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A first book in American historyPaperback 978-1-175-92001-02010
A First Book in American History: With Special Reference to the Lives and Deeds of Great AmericansHardcover 978-0-9652735-4-11997
A History of the United States and Its People   " 978-0-9652735-8-91998
A History of the United States and its People for the Use of SchoolsPaperback 978-1-4076-0239-42008
Circuit RiderHardcover 978-0-403-04581-52008
Circuit Rider: A tale of the heroic age   " 978-0-403-02989-12008
Duffels   " 978-0-317-90223-51988
Queer Stories for Boys and Girls   " 978-1-4218-3849-62007
Queer Stories for Boys and GirlsPaperback 978-1-4218-3949-32007Eggleston Edward Eggleston
Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans   " 978-1-4774-1999-12012
Stories of Great Americans for Little AmericansTaschenbuch
Stories of Great Americans for Little AmericansHardcover 978-0-9652735-2-71996
Tecumseh and the Shawnee Prophet: Including Sketches of George Rogers Clark, Simon Kenton, William Henry Harrison, Cornstalk, Blackhoof, Bluejacket, ... in the Frontier Wars of Tecumsehs̕ TimePaperback 978-1-145-44749-32010Elizabeth Eggleston Seelye
The Circuit Rider: A Tale of the Heroic Age   " 978-1-112-42935-42009
The Circuit Rider: A Tale Of The Heroic Age   " 978-1-4097-9408-02008
The End of the WorldHardcover 978-1-4218-4444-22007Eggleston Edward Eggleston
The End of the WorldPaperback 978-1-4218-4528-92007   "
The end of the world;: A love story 978-0-403-00923-71970
The Faith Doctor: A Story of New YorkPaperback 978-1-112-43085-52009
The Graysons;: A story of IllinoisHardcover 978-0-403-00207-81970
The Hoosier School-Boy: -1890Paperback 978-1-112-27611-82009
The Hoosier School-Boy   " 978-1-374-98614-52017
The Hoosier School-boyTaschenbuch
The Hoosier SchoolboyHardcover 978-0-317-90247-11988
The Hoosier school-master: a novelPaperback 978-1-131-07196-12011
The Hoosier school-master;: A story of backwoods life in Indiana 978-0-403-03052-11974
The mystery of Metropolisville 978-0-403-02977-81974
The Schoolmaster's Stories, for Boys and Girls: -1877Paperback 978-1-112-28925-52009
The schoolmaster's stories, for boys and girls 978-0-403-03057-61974
The Transit of Civilization from England to America in the Seventeenth CenturyPaperback 978-1-141-86939-82010
The Transit of Civilization from England to America in the Seventeenth Century   " 978-1-146-89144-82010

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