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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-1-909982-01-7Willem SteenkampSouth Africa's Border War 1966-89
  ''978-1-909982-02-4David MannallBattle on the Lomba 1987: The Day a South African Armoured Battalion Shattered Angola's Last Mechanized Offensive - a Crew Commander's Account
  ''978-1-909982-03-1Andrei Evgenievich SnesarevAfghanistan: Preparing for the Bolshevik Incursion into Afghanistan and Attack on India, 1919-20 (Helion Studies in Military History)
2015978-1-909982-04-8Aubrey BrooksDeath Row in Paradise: The Untold Story of the Mercenary Invasion of the Seychelles 1981-83
  ''978-1-909982-09-3Paul MartelliOn the Devil's Tail: In Combat with the Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front 1945, and with the French in Indochina 1951-54
  ''978-1-909982-10-9Boris SokolovMarshal K.K. Rokossovsky: The Red Army's Gentleman Commander
2014978-1-909982-11-6David M. GlantzBarbarossa Derailed. The Battle for Smolensk 10 July-10 September 1941: Documentary Companion. Tables, Orders and Reports Prepared by Participating ... Smolensk, 10 July-10 September 1941. Volume 3
2015978-1-909982-14-7Gary J. WeightMettle and Pasture: The History of the Second Battalion the Lincolnshire Regiment during World War II
2015978-1-909982-15-4Igor NebolsinStalin's Favorite: the Combat History of the 2nd Guards Tank Army from Kursk to Berlin: January 1943-June 1944 v. 1: Volume 1: January 1943-June 1944
2014978-1-909982-16-1Aleksei Isaev · Maksim KolomietsTomb of the Panzerwaffe: The Defeat of the Sixth SS Panzer Army in Hungary 1945
  ''978-1-909982-28-4Douw Steyn · Arne SoderlundIron Fist From The Sea: South Africa's Seaborne Raiders 1975-1989: South Africa's Seaborne Raiders 1978-1988
  ''978-1-909982-29-1Ivan SmithBush Pig - District Cop: Service with the British South Africa Police in the Rhodesian Conflict 1965-79
2015978-1-909982-30-7Colonel Jan BreytenbachEagle Strike!: The Story of the Controversial Airborne Assault on Cassinga 1978
2014978-1-909982-33-8Jeremy HallWeep for Africa: A Rhodesian Light Infantry Paratrooper's Farewell to Innocence
  ''978-1-909982-34-5Ed BirdSpecial Branch War: Slaughter in the Rhodesian Bush. Southern Matabeleland, 1976-1980
  ''978-1-909982-35-2Agrippah MutambaraThe Rebel In Me: A ZANLA Guerrilla Commander in the Rhodesian Bush War, 1974-1980
2014978-1-909982-36-9Peter BaxterBiafra: The Nigerian Civil War 1967-1970 (Africa@War Series)
2015978-1-909982-38-3Tom CooperWings Over Ogaden: The Ethiopian - Somali War, 1978 - 1979 (Africa@War Series)
  ''978-1-909982-39-0Tom Cooper · Albert Grandolini · Arnaud DelelandeLibyan Air Wars: 1973-1985 Pt. 1 (Africa@War Series): Part 1: 1973-1985
2013978-1-909982-42-0Boris SokolovThe Role of the Soviet Union in the Second World War: A Re-Examination (Helion Studies in Military History)
2015978-1-909982-54-3Wilf NusseyIf You Get Yourself Killed, You're Fired!: The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Reporter on the Front Lines of Africa
2014978-1-909982-55-0Ben KiteStout Hearts: The British and Canadians in Normandy 1944
2016978-1-909982-68-0Al J. VenterThe Chopper Boys. Helicopter Warfare In Africa (Revised and Expanded Edition)
  ''978-1-909982-69-7Roland de VriesEye Of The Firestorm. The Namibian - Angolan - South African Border War - Memoirs Of A Military Commander
  ''978-1-909982-74-1Michael D. MillerKnight's Cross Holders of the SS and German Police 1940-45: Volume 1: Miervaldis Adamsons - Georg Hurdelbrink
2014978-1-909982-77-2Andrew BalaamBush War Operator. Memoirs Of The Rhodesian Light Infantry, Selous Scouts And Beyond
2015978-1-909982-83-3David M. GlantzBarbarossa Derailed. The Battle For Smolensk 10 July - 10 September 1941: Volume 4 - Atlas
2014978-1-909982-86-4Kenneth RadleyGet Tough Stay Tough: Shaping the Canadian Corps 1914-1918 (Wolverhampton Military Studies)
2015978-1-909982-88-8Marc RikmenspoelSunwheels and Siegrunen: Wiking, Nordland, Nederland and the Germanic Waffen-SS in Photographs: Volume 1
  ''978-1-909982-93-2Ian PringleGreen Leader: Operation Gatling, the Rhodesian Military's Response to the Viscount Tragedy