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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-905209-01-9Daniel Balageas · Claus-Peter Fritzen · Alfredo GüemesStructural Health Monitoring
  ''978-1-905209-02-6Olivier Bouchet · Hervé Sizun · Christian Boisrobert · Frédérique de FornelFree-space Optics: Propagation and Communication
  ''978-1-905209-04-0ClercParticle Swarm Optimization
  ''978-1-905209-06-4Christophe PrévéProtection of Electrical Networks
  ''978-1-905209-07-1CliquetGeomarketing: Methods and Strategies in Spatial Marketing (Geographical Information Systems)
2007978-1-905209-08-8Philippe MathisGraphs and Networks: Multilevel Modelling (Geographical Information Systems)
2006978-1-905209-09-5Lena SandersModels in Spatial Analysis (Geographical Information Systems)
2006978-1-905209-10-1Etienne Dombre · Wisama KhalilModeling, Performance Analysis and Control of Robot Manipulators (Control Systems, Robotics, and Manufacturing) (Control Systems, Robotics & Manufacturing)
  ''978-1-905209-12-5Kaddour NajimControl of Continuous Linear Systems: Theory and Solved Problems
  ''978-1-905209-13-2Gérard Blanchet · Maurice CharbitDigital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB (Digital Signal and Image Processing) (ISTE)
  ''978-1-905209-14-9F. Hlawatsch · Francois AugerTime - Frequency Analysis: Concepts and Tools (Digital Signal and Image Processing)
  ''978-1-905209-16-3Henri MaitreProcessing of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images (Digital Signal and Image Processing)
2006978-1-905209-20-0Alain Girard · Nicholas RoyStructural Dynamics in Industry
2007978-1-905209-21-7René GuinebretièreX-ray Diffraction by Polycrystalline Materials
  ''978-1-905209-23-1Philippe Boch · Jean-Claude NièpceCeramics Materials: Processes, Properties and Applications
2006978-1-905209-25-5Michel BruneauFundamentals of Acoustics
2007978-1-905209-26-2Philippe GuillaumeMusic and Acoustics: From Instrument to Computer
2006978-1-905209-28-6Hervé Rigneault · Jean-Michel Lourtioz · Claude Delalande · Ariel LevensonNanophotonics
2007978-1-905209-30-9Nikolaos LimniosFault Trees (Control Systems, Robotics, and Manufacturing)
  ''978-1-905209-31-6Michel Misiti · Yves Misiti · Georges Oppenheim · Jean-Michel PoggiWavelets and Their Applications (Digital Signal and Image Processing) (Digital Signal & Image Processing)
2006978-1-905209-32-3Gerard · Babau J-P · Champeau JModel Driven Engineering for Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems
  ''978-1-905209-33-0Cécile Murat · Vangelis Th. PaschosProbabilistic Combinatorial Optimization on Graphs
2007978-1-905209-35-4Philippe de LarminatAnalysis and Control of Linear Systems (Control Systems, Robotics, and Manufacturing)
2006978-1-905209-37-8Michel DhomeVisual Perception Through Video Imagery (Digital Signal and Image Processing)
2007978-1-905209-38-5Pierre Lopez · Francois RoubellatProduction Scheduling
  ''978-1-905209-40-8Jacques Betbeder-MatibetSeismic Engineering: Phenomena and Seismic Hazards v. 1
2007978-1-905209-42-2Abderrahim BenslimaneMultimedia Multicast on the Internet
  ''978-1-905209-44-6Rene GarelloBi-dimensional Signal Analysis (Digital Signal and Image Processing)
  ''978-1-905209-45-3Mohamed NajimDigital Filters Design for Signal and Image Processing (Digital Signal and Image Processing) (Digital Signal & Image Processing)
  ''978-1-905209-46-0Guillaume VivierReconfigurable Mobile Radio Systems: A Snapshot of Key Aspects Related to Reconfigurability in Wireless Systems
2006978-1-905209-47-7Guy PujolleManagement, Control and Evolution of IP Networks
  ''978-1-905209-48-4Fayssal Benkhaldoun · Driss Ouazar · Said RaghayFinite Volumes for Complex Applications: Problems and Perspectives: v. 4
2006978-1-905209-49-1PanettoInteroperability of Enterprise Software and Applications: Workshops of the INTEROP-ESA 2005 International Conference (EI2N 2005, WSI 2005, ISIDI 2005, IEHENA 2005)
  ''978-1-905209-50-7Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot · Bruno Gérard · Paul AckerCreep, Shrinkage and Durability of Concrete and Concrete Structures: CONCREEP 7
  ''978-1-905209-51-4French College of MetrologyMetrology in Industry: The Key for Quality
2007978-1-905209-52-1Patrice Abry · Paulo Gonclaves · Jacques LevyScaling, Fractals and Wavelets (Digital Signal and Image Processing)
2006978-1-905209-58-3Jean-Pierre CorniouLooking Back and Going Forward in IT
  ''978-1-905209-59-0Jean-Philippe Babau · Jöel Champeau · Sébastien GérardFrom MDD Concepts to Experiments and Illustrations
2007978-1-905209-62-0Christian Szylar · Laurent DenayerRisk Management Under the New UCITS III Regime for the Unit Trust
  ''978-1-905209-65-1Françoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigu · Antonio Loria · Elena Panteley · Salah LaghroucheTaming Heterogeneity and Complexity Oe Embedded Control
2007978-1-905209-66-8Pavel Ripka · Alois TipekModern Sensors (Instrumentation and Measurement)
2008978-1-905209-67-5Vladimir V. AnisimovSwitching Processes in Queueing Models
2007978-1-905209-72-9Christian Artigues · Sophie Demassey · Emmanuel NeronResources-constrained Project Scheduling
  ''978-1-905209-73-6Gerard Beranger · Henri MazilleCorrosion and Protection of Metals and Alloys / Fundamentals and Engineering
  ''978-1-905209-74-3Jean-Claude Bertein · Roger CeschiDiscete Stochastic Processes and Optimal Filtering (Digital Signal & Image Processing)
  ''978-1-905209-75-0Jean-Charles Billaut · Aziz Moukrim · Eric SanlavilleFlexibility and Robustness in Scheduling
  ''978-1-905209-77-4Regis BlondeauMetallurgy and Mechanics of Welding
2007978-1-905209-78-1Didier BouvardPowder Metallurgy
  ''978-1-905209-81-1Orphee Cugat · Gilbert Reyne · Jerome DelamareMagnetic Microsystems
  ''978-1-905209-83-5Gerard GovaertData Analysis (Digital Signal and Image Processing)
  ''978-1-905209-93-4Andre CheymolElastomer Shaping Processes
  ''978-1-905209-94-1Gerd Finke · Joseph FourierOperational Research and Networks
2007978-1-905209-95-8Philippe TrompetteMechanical Behavior of Woven Fabrics