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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-84-96309-06-7Andres FredesAround europe logos (Art & Design)
2010978-84-96309-10-4Josep Ma. GarrofeStructural Packaging: Workbook
2005978-84-96309-13-5Autores variosSelect c - graphic desing of spain -
2006978-84-96309-14-2Pedro GuittonLogos
2005978-84-96309-16-6Jorge Lorenzo BrañanovaJorge Lorenzo. Diseño Y Comunicación Visual
2006978-84-96309-17-3Luo Lv · Zhang HulguangT-shirts Worldwide
2007978-84-96309-18-0Luo Lv · Zhang HulguangT-shirts wordwide
2005978-84-96309-21-0AASSGreat britiss pack: Great British Packaging (Design)
2010978-84-96309-31-9Josep Ma. GarrofeStructural Packaging: Workbook
2006978-84-96309-40-1Select D
2007978-84-96309-48-7Josep Ma GarrofeStructural Greetings
2006978-84-96309-49-4Pedro GuittonDNA identity (Graphic Design)
2007978-84-96309-52-4Gemma Solana · Antonio BoneuUncredited Graphic Design and Opening Titles in Mo
2006978-84-96309-56-2Pedro Guitton100% Design Portfolio
2010978-84-96309-61-6Tilman Sole · Iban Ramon Rodriguez · Sebastian SaavedraSelect E - Graphic Desing From Spain: Graphic Design from Spain
2006978-84-96309-63-0Josep Ma GarrofeStructural Greetings
2007978-84-96309-67-8Ouvrage CollectifNice to Meet You
  ''978-84-96309-77-7Ouvrage CollectifZoom in Zoom Out (Graphic Design)
  ''978-84-96309-81-4Viction:aryIt's a matter of packaging: Mini (Amatterofdesign)
  ''978-84-96309-84-5Viction:aryEstamos hablando de ilustración: Mini (Amatterofdesign)
  ''978-84-96309-93-7   ''Logology: The Wonderland of Logo Design
2007978-84-96309-96-8Emilio Gil · Tau DiseñoPIONEROS DEL DISEÑO
  ''978-84-96309-99-9Silvia Guiu NavarroSelect F: graphic design from Spain