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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-962-8093-04-5INSTEPTarget Oriented Curriculum Evaluation Project: Interim Report
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2004978-962-8093-30-4Alan RogersNon-Formal Education: Flexible Schooling or Participatory Education? (CERC Studies In Comparative Education)
  ''978-962-8093-31-1Ruth HayhoeFull Circle: A Life with Hong Kong and China
  ''978-962-8093-32-8Mark Bray · Xiaohao Ding · Ping HuangReducing the Burden on the Poor: Household Costs of Basic Education in Gansu, China (Cerc Monograph)
  ''978-962-8093-34-2Mark Bray · Ramsey KooEducation and Society in Hong Kong and Macao: Comparative Perspectives on Continuity and Change, Second Edition (Cerc Studies in Comparative Education)
  ''978-962-8093-36-6Maria ManzonBuilding Alliances: Schools, Parents and Communities in Hong Kong and Singapore (CERC Monograph)
2005978-962-8093-37-3Peter Ninnes · Meeri HellstenInternationalizing Higher Education: Critical Explorations of Pedagogy and Policy (Cerc Studies in Comparative Education)
2005978-962-8093-38-0Edward VickersIn Search of an Identity: The Politics of History as a School Subject in Hong Kong, 1960s–2005 (Comparative Educaton Research Centre)
  ''978-962-8093-39-7Mark Bray · Seng BunlyBalancing the Books: Household Financing of Basic Education in Cambodia (CERC Monograph)
2006978-962-8093-40-3Ruth HayhoePortraits of Influential Chinese Educators (CERC Studies In Comparative Education)
  ''978-962-8093-52-6Aaron Benavot · Cecilia BraslavskySchool Knowledge in Comparative and Historical Perspective: Changing Curricula in Primary and Secondary Education
2007978-962-8093-53-3Mark Bray · Bob Adamson · Mark MasonComparative Education Research: Approaches and Methods (CERC Studies in Comparative Education)
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2003978-962-8093-57-1Yoko YamatoEducation in the Market Place: Hong Kong’s International Schools and Their Mode of Operation
2003978-962-8093-58-8Ka-Ho MokCentralization and Decentralization: Educational Reforms and Changing Governance in Chinese Societies
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  ''978-962-8093-73-1Ruth Hayhoe · Julia PanKnowledge Across Cultures: A Contribution to Dialogue Among Civilizations
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