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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-85742-005-3Kg SubramanyanThe Tale of the Talking Face
2016978-0-85742-010-7Francois JullienThis Strange Idea of the Beautiful (French List)
2012978-0-85742-012-1Ivan VladislavicThe Loss Library and Other Unfinished Stories (The Africa List)
2011978-0-85742-015-2Annemarie SchwarzenbachAll the Roads are Open: The Afghan Journey (SB - The Swiss List)
  ''978-0-85742-016-9Annemarie SchwarzenbachLyric Novella (SB - The Swiss List)
  ''978-0-85742-018-3Tomas EspedalAgainst Art: The Notebooks (Seagull World Literature)
2012978-0-85742-021-3Abdourahman A. WaberiPassage of Tears (The Africa List)
  ''978-0-85742-022-0Imre KerteszThe Holocaust as Culture: A Conversation with Imre Kertesz
2011978-0-85742-023-7Hans Magnus EnzensbergerBrussels, the Gentle Monster: Or the Disenfranchisement of Europe (The German List)
2012978-0-85742-024-4Giorgio AgambenThe Church and Its Reign (Italian List)
2015978-0-85742-028-2Diane MeurHouse of Shadows (The French List)
2012978-0-85742-030-5Henri AllegAlgerian Memoirs (The Africa List)
2013978-0-85742-032-9Dietmar DathThe Abolition of Species (The German List)
2012978-0-85742-033-6Throvald SteenLionheart
2015978-0-85742-036-7Fatah Sherko · Martin ChalmersThe Dark Ship (German List)
2012978-0-85742-041-1Martin RowsonThe Waste Land
  ''978-0-85742-076-3Mo YanPow!
2014978-0-85742-079-4Alexander KlugeAir Raid (The German List)
2013978-0-85742-088-6Sibylle LewitscharoffApostoloff (The German List)
2014978-0-85742-097-8Maryse CondéThe Journey of a Caribbean Writer (The Africa List)
2013978-0-85742-103-6Inka PareiWhat Darkness Was (The German List)
2014978-0-85742-107-4Brigitte SionDeath Tourism: Disaster Sites as Recreational Landscape (SB - Enactments)
2014978-0-85742-109-8James ThompsonHumanitarian Performance: From Disaster Tragedies to Spectacles of War (SB - Enactments)
2015978-0-85742-110-4Proshot KalamiIran's Reel Spectre: The Cinematic Story of a Nation
2014978-0-85742-113-5Beatrix CampbellEnd of Equality (Manifestos for the 21st Century (Paperback))
2012978-0-85742-160-9Mo YanChange (What Was Communism?)
2014978-0-85742-164-7Dominique` EddéKamal Jann (French List)
2013978-0-85742-165-4Tilman RammstedtThe King of China (The German List)
2014978-0-85742-168-5Friedrich DürrenmattSelected Essays (SB - The Swiss List)
  ''978-0-85742-169-2Max FrischDrafts for a Third Sketchbook (SB - The Swiss List)
2015978-0-85742-179-1Milla Cozart Riggio · Angela Marino · Paolo VignoloFestive Devils of the Americas (Enactments)
  ''978-0-85742-187-6Prasanta ChakravartyShrapnel minima: Writings from Humanitiesunderground
  ''978-0-85742-205-7William Kentridge · Rosalind MorrisAccounts and Drawings from Undergound: The East Rand Proprietary Mines Cash Book, 1906 (The Africa List)
2014978-0-85742-212-5Melinda Nadj AbonjiFly Away, Pigeon (SB - The Swiss List)
2015978-0-85742-213-2Inka PareiThe Cold Centre (German List)
2014978-0-85742-214-9Martin MosebachWhat was Before (The German List)
  ''978-0-85742-222-4Zakes MdaBlack Diamond (The Africa List)
2015978-0-85742-224-8Hans Magnus EnzensbergerMr. Zed's Reflections (The German List)
2015978-0-85742-226-2Roland BarthesA Very Fine Gift and Other Writings on Theory: Volume 1: Essays and Interviews (SB-The French List)
  ''978-0-85742-231-6Michael KrugerSeasonal Time Change: Selected Poems (The German List)
  ''978-0-85742-234-7Wolfgang Hilbig"I" (The German List)
  ''978-0-85742-237-8Richard TurnerThe Eye of the Needle: Towards Participatory Democracy in South Africa (The Africa List)
  ''978-0-85742-246-0Georg TraklPoems: Book One of Our Trakl (The German List)
2015978-0-85742-298-9Alexander Kluge16557: The Day Hitler Shot Himself and Germany's Integration with the West Began (SB-The German List)
2016978-0-85742-311-5Laszlo KrasznahorkaiDestruction and Sorrow beneath the Heavens: Reportage (The Hungarian List)
  ''978-0-85742-328-3Alexander Kluge · Gerhard RichterDispatches from Moments of Calm (SB-The German List)
2017978-0-85742-330-6Elfriede JelinekCharges (the Supplicants) (SB-The German List)
  ''978-0-85742-377-1Michel LeirisPhantom Africa (SB - The Africa List)
  ''978-0-85742-392-4Amritlal NagarGathering the Ashes
  ''978-0-85742-424-2Yves BonnefoyTogether Still (SB-The French List)
2017978-0-85742-425-9Yves BonnefoyPoetry and Photography (SB-The French List)
  ''978-0-85742-427-3Christa WolfOne Day a Year: 2001 2011 (SB-The German List)
  ''978-0-85742-428-0Alexander KlugeDrilling Through Hard Boards: 133 Political Stories (SB-The German List)
  ''978-0-85742-432-7Franz FühmannAt the Burning Abyss: Experiencing the Georg Trakl Poem (SB-The German List)
  ''978-0-85742-441-9Gabor Schein · Adam Z. LevyThe Book of Mordechai and Lazarus: Two Novels (The Hungarian List)
2018978-0-85742-443-3Niharika Banerjea · Debanui Dasgupta · Rohit K. Dasgupta · Jaime GrantFriendship as Social Justice Activism: Critical Solidarities in a Global Perspective
2017978-0-85742-444-0Alexander Klunge · Gerhard Richter · Martin ChalmersDecember (SB-The German List)
2018978-0-85742-470-9Thomas BernhardOld Masters: A Comedy (The German List)
2019978-0-85742-471-6Bertolt BrechtTales of Mr. Keuner (The German List)
2018978-0-85742-472-3Herta MüllerFather's on the Phone with the Flies: A Selection (The German List)
2018978-0-85742-476-1Ilse AichingerBad Words: Selected Short Prose (The German List)
  ''978-0-85742-477-8Friedrich AniThe Nameless Day (The German List)
  ''978-0-85742-480-8Léonora MianoSeason of the Shadow (The French List)
2019978-0-85742-482-2Francesco PecoraroLife in Peacetime (Italian List)
2017978-0-85742-489-1Sergei EisensteinThe Short-Fiction Scenario
  ''978-0-85742-490-7Sergei EisensteinOn the Detective Story
  ''978-0-85742-491-4Sergei Eisenstein · Alan UpchurchOn Disney
2019978-0-85742-492-1Andrey TarkovskyTime Within Time: The Diaries, 1970-1986
2018978-0-85742-534-8Peter HandkeThe Great Fall (German List)
2019978-0-85742-540-9Giorgio AgambenPulcinella: Or Entertainment for Children (Italian List)
2018978-0-85742-594-2Mohsen Makhmalbaf · Hamid DabashiConversations with Mohsen Makhmalbaf
2019978-0-85742-615-4Sumanta BanerjeeDangerous Outcast: The Prostitute in Nineteenth-Century Bengal (India List)
2019978-0-85742-641-3Tariq AliFear of Mirrors (Seagull World Literature)
  ''978-0-85742-700-7Michel LeirisPhantom Africa (Africa List)
  ''978-0-85742-711-3Friedrich DürrenmattSelected Essays (Swiss List)
2020978-0-85742-746-5Nanni Balestrini · Primo MoroniThe Golden Horde: Revolutionary Italy, 1960-1977 (Italian List)