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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-906548-01-8Antoine de Saint-ExupéryLetter to a Hostage (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-906548-02-5Guy de Maupassant · Isak DinesenThe Necklace; The Pearls
  ''978-1-906548-04-9Florian ZellerThe Fascination of Evil (B-Format Paperback)
2009978-1-906548-05-6Nicolas FarguesI Was Behind You (B-Format Paperback)
  ''978-1-906548-06-3Stefan ZweigCasanova: A Study in Self-Portraiture (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-906548-08-7Antal Szerb · Len RixThe Queen's Necklace
2009978-1-906548-09-4Stefan Zweig · Anthea BellJourney into the Past
  ''978-1-906548-10-0Paul Morand · Euan CameronThe Allure of Chanel
  ''978-1-906548-12-4Stefan Zweig · ANTHEA BELLThe World of Yesterday
  ''978-1-906548-15-5Stefan Zweig · Phyllis and Trevor BlewittBeware of Pity
2010978-1-906548-18-6Stefan ZweigFear (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-906548-20-9Peter Stephan JungkThe Inheritance (B-Format Paperback)
2009978-1-906548-22-3Stefan ZweigSelected Stories (B-Format Paperback)
2010978-1-906548-27-8Marella Caracciolo Chia · Howard CurtisThe Light in Between
2006978-1-906548-28-5Antal SzerbLove in a Bottle (Pushkin Collection)
2011978-1-906548-29-2Oliver MatuschekThree Lives: A Biography of Stefan Zweig (Royal Hardback)
2010978-1-906548-30-8Stefan ZweigMarie Antoinette (B-Format Paperback)
2010978-1-906548-32-2Hermann HesseHymn to Old Age (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-906548-35-3Stefan ZweigThe Governess and Other Stories (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-906548-37-7   ''Mary Stuart (B-Format Paperback)
2011978-1-906548-41-4Stefan Zweig · Anthea BellBeware of Pity
  ''978-1-906548-42-1François AugiérasJourney of the Dead (Pushkin Collection)
2010978-1-906548-43-8Andrei BelyPetersburg (B-Format Paperback)
2011978-1-906548-45-2Velibor Colic · Celia HawkesworthThe Uncannily Strange and Brief Life of Amedeo Modigliani (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-906548-48-3Carlos Gamerro · Ian BarnettAn Open Secret
2010978-1-906548-49-0Stefan ZweigMagellan (B-Format Paperback)
2011978-1-906548-61-2Antal SzerbThe Queen's Necklace (B-Format Paperback)
2012978-1-906548-63-6Héctor AbadRecipes for Sad Women (Pushkin Collection)
2012978-1-906548-64-3Marcel AyméThe Man who Walked Through Walls (Pushkin Collection)
2011978-1-906548-65-0Paul MorandTender Shoots (Pushkin Collection)
2012978-1-906548-66-7Andrés NeumanTraveller of the Century
2011978-1-906548-67-4Stefan ZweigThe World of Yesterday: Memoirs of a European (B-Format Paperback)
2012978-1-906548-84-1Pietro GrossiThe Break (B-Format Paperback)
  ''978-1-906548-91-9Salim BachiThe New Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor (B-Format Paperback)
  ''978-1-906548-92-6Louis CouperusThe Hidden Force (Pushkin Collection)
2013978-1-906548-93-3Stefan ZweigLetter from an Unknown Woman and Other Stories (B-Format Paperback)