year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-962-8050-01-7HK Film ArchiveJi nian dian ying fa ming yi bai zhou nian (The arly days of Hong OKng Cinema: An Exhibition)
1997978-962-8050-02-4Hong Kong Film Archive50 Years of Hong Kong Film Production and Distribution Industries: An Exhibition
1998978-962-8050-05-5Hong Kong Filmography: 1942-1949 (Vol II)
1999978-962-8050-06-2The Making of Martial Arts Films: As Told by Filmmakers and Stars
2000978-962-8050-07-9Kwok Ching-lingHong Kong Here I Come (Monographs of Hong Kong Film Veterans)
  ''978-962-8050-08-6Hong Kong Filmography: 1950-1952 (Vol III)
2001978-962-8050-09-3Jacob Wong · Ho Wai-lengHong Kong on the Silver Screen: Catalogue and VCD
  ''978-962-8050-11-6Hong Kong Film ArchiveA Century of Chinese Cinema: Look Back in Glory
  ''978-962-8050-12-3Law Kar · Winnie FuHong Kong Cinema: From Handicraft to High Tech
  ''978-962-8050-13-0May FungI-Generations: Independent, Experimental and Alternative Creations from the 1960s to Now
2001978-962-8050-14-7Age of Idealism: Great Wall and Feng Huang Days (Monographs of Hong Kong Film Veterans)
2002978-962-8050-15-4Hong HKUPThe Swordsman and His Jiang Hu: Tsui Hark and Hong Kong Film (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8050-16-1Wong Ain-lingThe Cathay Story (Hong Kong University Press)
2003978-962-8050-17-8Chang ChehChang Cheh: A Memoir
  ''978-962-8050-19-2Ching-Ling KwokHong Kong Filmography: 1953-1959 Vol IV
  ''978-962-8050-20-8Ain-ling WongShao shi dian ying chu tan
978-962-8050-21-5The Shaw Screen: A Preliminary Study
2003978-962-8050-22-2Law Kar · Stephanie Ng"Shaws Galaxy of Stars" Exhibition Catalogue
2004978-962-8050-23-9Hong HkupThe Psychic Labyrinth of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
2003978-962-8050-24-6Lai SekThe Diary of Lai Man-Wai
  ''978-962-8050-25-3MiscCantonese Opera Film Retrospective
2004978-962-8050-26-0Chang ChehChang Cheh: A Memoir
2005978-962-8050-32-1黄 愛玲 · 禁与反禁-一九三〇年代処於滬港夾縫中的粤語電影(李培徳)/省港大罷工後的香港影業重建-黎北海和他的学生(李以荘)/影劇互動的一位重要人物-談馬師曽留給我們的遺産(古蒼梧)など18篇。粤港電影大事記(1897-1959)(呉詠恩整理)。索引(筆画)。粤港電影因縁(中国語)
2005978-962-8050-33-8Hong HkupThe Hong Kong-Guangdong Film Connection (English Edition)
2006978-962-8050-38-3Ain-ling WongThe Glorious Modernity of Kong Ngee (English Edition)
2008978-962-8050-46-8wong ain-lingzhu shilin a filmaker of his times
2010978-962-8050-53-6Wong Ain-lingFei Mu's Confucius
2012978-962-8050-56-7Winnie FuHong Kong Memories in Cinema: 100 Years of Cinema Book & DVD Set (Illustrated Chinese and English text)
  ''978-962-8050-61-1Richie LamMastering Virtue: the Cinematic Legend of a Martial Artist Book and CD ROM Set (Wong Fei-hung in Hong Kong Cinema)

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