Ethel M. Dell

E.D · E. M. · Ethel May Dell · M.D

titlemedia typeISBN-13year of publication
Charles RexPaperback978-1-4510-0740-42012
Charles Rex   "978-81-8456-327-62007
The Bars of Iron   "978-0-243-49382-12018
The Bars of IronHardcover978-0-332-38299-92018
The Bars of IronTaschenbuch978-1-153-69396-72010
The Bars of IronHardcover978-1-161-45722-32010
The Keeper of the DoorTaschenbuch978-1-153-70776-32010
The Lamp in the Desert   "978-1-4432-2281-52010
The Obstacle RacePaperback978-1-4218-8830-92008
The Obstacle RaceHardcover978-1-4218-8929-02008
The Rocks of ValpreTaschenbuch978-1-153-71943-82010
The Safety Curtain and Other StoriesPaperback978-0-8095-5621-22005
The Swindler and Other Stories   "978-1-4068-5566-12010
The Swindler and Other StoriesHardcover978-1-4218-2369-02006
The Swindler and Other StoriesPaperback978-1-4218-2469-72006
The Top of the World   "978-0-554-13641-72007
The Way Of An Eagle   "978-1-86049-103-01996

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