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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-84-92643-04-2Andrés FredesFont family
2010978-84-92643-09-7Basic logos
  ''978-84-92643-11-0Andrés FredesHand made 3D
2009978-84-92643-21-9Marc PraquinMy own business card: 1
  ''978-84-92643-22-6Select H
2011978-84-92643-29-5Laia Blasco SoplónON PRINT- ENGLISH
  ''978-84-92643-30-1Timothy BartonGRAPHIC DESIGN PROJECT FROM START
2010978-84-92643-33-2Eduardo del Fraile CarbajoWine labels
  ''978-84-92643-34-9Màrius Sala PietschekPOSTER DESIGN (ENGLISH ED.)
2011978-84-92643-35-6GREAT BRITISH IDENTITY
2011978-84-92643-37-0Laura MeseguerTYPOMAG (INGLES)
2010978-84-92643-38-7Basic pack
  ''978-84-92643-41-7Marc PraquinBook of the year II: 2 (Design & Book of the Year)
  ''978-84-92643-46-2Víctor CheungNice to meet you too
2011978-84-92643-53-0Emmi SalonenCOMMON INTEREST: DOCUMENTS
2010978-84-92643-55-4TYPOSHIRT ONE
2011978-84-92643-56-1Xènia Viladàs JenéDesign At Your Service: How To Improve A Business Idea With A Designers's Help
2010978-84-92643-57-8Selected A (Index Book)
  ''978-84-92643-58-5Basic identity
  ''978-84-92643-59-2SELECT I
2011978-84-92643-66-0Marc PraquinMy own bussiness card 2
2010978-84-92643-68-4Hernán Ordóñez FrancicaTYPEX (ENGLISH)
2011978-84-92643-73-8Basic brochures (Basic (Index Book))
2011978-84-92643-83-7Book of the year, vol.3 (Design & Book of the Year)
  ''978-84-92643-86-8Daniel Navarro FustéALEX TROCHUT - MORE IS MORE
  ''978-84-92643-88-2Logology® 2
2012978-84-92643-97-4Darrel ReesCOMO SER ILUSTRADOR