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2005978-1-59540-935-5BARBARA PAUL-EMILEThe Dance of Life - Poems for the Spirit
  ''978-1-59540-936-2Barbara Paul-EmileThe Dance of Life - Poems for the Spirit
  ''978-1-59540-939-3James R MurphyGood Lyrics make Great Poetry
  ''978-1-59540-940-9Rik PickrellThe Search for Oneness
  ''978-1-59540-941-6Thomas J RouttQuantum Computing: The Vedic Fabric of the Digital Universe
2005978-1-59540-942-3Lorine FordMARTY VAUGHN
  ''978-1-59540-947-8Elaine PaceIsland
  ''978-1-59540-948-5David JennesonNight of the Realtors
2007978-1-59540-951-5Leo M. Jones IIIA THOUSAND PEARLS: The Ultimate "How To" Book
  ''978-1-59540-953-9   ''A Thousand Pearls; The Ultimate "How to" Book
2005978-1-59540-955-3Alexander PresniakovLords of Death
2005978-1-59540-957-7Alexander PresniakovLords of Death
  ''978-1-59540-958-4Patrice ReynoldsLet Tomorrow Come
2014978-1-59540-959-1Lisa J. CihlarWhen I Pick Up My Wings from the Dry Cleaner
2005978-1-59540-961-4Zachary Michael JackTHE INANITY OF MUSIC AND WINGS
  ''978-1-59540-962-1Ann Gookin · 1stWorld LibraryPoetry 2005 by 6th grade students of Fairfield Middle School
  ''978-1-59540-964-5Hannahsgate Ltd. · Daniel I. OmoruyiTHE NIGERIAN DIRECTORY
  ''978-1-59540-965-2Steve BriggsIndia Mirror of Truth
2005978-1-59540-966-9Steve BriggsIndia Mirror of Truth
  ''978-1-59540-968-3Ann Gookin · 1stWorld LibraryPoetry 2005 - by 6th Grade Students of Fairfield Middle School
2006978-1-59540-969-0CHRISTOPHER L HICKMANUSA Fact Book
  ''978-1-59540-974-4   ''INGRAM MOUNTAIN
  ''978-1-59540-975-1Stephen J Doddslife, and everything in between
2005978-1-59540-977-5Stephen J. Doddslife, and everything in between
  ''978-1-59540-978-2Rodney Charles · 1stWorld Library1st World Library - Literary Society CATALOG AND RETAIL PRICE LIST
2006978-1-59540-980-5Kyle WarrenStay. Come. Heel. Every Time
  ''978-1-59540-981-2Anya K Charles · 1stWorld Library · Aman V CharlesPrincipal Dusanek
  ''978-1-59540-982-9Stewart FlorsheimTHE SHORT FALL FROM GRACE
  ''978-1-59540-983-6CRYSTAL SMITHThe Heart Comes First
2004978-1-59540-985-0Margaret Ashelman · Dorothy M BealBeing Our Own Heroes
2006978-1-59540-986-7Gary L BolterConquest of the Mask
2004978-1-59540-987-4Michael LeveyThe Book of the Holy Light
2004978-1-59540-989-8Gloria WendroffHEAVENLETTERS - Love Letters From God - Book 1
  ''978-1-59540-990-4Michael MamasThe Golden Frog
  ''978-1-59540-991-1Helen NicolayThe Boys Life of Abraham Lincoln
  ''978-1-59540-992-8Robert Louis StevensonTreasure Island
  ''978-1-59540-993-5Theresa OlsonMaharishi Mahesh Yogi - A Living Saint for the New Millennium
2005978-1-59540-994-2Barbara Paul-EmileSeer
2007978-1-59540-995-9Walter DayTwin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book Of World Records; Arcade Volume, Second Edition
2003978-1-59540-996-6Matthew MacLeod · 1st World Library · 1stworld LibraryThe Dryland Fish
2005978-1-59540-997-3Barbara Paul-EmileSEER
2004978-1-59540-998-0Tony Ellisthere is wisdom in walnuts
2003978-1-59540-999-7Debby NothaftCabbages and Roses