J. MurrayRenee And Jay
2002978-1-57566-864-2J.J. MurrayRenee And Jay
  ''978-1-57566-865-9   ''Something Real
2003978-1-57566-866-6   ''Something Real
2007978-1-57566-867-3   ''Something Real
2001978-1-57566-869-7Suzanne Forster · Thea Devine · Lori Foster · Shannon McKennaAll Through the Night
2002978-1-57566-873-4Barbara ColleyMaid for Murder (Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series, Book 1)
2003978-1-57566-874-1Barbara ColleyMaid for Murder (Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series, Book 1)
2003978-1-57566-875-8Barbara ColleyDeath Tidies Up (Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series, Book 2)
2004978-1-57566-876-5   ''Death Tidies Up (Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series, Book 2)
  ''978-1-57566-877-2   ''Polished Off (Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series, Book 3)
2005978-1-57566-878-9   ''Polished Off (Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series, Book 3)
2002978-1-57566-879-6Kasey MichaelsMaggie Needs An Alibi (Maggie Kelly Mysteries)
2003978-1-57566-880-2Kasey MichaelsMaggie Needs an Alibi
  ''978-1-57566-881-9   ''Maggie By The Book (Maggie Kelly Mysteries)
2004978-1-57566-882-6Kasey MichaelsMaggie By The Book
  ''978-1-57566-883-3   ''Maggie Without A Clue
2005978-1-57566-884-0   ''Maggie Without A Clue (Zebra Regency Romance)
2002978-1-57566-885-7Dean JamesPosted To Death: A Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery
2003978-1-57566-886-4Dean JamesPosted To Death: A Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery
  ''978-1-57566-887-1   ''Faked To Death: A Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery
2004978-1-57566-888-8   ''Faked To Death (Simon Kirby-Jones Mysteries)
2001978-1-57566-889-5Timothy James BeckIt Had to Be You: Sometimes You Just Know When He's the One...
2002978-1-57566-890-1Timothy James BeckIt Had to Be You
  ''978-1-57566-895-6Laura RichardThe Secret To Low Carb Success!: How to Get the Most Out of Your Low Carbohydrate Diet
2001978-1-57566-896-3Brad SteigerOut Of The Dark: The Complete Guide to Beings from Beyond
  ''978-1-57566-899-4Patrick SanchezGirlfriends
  ''978-1-57566-900-7Kathy Lynn EmersonFace Down Beneath The Eleanor Cross (Kensington Mystery)
  ''978-1-57566-907-6Robin SchoneAwaken, My Love (Brava Historical Romance)
2003978-1-57566-908-3Carl WeberBaby Momma Drama
2004978-1-57566-909-0   ''Player Haters
2001978-1-57566-910-6Mary MonroeThe Upper Room
2002978-1-57566-911-3Mary MonroeGonna Lay Down My Burdens
2003978-1-57566-912-0   ''God Still Don't Like Ugly
2002978-1-57566-914-4Mary B. MorrisonNever Again Once More (Soulmates Dissipate)
2003978-1-57566-915-1Mary B. MorrisonHe's Just A Friend (Soulmates Dissipate)
2001978-1-57566-916-8Margaret Johnson-HodgeSome Sunday
2002978-1-57566-921-2Brenda JacksonPerfect Timing (Dafina)
2014978-1-57566-924-3Patrick SanchezGirlfriends
2001978-1-57566-926-7William Jack Sibley · Belinda JackAny Kind of Luck 6-Cp
2001978-1-57566-930-4KensingtonNatural Pocket GD 8cpy
  ''978-1-57566-931-1Samantha GlenBest Friends 6-Cpy Di
2000978-1-57566-932-8K. M. SoehnleinWorld of Normal Boys 6cpy
  ''978-1-57566-933-5KensingtonMenopause 12cpy
  ''978-1-57566-936-6   ''Womens's Mystery 18cpy
  ''978-1-57566-937-3   ''Menopause 8cpy
2000978-1-57566-938-0KensingtonMenopause 18cpy FL
  ''978-1-57566-939-7Harvey DiamondFit for Life 2000 8cpy
2000978-1-57566-940-3Harvey DiamondFit for Life 2000 12cpy
  ''978-1-57566-941-0KensingtonLover 6cpy
  ''978-1-57566-943-4Roslyn CarringtonThirst for Rain 8cpy
  ''978-1-57566-944-1KensingtonPower Juices 5cpy
  ''978-1-57566-945-8   ''Larry North Slim 12cpy
2000978-1-57566-946-5Kathryn Wesley10th Kingdom 8cpy
  ''978-1-57566-947-2Kathryn Wesley10th Kingdom 24cpy FL
  ''978-1-57566-948-9KensingtonLarry North's 18cpy FL
  ''978-1-57566-949-6   ''Roby Hard/Soft 18cpy Mixed
  ''978-1-57566-950-2   ''Health 36cpy Mixed FL
1999978-1-57566-951-9   ''Landing It 10cpy
2000978-1-57566-952-6KensingtonHealth 12cpy Mixed
1999978-1-57566-961-8   ''Landing It 6cpy
  ''978-1-57566-962-5   ''Landing It 12cpy
1998978-1-57566-963-2Jonnie JacobsJonnie Jacobs 10cc B
  ''978-1-57566-965-6VariousDog Nov 98 18cpy Mixed FL
1997978-1-57566-966-3KensingtonEven Yo Mama 6cpy
  ''978-1-57566-967-0   ''Shark Liver Oil 12cpy
  ''978-1-57566-968-7   ''Shark Liver Oil 32cpy
1997978-1-57566-969-4KensingtonQuotable Vampire 8cpy
1997978-1-57566-970-0KensingtonLucky Ones 10cpy
  ''978-1-57566-971-7   ''Internal Affairs 27cpy
  ''978-1-57566-972-4   ''Ultimate Star Wars 8cpy
  ''978-1-57566-973-1   ''Bringing Up 8cpy
  ''978-1-57566-974-8   ''Zeuts 8cpy
1997978-1-57566-977-9KensingtonI Hate Kathie Lee 10cpy
1997978-1-57566-978-6KensingtonZeguts 10cpy
  ''978-1-57566-979-3   ''I Hate Kathie Lee 8cpy
1996978-1-57566-980-9   ''Kennedy Men 27cpy
1997978-1-57566-982-3   ''Kiss and Tell 8cpy
1996978-1-57566-985-4   ''Special Guest 10cpy
1996978-1-57566-986-1KensingtonSpecial Guest 27cpy
  ''978-1-57566-988-5   ''Jump 27cpy
  ''978-1-57566-992-2   ''Murder on Broadway 10cpy
  ''978-1-57566-993-9   ''Deep in the Heart 10cpy
  ''978-1-57566-994-6   ''Fly Fishing 8cpy
1996978-1-57566-995-3KensingtonDefiant Hearts 10cpy
1996978-1-57566-996-0KensingtonNight Stalker 10cpy
  ''978-1-57566-997-7   ''For the Next Generation
  ''978-1-57566-998-4   ''Murder at City Hall 27cpy
  ''978-1-57566-999-1   ''Jane Heller 24cpy