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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-901285-00-0Stefan ZweigThe Invisible Collection and Buchmendel
2001978-1-901285-01-7Hugo von HoffmannsthalAndreas (Pushkin Collection)
1998978-1-901285-02-4Louis CouperusEcstasy (Pushkin Collection)
1999978-1-901285-05-5Stefan ZweigLetters from an Unknown Woman: The Fowler Snared
1998978-1-901285-06-2Arthur Schnitzler · F H LyonFräulein Else
  ''978-1-901285-07-9Henry JamesLetters from the Palazzo Barbaro
2001978-1-901285-11-6Stefan ZweigThe Royal Game (Pushkin Collection)
2003978-1-901285-12-3Friedrich von SchillerThe Man Who Sees Ghosts (Pushkin Collection)
1999978-1-901285-14-7Julien Gracq · Louise VareseChateau d'Argol
1998978-1-901285-16-1Arthur Schnitzler · Ilsa BareaCasanova's Return to Venice
2006978-1-901285-17-8Peter HandkeA Sorrow Beyond Dreams (Pushkin Collection)
1998978-1-901285-18-5Stefan ZweigCasanova: A Study in Self-Portraiture
2000978-1-901285-20-8Louise De Vilmorin · Duff Cooper · John Julius NorwichMadame De
2005978-1-901285-21-5Louis CouperusPsyche
2006978-1-901285-22-2Stefan ZweigConfusion (Pushkin Collection)
2000978-1-901285-27-7Adalbert StifterRock Crystal
2006978-1-901285-28-4Julian Green · Euan CameronThe Other Sleep
  ''978-1-901285-29-1Ernst WeissJarmila
1999978-1-901285-34-5Roland BarthesEmpire of Signs
2000978-1-901285-35-2Italo Svevo · Archibald ColquhounA Life
2001978-1-901285-37-6Antal Szerb · Len RixJourney by Moonlight
2008978-1-901285-39-0François AugiérasA Journey to Mount Athos (Pushkin Collection)
2006978-1-901285-41-3Paul Morand · Euan CameronVenices
  ''978-1-901285-44-4François AugiérasThe Sorcerer's Apprentice (Pushkin Collection)
2003978-1-901285-48-2Stefan ZweigTwenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman
2006978-1-901285-49-9Stefan Zweig · Trevor BlewittBeware of Pity
2002978-1-901285-50-5Antal SzerbJourney by Moonlight
2006978-1-901285-51-2George SandLaura: A Journey into the Crystal (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-901285-52-9Florian ZellerLovers or Something Like It
2006978-1-901285-54-3Stefan ZweigFantastic Night and Other Stories
  ''978-1-901285-55-0Philippe BeaussantRendezvous in Venice (B-Format Paperback)
  ''978-1-901285-56-7Edith WhartonGlimpses of the Moon (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-901285-57-4Stefan ZweigTwilight and Moonbeam Alley (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-901285-58-1Simon LiberatiAnthology of Apparitions (B-Format Paperback)
2005978-1-901285-59-8Louis CouperusInevitable (Pushkin Collection)
2006978-1-901285-60-4Antal Szerb · Len RixThe Pendragon Legend
2006978-1-901285-61-1Stefan ZweigTwenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman: AND The Royal Game
  ''978-1-901285-62-8Italo SvevoA Life (B-Format Paperback)
  ''978-1-901285-65-9Florian ZellerThe Fascination of Evil
2007978-1-901285-66-6Stefan ZweigAmok and other Stories (Pushkin Collection)
2008978-1-901285-67-3Marcel AyméBeautiful Image (Pushkin Collection)
2005978-1-901285-69-7Erling KaggePhilosophy for Polar Explorers: What They Don't Teach You in School (Pushkin Special Format)
2008978-1-901285-70-3Adalbert Stifter · David BryerThe Bachelors (Pushkin Collection)
2006978-1-901285-74-1Arthur SchnitzlerDying (Pushkin Collection)
2009978-1-901285-75-8Olivier AdamCliffs (B-Format Paperback)
2008978-1-901285-78-9Ernst WeissFranziska (Pushkin Collection)
2007978-1-901285-79-6Antal Szerb · Len RixOliver VII
2009978-1-901285-80-2Paul MorandHecate and Her Dogs (Pushkin Collection)
2008978-1-901285-81-9Alain ElkannEnvy (B-Format Paperback)
2009978-1-901285-82-6Julien Gracq · Christopher MoncrieffA Dark Stranger
  ''978-1-901285-83-3Henry JamesLetters to Isabella Stewart Gardner (Pushkin Collection)
2008978-1-901285-84-0Florian ZellerArtificial Snow (B-Format Paperback)
  ''978-1-901285-85-7Stefan ZweigBurning Secret (Pushkin Collection)
2009978-1-901285-86-4   ''Wondrak and Other Stories (Pushkin Collection)
2007978-1-901285-89-5Antal SzerbThe Pendragon Legend (B-Format Paperback)
2007978-1-901285-90-1Antal Szerb · Len RixOliver VII
  ''978-1-901285-94-9Charles DickensMemoirs of Joseph Grimaldi (Pushkin Collection)
2009978-1-901285-96-3Andrei Bely · JOHN ELSWORTHPetersburg
2008978-1-901285-97-0Florian ZellerJulien Parme (B-Format Paperback)
  ''978-1-901285-98-7Paul MorandThe Allure of Chanel (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-901285-99-4William ShakespeareSonnets (Pushkin Collection)