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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-909384-07-1Steve CorbettBelfast Diaries. A Gunner in Northern Ireland 1971-74
2016978-1-909384-08-8Dmitry KienkoA Storm on a Sunny Day. The Soviet 11th Composite Aviation Division and the Luftwaffe, 22 June 1941
2013978-1-909384-12-5Ian PringleDingo Firestorm. The Greatest Battle of the Rhodesian Bush War
  ''978-1-909384-13-2Piet NortjeThe Terrible Ones. A Complete History of 32 Battalion.
2014978-1-909384-14-9Michael C. FoxTo Rule the Winds. The Evolution of the British Fighter Force Through Two World Wars Volume 1: Prelude to Air War - The Years to 1914
2013978-1-909384-17-0Major Mike HallWith Trumpet, Drum and Fife. A Short Treatise Covering the Rise and Fall of Military Musical Instruments on the Battlefield. (Helion Studies in Military History)
  ''978-1-909384-18-7Anthony ClaytonBattlefield Rations. The Food Given to the British Soldier for Marching and Fighting 1900-2011. (Helion Studies in Military History)
2016978-1-909384-19-4Dennis E. ShowalterRailroads and Rifles. Soldiers, Technology and the Unification of Germany (New Edition). (Helion Studies in Military History)
  ''978-1-909384-23-1Ian Smart · David Murray · Robert Mantle · Antony DeanTunes of Blood & Iron - Volume 1: German Regimental & Parade Marches from Frederick the Great to the Present Day by Luftwaffe Lt Cols Joachim ... (Part 1) (Helion Studies in Military History)
  ''978-1-909384-24-8Antony Dean · Robert Mantle · David Murray · Ian SmartTunes of Blood & Iron. German Regimental & Parade Marches From Frederick The Great to the Present Day by Luftwaffe Lt Cols Joachim Toeche-Mittler and ... & Panzers, Field Music of Fifes, Drums....: 2
2013978-1-909384-29-3Timothy BaxThree Sips of Gin. Dominating the Battlespace with Rhodesia's Elite Selous Scouts.
2014978-1-909384-41-5Igor Seidov · Stuart BrittonRed Devils over the Yalu. A Chronicle of Soviet Aerial Operations in the Korean War 1950-53 (Helion Studies in Military History)
2017978-1-909384-42-2Thomas Scotland · Steven HeysUnderstanding the Somme 1916: An Illuminating Battlefield Guide
2014978-1-909384-43-9Janusz JarzembowskiArmoured Hussars. Images of the Polish 1st Armoured Division 1939-47
2013978-1-909384-45-3Spencer JonesStemming the Tide. Officers and Leadership in the British Expeditionary Force 1914 (Wolverhampton Military) (Wolverhampton Military Studies)
2014978-1-909384-46-0Michael LoCicero · Ross Mahoney · Stuart MitchellA Military Transformed? Adaptation and Innovation in the British Military, 1792-1945 (Wolverhampton Military) (Wolverhampton Military Studies)
2013978-1-909384-48-4Graham Winton'Theirs Not To Reason Why'. Horsing the British Army 1875-1925 (Wolverhampton Military) (Wolverhampton Military Studies)
2013978-1-909384-53-8Erwin BartmannFür Volk and Führer. The Memoir of a Veteran of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler
  ''978-1-909384-54-5David SchranckThunder at Prokhorovka. A Combat History of Operation Citadel, Kursk, July 1943
  ''978-1-909384-55-2Ken WhartonWasted Years, Wasted Lives Volume 1. The British Army in Northern Ireland 1975-77
2015978-1-909384-59-0John LovettContact 1. A Pictorial History of the Rhodesian War. The Beginnings
2016978-1-909384-62-0Leopold ScholtzAfrica@War 26: The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale. Cold War Angolan Finale, 1987-1988
2013978-1-909384-63-7John P. CannThe Flechas. Insurgent Hunting in Eastern Angola, 1965-1974 (AFRICA@WAR Series 11)
  ''978-1-909384-65-1Tom CooperGreat Lakes Holocaust. First Congo War, 1996-1997 (AFRICA@WAR Series 13)
2017978-1-909384-67-5Andrew StewartAMISOM. The Battle for Somalia 2006-2013 (AFRICA@WAR Series 15)
2013978-1-909384-77-4Dodge BillingsleyFangs of the Lone Wolf. Chechen Tactics in the Russian-Chechen Wars 1994-2009
2014978-1-909384-92-7Stephen A. EmersonThe Battle for Mozambique: The Frelimo - Renamo Struggle, 1977 - 1992
  ''978-1-909384-93-4Ian PringleDingo Firestorm: The Greatest Battle of the Rhodesian Bush War
2014978-1-909384-95-8Peter MezhiritskyOn the Precipice: Stalin, the Red Army Leadership and the Road to Stalingrad , 1931-42
2015978-1-909384-97-2Charles SingletonFamous by My Sword: The Army of Montrose and the Military Revolution (Century of the Soldier-Warfare C 1618-1721)
2016978-1-909384-99-6Keith WardWorld War II Soviet Field Weapons & Equipment: A Visual Reference Guide (Datafile 1939-45)