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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-962-8038-01-5Contemporary Chinese Oil Paintings
  ''978-962-8038-02-2University of Hong KongArchaeology in Southeast Asia
  ''978-962-8038-03-9Sun-chang LoHong Kong: A Micro Vision/Photographs by Sun-chang Lo
  ''978-962-8038-04-6YEUNG (Chun-tong) editorChinese Folk Art: Prints, Painting, Embroidery
1996978-962-8038-05-3Jao Tsung-IPaintings and Calligraphy by Jao Tsung-I
1995978-962-8038-06-0Exquisite Jade Carving: Figures, Animals, Ornaments
1998978-962-8038-07-7Huang YongyuPaintings by Huang Yongyu
1999978-962-8038-08-4Sun-chang Lo16 Lessons in Lines: 50th Anniversary Exhibition
1996978-962-8038-10-7Art Treasures from Shanghai and Hong Kong
  ''978-962-8038-11-4Wan QingliPaintings and writing by Wan Qingli (English and Traditional Chinese Edition)
1996978-962-8038-12-1Sun-chang LoHong Kong: A Macro Vision/Drawings by Sun-chang Lo
1997978-962-8038-13-8University of Hong KongCeramic Finds from Henan
1996978-962-8038-14-5Joseph LeeJoseph Lee: The First Ten Years, Paintings & Poems
1999978-962-8038-15-2Bunker · White · SoAdornment for the Body and Soul: Ancient Chinese Ornaments from The Mengdiexuan Collection
  ''978-962-8038-19-0Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong KongPassion of Collecting
1998978-962-8038-20-6Univ. of Hong Kong University Museum & Art GalleryHunan Colours: Ancient Ceramics of Hunan Province
  ''978-962-8038-21-3Sun-chang LoMetropolis: A Prime Vision/Photographs by Sun-chang Lo
  ''978-962-8038-22-0Tian yuan di fang ji qi ta: Hai nei wai wu wei dang dai Hua yi yi shu jia Lin Yinting, Tan Hua'nan, Yan Peiming, Yang Jiecang, Zhou Tiehai (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8038-23-7Puay-peng Ho, Yeung Chun-king Rajeshwari GhoseIn the Footsteps of the Buddha: An Iconic Journey from India to China
2000978-962-8038-24-4Sun-chang LoMetropolis: An Omni Vision/Drawings by Sun-chang Lo
2000978-962-8038-25-1KwanMing and Quing Bamboo
2001978-962-8038-27-5Sun-chang LoPilgrimage: A Naked Vision/Photographs by Sun-chang Lo
2005978-962-8038-29-9Tina Pang Yee-wam · Jane Sze Kwan-yuk · Philip Mak Yiu-CheungThe Art of Liang Yuwei
1998978-962-8038-30-5Mark YungGems of Ancient Chinese Zithers: Shums Collection of Ancient Qin from the Last Millennium
  ''978-962-8038-31-2Yeh FengArtistic Boundaries: Paintings by Feng Yeh
2010978-962-8038-33-6Po Hung ChengEarly Prostitution in Hong Kong
2001978-962-8038-34-3Chen XiegunAncients in Profile: Ming and Qing Figure Paintings from the Shanghai Museum
  ''978-962-8038-35-0Past Visions of the Future: Some Perspectives on the History of the University of Hong Kong
  ''978-962-8038-36-7Hu & Tina Pang ZhenyuPaintings by Hu Zhenyu
2002978-962-8038-37-4Xiao Mei · Bell Yung · Anita WongThe Musical Arts of Ancient China
2005978-962-8038-39-8Cheng Po HungEarly Hong Kong Tramways (English and Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8038-40-4Anita WongGathering of Earthly Gods: Shiwan Wares from the Collections of the International Shiwan Ceramics Association (English and Chinese Edition)
2003978-962-8038-43-5Susan Lam · Ruan HuaduanGems from the South: Traditional Crafts of Guangong Province
2002978-962-8038-44-2Sun-chang LoMindscape: An Epic Vision/Photographs by Sun-chang Lo
2003978-962-8038-45-9Tina Pang Yee-WanThe University of Hong Kong Museum Journal 1
2005978-962-8038-46-6Jane Sze · David Young · Ricky Poon · Ella TamHong Kong Tramways
2006978-962-8038-47-3Luyun ZhouUniverse of the Mind: Zhou Luyun (Irene Chou) A Retrospective Exhibition
2005978-962-8038-49-7University of Hong Kong University Museum and Art GalleryTranscendental Vision: Paintings by Peng Ximing
2004978-962-8038-52-7Hong Kong University Museum and Art GalleryPicturing Cathay: Maritime and Cultural Images of the China Trade
2003978-962-8038-53-4Cheng Po-hungEarly Hong Kong Eateries
2004978-962-8038-54-1University of Hong Kong. University Museum and Art GalleryAncient Taoist Art from Shanxi Province
2005978-962-8038-55-8Yin-lee Wong · Chun-tong Yeung · Jane LaiHong Kong Government House 1997-2005
2003978-962-8038-61-9Cheng Po HungEarly Hong Kong Brothels
2006978-962-8038-64-0Anita Yin-fong Wong · Yee Wan Annie Chow · Yiu Cheung Philip Mak · Pui Man Grace LeeEnlightening Pursuits: Scholar's Objects from the Mengdiexuan Collection
2006978-962-8038-66-4Yu Ping LukA Brush with Irony: Paintings by Wan Qingli
  ''978-962-8038-67-1The Cultural World of a Ci Poet
2004978-962-8038-70-1Anita Yin-fong Wong · Tina Yee-wan Pang · Susan LamAnthology of Ink: Ancient Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the Dr. S. Y. Yip Collection
2007978-962-8038-80-0Nancy Chu WooCOLORATURA
2008978-962-8038-83-1University of Hong KongVirtuous Treasures Chinese Jades fro the Scholar's Table
  ''978-962-8038-92-3Jane SZE Kwan-yukAlchemy in Blue Ancient Jun ware from the Yip Collection
  ''978-962-8038-93-0Tina Yee-wan PangThe University of Hong Kong Museum Journal No. 2
2000978-962-8038-95-4BEN SHE.YI MINGReached a pinnacle: Jiajing. and Wanli porcelain kilns(Chinese Edition)