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2011978-1-907677-04-5Walter BloemThe Advance from Mons 1914: The Experiences of a German Infantry Officer (Helion Library of the Great War)
  ''978-1-907677-05-2David M. GlantzAfter Stalingrad: The Red Army's Winter Offensive 1942-1943
2012978-1-907677-06-9Ken WhartonBullets, Bombs and Cups Of Tea: Further Voices of the British Army in Northern Ireland 1969-98
2011978-1-907677-09-0Joël G. BaretI wouldn't want to do it again'D-Day in Normandy as seen through the eyes of Private Fayette O. Richardson (Pathfinder) and 1st Lt Rex G. Combs, 508th ... Infantry Regiment, US 82nd Airborne Division
2012978-1-907677-10-6Dmitry KienkoWings Over Grodno: Combat Operations of the Soviet 127th Fighter Regiment, 22 23 June 1941
  ''978-1-907677-11-3Quintin BarryWar In The East: A Military History of the Russo-Turkish War 1877-78
2013978-1-907677-12-0Ralph J. WhiteheadThe Other Side of the Wire Volume 2: The Battle of the Somme. With the German XIV Reserve Corps, 1 July 1916
2014978-1-907677-13-7Leon BennettThree Wings for the Red Baron:Von Richthofen, Strategy, Tactics and Airplanes
2012978-1-907677-14-4Michael Cox · Graham WatsonPour la France: A Guide to the Formations & Units of French Land Forces 1914-18: A Guide to the Formations and Units of French Land Forces 1914-18
2011978-1-907677-19-9David R. Orr · David TruesdaleA New Battlefield: The Royal Ulster Rifles in Korea 1950-51
  ''978-1-907677-20-5Brig Gen (Ret.) Gerald E. McIlmoyle · Linda Rios BromleyRemembering The Dragon Lady: The U-2 Spy Plane: Memoirs of the Men who made the Legend
2012978-1-907677-21-2Lt Col USAF (Ret.) Earl J. McGillBlack Tuesday over Namsi: B-29s vs MiGs - the forgotten air battle of the Korean War, 23 October 1951
2011978-1-907677-22-9Niall CherryTunisian Tales: The 1st Parachute Brigade in North Africa 1942-43
  ''978-1-907677-23-6Keith CuminsCataclysm: The War on the Eastern Front 1941-45
2012978-1-907677-24-3Norbert SzámvéberWaffen-SS Armour in Normandy: The Combat History of SS Panzer Regiment 12 and SS Panzerjäger Abteilung 12, Normandy 1944, based on their original war diaries
2014978-1-907677-26-7A. Stephan HamiltonThe Oder Front 1945 Volume 2: Documents, Reports & Personal Accounts
2013978-1-907677-27-4G.F.R. HendersonThe Battle of Woerth August 6th 1870
2013978-1-907677-29-8Ernst UdetAce of the Black Cross:The Memoirs of a First World War German Air Ace
2011978-1-907677-33-5Isaak Kobylyanskiy · Stuart BrittonRussian World War II Dictionary: A Russian-English glossary of special terms, expressions, and soldiers' slang
2013978-1-907677-34-2Marek SwiecickiWith the Red Devils at Arnhem: Personal Experiences with the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade 1944
  ''978-1-907677-35-9Horst Freiherr Treusch von Buttlar BrandenfelsZeppelins over England 1914-18
2011978-1-907677-36-6J.R.T. WoodOperation Dingo: Rhodesian Raid on Chimoio and Tembué 1977 (Africa@War)
  ''978-1-907677-37-3Peter BaxterFrance in Centrafrique: From Bokassa and Operation Barracude to the days of EUFOR (Africa@War)
  ''978-1-907677-38-0Peter BaxterSelous Scouts: Rhodesian Counter-Insurgency Specialists (Africa@War)
  ''978-1-907677-39-7Mike McWilliamsBattle for Cassinga: South Africa's Controversial Cross-Border Raid, Angola 1978 (Africa@War)
2013978-1-907677-43-4Blaine TaylorMrs Adolf Hitler: The Eva Braun Photograph Albums 1912-45
2015978-1-907677-45-8Mark O'NeillStalins Falcons Resurgent: Soviet Air Power and the Battle of Kursk 1943
2011978-1-907677-46-5Lt Col Earl J. McGill USAFJet Age Man: SAC B-47 and B-52 Operations in the Early Cold War
978-1-907677-47-2Panthers to the Front!
2012978-1-907677-62-5J.R.T. WoodZambezi Valley Insurgency: Early Rhodesian Bush War Operations (Africa@War Series 5)
2012978-1-907677-63-2Andrew HudsonCongo Unravelled: Military Operations from Independence to the Mercenary Revolt 1960-68 (Africa@War)
2013978-1-907677-64-9Norbert SzámvéberDays of Battle: Armoured operations north of the River Danube, Hungary 1944 45
2014978-1-907677-65-6David SyrettThe Eyes of the Desert Rats: British Long-Range Reconnaissance Operations in the North African Desert 1940-43
2012978-1-907677-66-3Stephen BarrattZhitomir-Berdichev: German Operations West of Kiev 24 December 1943-31 January 1944: Volume 1
  ''978-1-907677-67-0Ken Wharton'Sir, They're Taking the Kids Indoors': The British Army in Northern Ireland 1973-74
2014978-1-907677-71-7Werner KortenhausThe Combat History of the 21st Panzer Division, 1943-45
2012978-1-907677-72-4Peter MezhiritskyOn the Precipice: Stalin, the Red Army Leadership and the Road to Stalingrad, 1931 1942
2013978-1-907677-75-5Mark Adams & Chris CocksAfrica's Commandos: The Rhodesian Light Infantry: The Rhodesian Light Infantry from Border Control to Airborne Strike Force
2012978-1-907677-76-2Roelf van Heerden · Andrew HudsonFour Ball, One Tracer: Commanding Executive Outcomes in Angola and Sierra Leone
  ''978-1-907677-77-9Marius ScheepersStriking Inside Angola with 32 Battalion
  ''978-1-907677-78-6Ivan SmithMad Dog Killers: The Story of a Congo Mercenary
  ''978-1-907677-79-3Adrian Haggett · Gerry van TonderRhodesian Combined Forces Roll of Honour 1966-1981