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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-906497-01-9Martin RowsonGiving Offence (Manifestos for the 21st Century (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-906497-02-6Casper MelvilleTaking Offence (Manifestos for the 21st Century (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-906497-05-7Sharon Aronson-LehaviWanderers: And Other Israeli Plays (In Performance)
  ''978-1-906497-14-9James Thompson · Jenny Hughes and Michael BalfourPerformance in Place of War (SB - Enactments)
  ''978-1-906497-15-6Tariq AliFear of Mirrors (Seagull World Literature)
2009978-1-906497-16-3Nikolai BukharinPoems (Prison Manuscripts)
  ''978-1-906497-17-0Jean-paul SartrePortraits (The French List)
2010978-1-906497-18-7Frederick GrosStates of Violence: An Essay on the End of War (The French List)
  ''978-1-906497-19-4Gerard MairetThe Fable of the World: A Philosophical Enquiry into Freedom in Our Times (The French List)
  ''978-1-906497-20-0Jean BaudrillardCarnival and Cannibal, or the Play of Global Antagonism (The French List)
2009978-1-906497-21-7Theodor W AdornoNight Music: Essays on Music 1928-1962 (The German List)
  ''978-1-906497-22-4Hans Magnus EnzensbergerThe Silences of Hammerstein (The German List)
2010978-1-906497-24-8Andre LepeckiPlanes of Composition: Dance, Theory, and the Global (SB - Enactments)
2010978-1-906497-25-5Rachael BowditchOn the Edge of Utopia: Performance and Ritual at Burning Man (SB - Enactments)
2009978-1-906497-26-2Tariq AliThe Idea of Communism (What Was Communism?)
  ''978-1-906497-27-9Boris KagarlitskyBack in the USSR (What Was Communism?)
  ''978-1-906497-28-6Slavenka DrakulicTwo Underdogs and a Cat: Three Reflections on Communism (What Was Communism?)
2011978-1-906497-30-9Ajanta SircarFraming the Nation: Languages of 'modernity' in India
2010978-1-906497-34-7Supirya ChaudhuriConversations with Jacqueline Rose
  ''978-1-906497-35-4Mohsen MakhmalbafConversations with Mohsen Makhmalbaf
2009978-1-906497-37-8Piero GleijesesThe Cuban Drumbeat (What Was Communism?)
  ''978-1-906497-40-8Jean BaudrillardWhy Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? (French List)
2010978-1-906497-41-5Andre GorzEcologica (The French List)
2010978-1-906497-42-2Jean-paul SartreTyphus (The French List)
  ''978-1-906497-43-9T TodorovMemory as a Remedy for Evil (The French List)
  ''978-1-906497-44-6Paul CelanCorrespondence (The German List)
  ''978-1-906497-45-3Hans Magnus EnzensbergerA History of Clouds: 99 Meditations (The German List)
  ''978-1-906497-48-4Mo YanChange (What Was Communism?)
2010978-1-906497-49-1Mahasweta DeviBait, and Other Stories (What Was Communism?)
2011978-1-906497-50-7Guillermo Gomez-penaConversations Across Borders (SB - Enactments)
2010978-1-906497-51-4Peter J ChelkowskiEternal Performance: Taziyah and Other Shiite Rituals (SB - Enactments)
  ''978-1-906497-56-9Thomas BernhardProse (Seagull World Literature)
  ''978-1-906497-59-0Roland BarthesIncidents (The French List)
  ''978-1-906497-60-6Jean-paul SartreCritical Essays (The French List)
  ''978-1-906497-61-3Andre GorzThe Immaterial (The French List)
2011978-1-906497-64-4Thomas BernhardVictor Halfwit: A Winter's Tale (Seagull World Literature)
2012978-1-906497-65-1Ulrich PeltzerPart of the Solution (The German List)
2010978-1-906497-68-2Tomas EspedalTramp: Or the Art of Living a Wild and Poetic Life (Seagull World Literature)
2011978-1-906497-72-9Peter WeissHolderlin (The German List)
2010978-1-906497-73-6Peter HandkeTill Day You Do Part or a Question of Light (German List)
2011978-1-906497-79-8Stefan ColliniThat's Offensive!: Criticism, Identity, Respect (Manifesto for the 21st Century. In Collabroration with Index Censorship)
2011978-1-906497-83-5Gayatri SpivakWho Sings the Nation-state?: Language, Politics, Belonging
  ''978-1-906497-85-9Paul VirilioA Winter's Journey: Four Conversations with Marianne Brausch (The French List)
  ''978-1-906497-87-3Francois JullienThe Silent Transformations
  ''978-1-906497-97-2Keston SutherlandStupefaction: A Radical Anatomy of Phantoms
  ''978-1-906497-98-9Joseph VoglOn Tarrying (The German List)