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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-1-78227-001-0Yasushi InoueThe Hunting Gun (Pushkin Collection)
2013978-1-78227-003-4Stefan ZweigThe Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig (Deluxe Edition)
  ''978-1-78227-008-9Gaito GazdanovThe Spectre of Alexander Wolf (Pushkin Collection)
2014978-1-78227-017-1Erwin MortierWhile the Gods Were Sleeping
2015978-1-78227-027-0Mikhail ElizarovThe Librarian
2014978-1-78227-037-9TeffiSubtly Worded (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-78227-042-3Maxim LeoRed Love: The Story of an East German Family (B-Format Paperback)
  ''978-1-78227-043-0Pasi Ilmari JääskeläinenThe Rabbit Back Literature Society
  ''978-1-78227-059-1Gaito GazdanovThe Buddha's Return (Pushkin Collection)
2013978-1-78227-072-0   ''The Spectre of Alexander Wolf (B-Format Paperback)
2014978-1-78227-074-4Florian Henckel von DonnersmarckThe Lives of Others: A Screenplay
2015978-1-78227-080-5Pierre Boileau · Thomas NarcejacVertigo (Pushkin Vertigo Crime) (B-Format Paperback)
2015978-1-78227-081-2Pierre Boileau · Thomas NarcejacShe Who Was No More (Pushkin Vertigo Crime)
2014978-1-78227-093-5Isaac BabelRed Cavalry (Pushkin Collection)
2015978-1-78227-094-2Plenzdorf UlrichThe New Sorrows of Young W (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-78227-103-1Stefan ZweigMontaigne (Pushkin Collection)
2014978-1-78227-105-5Machi TawaraSalad Anniversary
  ''978-1-78227-107-9Stefan Zweig · Wes AndersonThe Society of the Crossed Keys (B-Format Paperback)
978-1-78227-111-6In the Beginning Was the Sea
2015978-1-78227-115-4Alexander Lernet-HoleniaI Was Jack Mortimer (Pushkin Vertigo Crime)
2016978-1-78227-117-8Jozef Wittlin · Philippe SandsCity of Lions (Pushkin Collection)
2014978-1-78227-122-2Stefan ZweigThe World of Yesterday: Memoirs of a European (Deluxe Edition)
2015978-1-78227-148-2   ''Fantastic Night: Tales of Longing and Liberation
  ''978-1-78227-149-9   ''The Invisible Collection: Tales of Obsession and Desire (The Collected Stories 1) (Fiction in Translation)
2016978-1-78227-155-0   ''Messages from a Lost World: Europe on the Brink
  ''978-1-78227-158-1Marie-Sabine RogerSoft in the Head
2016978-1-78227-161-1Joseph Kessel · André Naffis-SahelyThe Crew (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-78227-162-8Gaito GazdanovThe Flight (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-78227-166-6Isaac BabelOdessa Stories (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-78227-169-7TeffiMemories - From Moscow to the Black Sea
2017978-1-78227-174-1Meelis FriedenthalThe Willow King
2015978-1-78227-177-2Stefan ZweigThe Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig: Burning Secret, A Chess Story, Fear, Confusion, Journey into the Past
2016978-1-78227-186-4Augusto de AngelisThe Mystery of the Three Orchids
2015978-1-78227-190-1Alexander Lernet-HoleniaMona Lisa (Pushkin Collection)
2016978-1-78227-199-4Frédéric Dard · David BellosBird in a Cage
  ''978-1-78227-203-8Volker WeidermannSummer Before the Dark: Stefan Zweig and Joseph Roth, Ostend 1936
2016978-1-78227-215-1Stefan ZweigTwenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman
2017978-1-78227-216-8Marie-Sabine RogerGet Well Soon
2016978-1-78227-217-5TeffiRasputin and Other Ironies
2017978-1-78227-229-8Stefan ZweigMessages from a Lost World: Europe on the Brink
2016978-1-78227-233-5Petru Popescu · Simon McBurneyThe Encounter: Amazon Beaming
2017978-1-78227-239-7Johannes UrzidilThe Last Bell (Pushkin Collection)
  ''978-1-78227-270-0Tomoka ShibasakiSpring Garden (Japanese Novellas)
  ''978-1-78227-301-1Gerard ReveThe Evenings: A Winter's Tale (The postwar masterpiece)
2016978-1-78227-315-8Various AuthorsThrough a Glass Lightly: Confession of a Reluctant Water Drinker (The London Library)
  ''978-1-78227-317-2Various AuthorsThe Right to Fly (The London Library)
2016978-1-78227-318-9Various AuthorsThe Right to Fly
  ''978-1-78227-319-6   ''The Noble English Art of Self-Defence (The London Library)
2017978-1-78227-328-8Hideo FurukawaSlow Boat (Japanese Novellas)
  ''978-1-78227-330-1Mieko KawakamiMs Ice Sandwich (Japanese Novellas)
  ''978-1-78227-372-1Giorgio van StratenIn Search of Lost Books: The forgotten stories of eight mythical volumes (Push01 130619 210819)
  ''978-1-78227-382-0VariousThe Dark Blue Winter Overcoat and other stories from the North
2018978-1-78227-387-5Friedrich DürrenmattThe Execution of Justice (Pushkin Vertigo)
2019978-1-78227-395-0Eva MeijerBird Cottage
2019978-1-78227-398-1Özgür MumcuThe Peace Machine
2018978-1-78227-414-8George SandLaura: A Journey into the Crystal (Pushkin Blues)
  ''978-1-78227-444-5Willem Frederik HermansAn Untouched House
  ''978-1-78227-470-4Józef WittlinThe Salt of the Earth
  ''978-1-78227-494-0Arturo BareaThe Forging of a Rebel
2019978-1-78227-506-0Volker WeidermannDreamers: When the Writers Took Power, Germany 1918
2020978-1-78227-582-4David FoenkinosThe Mystery of Henri Pick (Walter Presents)