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1977978-0-86068-000-0Margaret Llewelyn DaviesLife as We Have Known it (Virago Reprint Library)
2000978-0-86068-002-4Hannah MitchellThe Hard Way Up: Autobiography of Hannah Mitchell, Suffragette and Rebel (Virago Reprint Library)
1977978-0-86068-003-1Agnes SmedleyDaughter Of Earth (Virago Modern Classics)
1978978-0-86068-007-9Jill Norris · Jill LiddingtonOne Hand Tied Behind Us: The Rise of the Women's Suffrage Movement
1980978-0-86068-013-0Cathy PorterAlexandra Kollontai: A Biography
1977978-0-86068-026-0Sylvia PankhurstSuffragette Movement: An Intimate Account of Persons and Ideals (Virago Reprint Library)
1978978-0-86068-028-4Margaret Llewelyn DaviesMaternity: Letters from Working Women, Collected by the Women's Co-operative Guild (Virago Reprint Library)
1977978-0-86068-029-1Kate MillettSexual Politics
2004978-0-86068-035-2Vera BrittainTestament Of Youth: An Autobiographical Study of the Years 1900-1925 (Virago classic non-fiction)
1984978-0-86068-043-7Sylvia Townsend WarnerMr Fortune's Maggot (Virago Modern Classics)
1998978-0-86068-049-9Antonia WhiteFrost In May (VMC)
1978978-0-86068-052-9Christina SteadFor Love Alone (VMC)
1979978-0-86068-053-6Yvonne KappEleanor Marx, Vol. 1: Family Life 1855-83
  ''978-0-86068-055-0Angela CarterThe Sadeian Woman: An Exercise in Cultural History
  ''978-0-86068-057-4Emmeline PankhurstMy Own Story (Virago Reprint Library)
1978978-0-86068-063-5Mary WebbPrecious Bane (Virago Modern Classics)
1997978-0-86068-064-2Margaret AtwoodSurfacing
1979978-0-86068-066-6Maud Pember ReevesRound About A Pound A Week (Virago reprint library)
  ''978-0-86068-067-3Stevie SmithThe Holiday (VMC)
1988978-0-86068-076-5Kathleen DayusAll My Days
1978978-0-86068-092-5Ruth HallMarie Stopes: A Biography
1998978-0-86068-095-6Antonia WhiteThe Lost Traveller (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-096-3   ''The Sugar House (VMC)
1998978-0-86068-097-0Antonia WhiteBeyond The Glass (VMC)
1989978-0-86068-100-7Dorothy RichardsonPilgrimage One: v. 1 (Virago Modern Classics)
1979978-0-86068-101-4Dorothy RichardsonPilgrimage Two: v. 2 (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-86068-102-1   ''Pilgrimage Three: v. 3 (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-86068-103-8   ''Pilgrimage Four: v. 4 (Virago Modern Classics)
1980978-0-86068-106-9May SinclairThe Life And Death Of Harriett Frean (Virago Modern Classics)
1989978-0-86068-107-6Amanda CrossQuestion Of Max (Virago Crime)
1979978-0-86068-108-3Grace PaleyEnormous Changes At Last Minute (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-110-6Vera BrittainTestament Of Experience: An Autobiographical Study of the Years 1925-50
1980978-0-86068-125-0Willa CatherMy Antonia (Virago Modern Classics)
2001978-0-86068-126-7Willa CatherA Lost Lady (Virago Modern Classics)
1980978-0-86068-127-4Grace PaleyLittle Disturbances Of Man (VMC)
2009978-0-86068-129-8Margaret AtwoodThe Edible Woman
1980978-0-86068-130-4Stevie SmithOver The Frontier (Virago Modern Classics)
1987978-0-86068-131-1F.M. MayorThe Third Miss Symons (Virago Modern Classics)
1979978-0-86068-143-4Mary WebbGone To Earth (Virago Modern Classics)
1980978-0-86068-144-1Rebecca WestThe Return Of The Soldier (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-86068-146-5Stevie SmithNovel On Yellow Paper (Virago Modern Classics)
1982978-0-86068-148-9Sally MorganMy Place
1980978-0-86068-150-2Vera BrittainTestament of Friendship: The Story of Winifred Holtby (Virago classic non-fiction)
1980978-0-86068-151-9Tillie OlsenTell Me a Riddle (VMC)
2000978-0-86068-156-4Adrienne RichOn Lies, Secrets and Silence: Selected Prose, 1966-78
  ''978-0-86068-163-2Barbara ComynsThe Vet's Daughter: A Virago Modern Classic (Virago Modern Classics)
1981978-0-86068-165-6Radclyffe HallUnlit Lamp (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-167-0Kay BoylePlagued By The Nightingale (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-169-4Shelia MacleodArt Of Starvation: An Adolescence Observed
  ''978-0-86068-171-7Antonia WhiteStrangers (VMC)
1980978-0-86068-172-4   ''The Hound And The Falcon: The Story of a Reconversion to the Catholic Faith
1981978-0-86068-176-2Christina SteadLittle Tea, A Little Chat (VMC)
1989978-0-86068-181-6Sylvia FraserMy Father's House: A Memoir of Incest and of Healing: Memoir of Incest and Healing
1995978-0-86068-183-0Willa CatherDeath Comes For The Archbishop (VMC)
1981978-0-86068-184-7Willa CatherThe Professor's House (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-190-8Angela CarterThe Magic Toyshop (Virago Modern Classics)
1980978-0-86068-193-9Miles FranklinMy Brilliant Career (Virago Modern Classics)
1981978-0-86068-201-1Charlotte Perkins GilmanThe Yellow Wallpaper (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-86068-202-8Rosamond LehmannInvitation To The Waltz (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-203-5Rosamond LehmannThe Weather in the Streets
1988978-0-86068-205-9Jamaica KincaidSmall Place
1981978-0-86068-218-9Gilbert WhiteThe Portrait of a Tortoise
  ''978-0-86068-226-4Catherine ReillyScars Upon My Heart: Women's Poetry and Verse of the First World War
1989978-0-86068-238-7Melanie KleinThe Psycho-analysis of Children [ psychoanalysis ]
1982978-0-86068-244-8Dorothy Baker · Lowri TurnerCassandra At The Wedding (Virago Modern Classics)
1982978-0-86068-245-5Willa CatherThe Song Of The Lark (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-246-2   ''My Mortal Enemy (VMC)
1998978-0-86068-247-9Rosamond LehmannThe Gipsy's Baby
1982978-0-86068-248-6   ''A Note In Music (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-86068-254-7Radclyffe HallThe Well Of Loneliness (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-263-9Elizabeth TaylorMrs Palfrey At The Claremont: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-265-3Paule MarshallBrown Girl, Brownstones (VMC)
1982978-0-86068-267-7Isabella L. BirdA Lady's Life In The Rocky Mountains (Virago classic non-fiction)
  ''978-0-86068-269-1Angela CarterNothing Sacred: Selected Writings (Virago Modern Classics)
1988978-0-86068-271-4Nancy GardenAnnie On My Min (Upstarts S.)
1983978-0-86068-273-8Denise RileyWar In The Nursery: Theories of the Child and Mother
1982978-0-86068-275-2Kathleen DayusHer People: Memories of an Edwardian Childhood
  ''978-0-86068-283-7Pat BarkerUnion Street (Virago Modern Classics) (Paperback)
  ''978-0-86068-285-1Elaine ShowalterA Literature Of Their Own: British Women Novelists from Bronte to Lessing
1999978-0-86068-289-9Eudora WeltyDelta Wedding (VMC)
1982978-0-86068-294-3Ada Nield ChewAda Nield Chew: The Life and Writings of a Working Woman
  ''978-0-86068-298-1Storm JamesonWomen Against Men (VMC)
1982978-0-86068-299-8Rosamond LehmannThe Swan In The Evening: Fragments of an Inner Life (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-86068-303-2Margaret AtwoodLady Oracle
1983978-0-86068-312-4Nadine GordimerOccasion for Loving (VMC)
2000978-0-86068-314-8Ellen GlasgowBarren Ground (VMC)
2001978-0-86068-316-2Elizabeth von ArnimVera: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)
1986978-0-86068-324-7Judith OakelySimone De Beauvoir (Pioneers)
1998978-0-86068-330-8Rosamond LehmannThe Ballad And The Source (VMC)
1988978-0-86068-340-7Rose MacaulayThe World My Wilderness
1982978-0-86068-341-4Angela CarterThe Passion Of New Eve (Virago Modern Classics)
1983978-0-86068-348-3Dorothy ThompsonOver Our Dead Bodies: Women Against the Bomb
1985978-0-86068-351-3Hilary BaileyHannie Richards
2000978-0-86068-353-7Barbara ComynsOur Spoons Came From Woolworths: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)
1983978-0-86068-354-4Margaret KennedyThe Constant Nymph (VMC)
1999978-0-86068-355-1Elizabeth TaylorAngel: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)
1983978-0-86068-358-2Vita Sackville-WestAll Passion Spent (VMC)
2003978-0-86068-359-9Vita Sackville-WestThe Edwardians (VMC)
1985978-0-86068-361-2Beverley BryanHeart Of The Race: Black Women's Lives in Britain
1999978-0-86068-365-0Eudora WeltyThe Ponder Heart (VMC)
1983978-0-86068-372-8Edith WhartonThe Reef (Virago Modern Classics)
1984978-0-86068-375-9Eudora WeltyThe Optimist's Daughter (Virago Modern Classics)
1983978-0-86068-377-3Christa WolfA Model Childhood (Virago Modern Classics)
1984978-0-86068-388-9Sybille BedfordCompass Error (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-393-3Pat BarkerBlow Your House Down
1983978-0-86068-394-0Ursula OwenFathers: Reflections by Daughters
  ''978-0-86068-397-1Marina TsvetaevaCaptive Spirit:Selected Prose
1990978-0-86068-398-8Pat BarkerBlow Your House Down (Virago Modern Classics)
1984978-0-86068-400-8Jenny UglowGeorge Eliot (Pioneers)
1974978-0-86068-402-2Angela CarterFireworks (VMC)
1985978-0-86068-406-0Edith WhartonHudson River Bracketed (Virago Modern Classics)
1984978-0-86068-422-0Isabella L. BirdUnbeaten Tracks In Japan (Virago travellers)
2000978-0-86068-423-7Elizabeth von ArnimElizabeth And Her German Garden (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-428-2Kate O'BrienMary Lavelle
1983978-0-86068-440-4Emily EdenUp The Country: Letters from India (Virago travellers)
1985978-0-86068-444-2Vera Brittain · Winifred HoltbyTestament Of A Generation: The Journalism of Vera Brittain and Winifred Holtby
1983978-0-86068-445-9John Stuart Mill · Harriet Taylor MillThe Subjection of Women / Enfranchisement of Women
1997978-0-86068-455-8Lucie Austin Duff Gordon · Janet RossLetters from Egypt
1983978-0-86068-456-5Margaret AtwoodDancing Girls & Other Stories (Virago modern classics)
1984978-0-86068-466-4Molly KeaneDevoted Ladies (VMC)
1998978-0-86068-472-5Molly KeaneThe Rising Tide (Virago Modern Classics)
2000978-0-86068-475-6Barbara ComynsSisters By A River: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)
1985978-0-86068-480-0   ''The Skin Chairs (VMC)
1985978-0-86068-492-3I GrekovaShip Of Widows
1984978-0-86068-493-0Rebecca WestThe Fountain Overflows (Virago Modern Classics)
2000978-0-86068-507-4Willa CatherSapphira And The Slave Girl (VMC)
1985978-0-86068-509-8Betty MillerOn Side Of Angels (VMC)
1984978-0-86068-511-1Maya AngelouI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (VMC Designer Collection)
1985978-0-86068-512-8Willa CatherLucy Gayheart (Virago Modern Classics)
1991978-0-86068-517-3Elizabeth von ArnimThe Enchanted April (Virago Modern Classics)
1985978-0-86068-520-3Katherine MansfieldThe Aloe (Virago Modern Classics)
1984978-0-86068-522-7E.M. DelafieldThe Diary of a Provincial Lady
1986978-0-86068-524-1Zora Neale HurstonTheir Eyes Were Watching God
  ''978-0-86068-527-2Elizabeth BowenMulberry Tree. Writings Of E.Bow
2000978-0-86068-538-8Elizabeth TaylorAt Mrs Lippincote's (VMC)
1985978-0-86068-539-5Denise RileyDry Air
1984978-0-86068-541-8Beryl MarkhamWest With The Night (VMC) (Virago Modern Classics)
1986978-0-86068-556-2Elizabeth TaylorA Game Of Hide And Seek (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-86068-559-3Carolyn SteedmanLandscape for a Good Woman: A Story of Two Women
1984978-0-86068-573-9Christa WolfCassandra: A Novel and Four Essays (VMC)
1986978-0-86068-574-6Angela CarterWayward Girls and Wicked Women
1987978-0-86068-576-0Janet ToddThe Sign of Angellica: Women, Writing and Fiction, 1660-1800
1985978-0-86068-578-4Vita Sackville-WestNo Signposts in the Sea
1986978-0-86068-579-1Angela CarterWayward Girls And Wicked Women (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-583-8Molly KeaneFull House (VMC)
1985978-0-86068-587-6Mollie Panter-DownesOne Fine Day
  ''978-0-86068-588-3Molly KeaneMad Puppetstown (VMC)
1986978-0-86068-589-0Aileen La TouretteCry Wolf
1988978-0-86068-597-5Vita Sackville-WestFamily History
1985978-0-86068-604-0Christine RocheI'm Not A Feminist But ...
1986978-0-86068-611-8Pat BarkerLiza's England (Virago Modern Classics)
1986978-0-86068-619-4Helen McneilEmily Dickinson 1830-1886 (Pioneers)
1984978-0-86068-620-0Sheila FugardA Revolutionary Woman
1987978-0-86068-622-4Edith WhartonThe Gods Arrive (Virago Modern Classics)
1988978-0-86068-634-7Beatrix CampbellUnofficial Secrets: Child Abuse - The Cleveland Case
1984978-0-86068-635-4Grace NicholsThe Fat Black Woman's Poems (Virago Poets)
1988978-0-86068-643-9Attia HosainSunlight On A Broken Column (VMC)
1984978-0-86068-650-7Nina HamnettLaughing Torso
1997978-0-86068-652-1Janina BaumanWinter In The Morning: A Young Girl's Life in the Warsaw Ghetto and Beyond: Young Girl's Life in the Warsaw Ghetto and Beyond, 1939-45 (Virago Modern Classics)
1987978-0-86068-657-6Rose ShapiroContraception: A Practical and Political Guide
1986978-0-86068-662-0Rebecca WestThe Birds Fall Down (Virago Modern Classics)
1987978-0-86068-669-9   ''This Real Night (Virago Modern Classics)
1993978-0-86068-673-6Maya AngelouSingin' & Swingin' and Gettin' Merry Like Christmas (Christmas Fiction)
1998978-0-86068-676-7Molly KeaneTaking Chances (VMC)
1987978-0-86068-677-4Barbara ComynsWho Was Changed And Who Was Dead (Virago Modern Classics)
1993978-0-86068-678-1Maya AngelouThe Heart Of A Woman
1984978-0-86068-680-4Alice WexlerEmma Goldman: An Intimate Life
1993978-0-86068-685-9Maya AngelouGather Together In My Name
1989978-0-86068-688-0Jill LiddingtonLong Road To Greenham: Feminism and Anti-militarism in Britain Since 1820
1987978-0-86068-697-2Lynne SegalIs The Future Female?: Troubled Thoughts on Contemporary Feminism
1985978-0-86068-701-6Grace PaleyLater The Same Day
1986978-0-86068-723-8Margaret OliphantSalem Chapel 1863 (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-728-3Margaret OliphantRector And Doctor's Family (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-737-5Jan Garden CastroArt & Life Of Georgia O'keefe
1987978-0-86068-741-2Rebecca WestFamily Memories
1986978-0-86068-752-8Kay BoyleYear Before Last (VMC)
1987978-0-86068-753-5Dorothy WestLiving Is Easy (VMC)
1986978-0-86068-757-3Maya AngelouAnd Still I Rise
  ''978-0-86068-760-3Kate O'BrienWithout My Cloak (VMC)
1987978-0-86068-769-6Isabelle EberhardtPassionate Nomad: The Journals of Isabelle Eberhardt (Virago travellers)
1992978-0-86068-777-1Elizabeth TaylorBlaming (VMC)
1987978-0-86068-786-3Margaret OliphantThe Perpetual Curate (Virago Modern Classics)
1985978-0-86068-795-5Sara MaitlandVesta Tilley (Pioneers)
1988978-0-86068-800-6Molly KeaneTreasure Hunt (Virago Modern Classics)
1987978-0-86068-802-0Feminist ReviewSexuality: A Reader
  ''978-0-86068-810-5Richard (edit). DalbyThe Virago Book of Ghost Stories
1988978-0-86068-811-2Molly KeaneLoving Without Tears (VMC)
1987978-0-86068-816-7Margaret LaurenceThe Stone Angel (VMC)
1987978-0-86068-817-4Margaret LaurenceA Jest Of God (VMC)
1998978-0-86068-818-1Margaret LaurenceThe Diviners (Manawka)
1987978-0-86068-819-8Zoe WicombYou Can't Get Lost in Cape Town (Virago new fiction)
  ''978-0-86068-820-4Zoe WicombYou Can't Get Lost In Cape Town (VMC)
1986978-0-86068-821-1Joanna Field · Marion MilnerA Life Of One's Own
1988978-0-86068-822-8Margaret LaurenceThe Fire-Dwellers (Virago Modern Classics)
2000978-0-86068-825-9Kate O'BrienThe Ante-Room (VMC)
1988978-0-86068-826-6   ''The Land Of Spices (VMC)
1987978-0-86068-828-0Helen TaylorScarlett's Women: 'Gone With the Wind' and its Female Fans
1988978-0-86068-829-7Rebecca WestCousin Rosamund (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-86068-831-0Elaine HobbyVirtue Of Necessity: English Women's Writing, 1649-88
1999978-0-86068-838-9Anne. (Editor). BostonBoston, Anne Wave ME Goodbye. \Hard Only\
1988978-0-86068-857-0Cathy PorterLarissa Reisner: A Biography (Pioneers)
1987978-0-86068-865-5Marion MilnerEternity's Sunrise: A Way of Keeping a Diary
  ''978-0-86068-866-2Margaret AtwoodHandmaid's Tale
  ''978-0-86068-869-3Elaine ShowalterThe Female Malady: Women, Madness and English Culture, 1830-1980
1993978-0-86068-878-5Sylvia Townsend WarnerThe Corner That Held Them (VMC)
1987978-0-86068-898-3Alice MillerThe Drama Of Being A Child: The Search for the True Self
1987978-0-86068-899-0Alice MillerFor Your Own Good: The Roots of Violence in Child-Rearing
1986978-0-86068-907-2Maya AngelouAll God's Children Need Travelling Shoes
2000978-0-86068-910-2F. M. MayorThe Squire's Daughter (VMC)
1987978-0-86068-911-9F.M. MayorThe Rector's Daughter (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-86068-914-0Marjorie Oludhe MacgoyeComing To Birth
2000978-0-86068-917-1Elizabeth von ArnimThe Pastor's Wife: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)
1988978-0-86068-929-4Alicia PartnoyLittle School: Tales of Disappearance and Survival in Argentina
1999978-0-86068-941-6Elizabeth von ArnimLove: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)
1988978-0-86068-945-4Katherine Mansfield · John Middleton Murry · Cherry A Hankin [editor]Letters Between Katherine Mansfield and John Middleton Murry
2010978-0-86068-969-0Winifred HoltbySouth Riding (Virago Modern Classics)
1988978-0-86068-975-1Janina BaumanDream Of Belonging: My Years in Postwar Poland
1989978-0-86068-982-9Margaret OliphantPhoebe Junior: A Last Chronicle of Carlingford (Virago Modern Classics)
1988978-0-86068-989-8Nell DunnUp The Junction: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)
  ''978-0-86068-990-4Nell DunnPoor Cow: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)