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2019978-1-84821-571-9Abdeldjalil OuahabiWavelet Denoising: Application in Medical Imaging (Iste)
2013978-1-84821-573-3Bassem Jarboui · Patrick Siarry · Jacques TeghemMetaheuristics for Production Scheduling
  ''978-1-84821-574-0Andon Dimitrov Lazarov · Todor Pavlov KostadinovBistatic SAR / GISAR / FISAR Geometry, Signal Models and Imaging Algorithms (Focus (Wiley))
2014978-1-84821-575-7François TemplierOLED Microdisplays: Technology and Applications (Electronics Engineering)
2015978-1-84821-576-4Olivier GirardApplications Using MEMS (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-578-8Jean-Pierre Dal Pont · Catherine Azzaro-PantelNew Appoaches in the Process Industries: The Manufacturing Plant of the Future (Focus)
2018978-1-84821-580-1Georges Cailletaud · Lakhdar Taleb · Kacem SaiMulti-mechanism Modeling of Inelastic Material Behavior (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-581-8Frédéric Magoules · François-Xavier Roux · Guillaume HouzeauxParallel Scientific Computing (Iste)
2020978-1-84821-582-5Lionel Duvillaret · Philippe LevêqueElectro-optics for Non-ionizing Radiation Dosimetry and Bioelectromagnetism (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-583-2Benoit Beckers · Pierre BeckersReconciliation of Geometry and Perception in Radiation Physics (Focus)
  ''978-1-84821-584-9Ernesto Exposito · Codé DiopSmart SOA Platforms in Cloud Computing Architectures (Focus)
  ''978-1-84821-585-6V?ronique Migonney · Veronique MigonneyBiomaterials (Focus)
  ''978-1-84821-587-0Tripon-CanselieNanoscale Microwave Engineerin (Focus (Wiley))
2014978-1-84821-588-7Jean-Gabriel Remy · Charlotte LetamendiaFourth Generation Mobile Communications / Lte (Iste)
2013978-1-84821-589-4Vu Tuan Hieu Le · Cristina Stoica · Teodoro Alamo · Eduardo F. Camacho · Didier DumurZonotopes: From Guaranteed State-estimation to Control (Automation-Control and Industrial Engineering)
  ''978-1-84821-590-0Guillaume SandouMetaheuristic Optimization for the Design of Automatic Control Laws (Focus)
2014978-1-84821-592-4Jean-Marc Laheurte · Christian Ripoll · Dominique Paret · Christophe LoussertUHF RFID Technologies for Identification and Traceability (Focus (Wiley))
2013978-1-84821-593-1Christine Rochange · Pascal Sainrat · Sascha UhrigTime-Predictable Architectures (Focus)
978-1-84821-601-3Distributions of Goodness-of-Fit Statistics
2015978-1-84821-603-7Severine DubuissonTracking with Particle Filter for High-Dimensional Observation and State Spaces (Focus)
2022978-1-84821-607-5Angelo Luongo · Daniele ZulliNonlinear Beam and Cable Mechanics in Engineering Applications (Iste)
978-1-84821-608-2Eddy Currents (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-610-5Laurence Ch?zeKinematic Analysis of Human Movement (Focus)
  ''978-1-84821-611-2Benoit Robyns · Bruno Francois · Gauthier DelilleEnergy Storage in Electric Power Grids (Electrical Engineering)
2019978-1-84821-612-9Benoît Robyns · Christophe Saudemont · Arnaud Davigny · Hervé Barry · Sabine Kazmierczak · Dhaker Abbes · Bruno FrançoisElectrical Energy Storage for Buildings in Smart Grids
2014978-1-84821-613-6Ali Moukadem · Djaffar Ould Abdeslam · Alain DieterlenTime-Frequency Domain for Segmentation and Classification of Non-stationary Signals: The Stockwell Transform Applied on Bio-signals and Electric Signals (Focus)
2016978-1-84821-616-7Michel RigoAdvanced Graph Theory and Combinatorics (Computer Engineering)
2013978-1-84821-617-4Roland Borghi · Fabien AnselmetTurbulent Multiphase Flows with Heat and Mass Transfer (Fluid Mechanics)
2021978-1-84821-618-1Laurent Ferro-FamilElectromagnetic Imaging using Synthetic Aperture Radar (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-620-4Flavien QuesnelScheduling of Large-scale Virtualized Infrastructures: Toward Cooperative Management (Focus)
  ''978-1-84821-621-1Thierry Hamaide · Rémi Deterre · Jean-François FellerEnvironmental Impact of Polymers (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-626-6Nourdin YaakoubiNew Sensors and Processing Chain (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-628-0Alain Bernard · Georges TaillandierAdditive Manufacturing (ISTE)
  ''978-1-84821-629-7Maurice LemaireMechanics and Uncertainty (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-630-3Jean-Luc GautierDesign of Microwave Active Devices (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-631-0Sébastien HentzNano Electro Mechanical Systems: Downscaling Resonant Sensors (ISTE)
2015978-1-84821-634-1Jean-Louis BoulangerCenelec 50128 and Iec 62279 Standards (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-637-2Jean-Francois Giovannelli · J?r?me Idier · Jer?me IdierRegularization and Bayesian Methods for Inverse Problems in Signal and Image Processing (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-638-9Sinniah Ilanko · Luis Monterrubio · Yusuke MochidaThe Rayleigh-Ritz Method for Structural Analysis (Iste)
2021978-1-84821-639-6Eric Maire3D Imaging in Mechanics of Materials (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-640-2Gérard Blanchet · Maurice CharbitDigital Signal and Image Processing using MATLAB, Volume 1: Fundamentals
2015978-1-84821-641-9Gerard Blanchet · Maurice CharbitDigital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB 2nd Edition: V2 Applications (Iste)
2016978-1-84821-642-6Géry de Saxcé · Claude ValleéGalilean Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Continua (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-644-0Christian LalanneMechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis: Sinusoidal Vibration: 1 (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-645-7Christian LalanneMechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis: Mechanical Shock (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-646-4Christian LalanneMechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis: Random Vibration (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-648-8   ''Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis: Specification Development (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-649-5Calin Vladeanu · Safwan El AssadNonlinear Digital Encoders for Data Communications (FOCUS Series)
  ''978-1-84821-650-1Pierre G. Lafleur · Bruno VergnesPolymer Extrusion (Materials Science)
2015978-1-84821-653-2Victor AlessandriniMulticore Shared Memory Application Programming (ISTE)
2014978-1-84821-654-9Francis BalestraBeyond-CMOS Nanodevices 1 (Nanoscience and Technology)
  ''978-1-84821-655-6Francis BalestraBeyond-CMOS Nanodevices 2 (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology)
2014978-1-84821-658-7Vangelis Th. PaschosApplications of Combinatorial Optimization (Mathematics and Statistics)
2013978-1-84821-662-4Martin ZelmEnterprise Interoperability (Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprises Applications and Software)
2015978-1-84821-666-2Xavier PyThermal Energy Storage (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-667-9Dominique EstampeSupply Chain Performance and Evaluation Models (ISTE)
2015978-1-84821-669-3L Duraffourg · S?bastien Hentz · J ArcamoneNanoelectromechanical Systems (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-672-3Abdelhamid Mellouk · Antonio Cuadra-SanchezQuality of Experience Engineering for Customer Added Value Services: From Evaluation to Monitoring (Iste)
2016978-1-84821-673-0Roberto Minerva · Noël CrespiNew Networks and New Services: Challenges for the Communication Service Providers (ISTE)
2014978-1-84821-680-8Luis Fariñas del Cerro · Katsumi InoueLogical Modeling of Biological Systems (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-681-5Dominique Bonneau · Aurelian Fatu · Dominique SouchetHydrodynamic Bearings (Numerical Methods in Engineering)
  ''978-1-84821-682-2Dominique Bonneau · Aurelian Fatu · Dominique SouchetMixed Lubrication in Hydrodynamic Bearings (Numerical Methods in Engineering)
  ''978-1-84821-683-9   ''Thermo-hydrodynamic Lubrication in Hydrodynamic Bearings (Numerical Methods in Engineering)
  ''978-1-84821-685-3Patrick MillotDesigning Human-machine Cooperation Systems (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-686-0Frédéric Gardi · Thierry Benoist · Julien Darlay · Bertrand Estellon · Romain MegelMathematical Programming Solver Based on Local Search (Focus (Wiley))
  ''978-1-84821-687-7Vincent Consonni · Guy Feuillet · Robert BaptistWide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires 2: Heterostructures and Optoelectronic Devices (Electronic Engineering)
  ''978-1-84821-693-8Carolina Machado · J. Paulo DavimTransfer and Management of Knowledge (Iste)
2016978-1-84821-694-5Guy PujolleSoftware Networks: Virtualization, Sdn, 5g and Security (Networks & Telecommunication: Advanced Networks)
2014978-1-84821-697-6Vincent Savaux · Yves Lou'tMmse-Based Algorithm for Joint Signal Detection, Channel and Noise Variance Estimation for Ofdm Systems (Iste)
978-1-84821-699-0Jean-Jacques MarigoAsymptotic Theory for Structures
2015978-1-84821-703-4Patrick ProuzetEcosystem Sustainability and Global Change (Oceanography and Marine Biology Series - Seas and Oceans)
  ''978-1-84821-705-8Patrick ProuzetDevelopment of Marine Resources (Oceanography and Marine Biology Series - Seas and Oceans)
2022978-1-84821-707-2   ''Governance of Seas and Oceans
2017978-1-84821-708-9Philippe DollfusTransport Simulation in Nanodevices (ISTE)
2016978-1-84821-710-2Christian La Borderie · Thierry Reess · Wen Chen · Olivier Maurel · Franck Rey-Berbeder · Antoine de FerronElectrohydraulic Fracturing of Rocks (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-711-9Marine Habart-CorlosquetAsset Liability Management for Banking and Insurance for Banks and Insurance Companies (Iste)
2016978-1-84821-714-0Khaldoun Al Agha · Guy Pujolle · Tara Ali YahiyaMobile and Wireless Networks (Networks & Telecommunications Series: Advanced Network Set)
2015978-1-84821-716-4Philippe Basset · Elena Blokhina · Dimitri GalaykoElectrostatic Kinetic Energy Harvesters (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-717-1Carole RossiAl-Based Energetic Nano Materials: Design, Manufacturing, Properties and Applications (Revised) (Nanotechnologies for Energy Recovery)
2015978-1-84821-718-8Yamin Leprince-WangPiezoelectric Zno Nanostructure for Energy Harvesting (Iste)
2021978-1-84821-719-5Emmanuel Jurczenko · Jérôme TeiletchePractical Guide to Risk-Based Investing (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-720-1Jean-Marie Tarascon · Patrice SimonElectrochemical Energy Storage (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-721-8Laure Monconduit · Laurence Croguennec · Remi Dedryv?reElectrodes for Li-Ion Batteries: Materials, Mechanisms and Performance (Iste)
2023978-1-84821-723-2Jean-Marie Tarascon · Philippe Barboux · Rosa PalacinNew Chemistries: Beyond Li-ion (Iste)
2018978-1-84821-724-9Virginie Viallet · Benoit FleutotInorganic Massive Batteries (Iste)
2022978-1-84821-725-6Christel Laberty-Robert · Frédéric SauvageMultifunctional Electrodes Combining Conversion and Energy Storage for Photo-rechargeable Batteries (Iste)
978-1-84821-726-3Organic Redox Materials for Electrochemical Storage: Recent Developments and Prospects (Iste)
2022978-1-84821-727-0Alejandro Franco · Mathieu Salanne · Marie-Liess DoubletMulti-scale Modeling of Batteries and Supercapacitors (Iste)
978-1-84821-728-7In Situ and Operando Investigation of Batteries and Battery Materials: Analytical Techniques (Iste)
2021978-1-84821-729-4Bernard Lestriez · Mathieu MorcretteElectrodes Formulation: Fabrication and Architectures / Properties / Performance Relationships (Iste)
2016978-1-84821-738-6Hervé FanetUltra Low Power Electronics and Adiabatic Solutions (Iste)
2021978-1-84821-739-3Nouredine Hadjsaïd · Jean-Claude SabonnadièrePower Systems and Restructuring (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-741-6Alain Pirovano · Christophe Guerber · Slim Ben MahmoudAeronautical Air-Ground Data Link Communications (ISTE)
2021978-1-84821-745-4Arnaud Banos · Christophe Lang · Nicolas MarilleauAgent-Based Spatial Simulation with NetLogo: Implementation (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-746-1Bushra Anjum · Harry G. PerrosBandwidth Allocation for Video Under Quality of Service Constraints (Focus: Networks and Telecommunications)
2014978-1-84821-748-5Jean-Charles PinoliMathematical Foundations of Image Processing and Analysis, Volume 2 (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-749-2Massimo La Scala · Sergio Bruno · Carlo Alberto Nucci · S. Lamonaca · Ugo StecchiFrom Smart Grids to Smart Cities: New Challenges in Optimizing Energy Grids
978-1-84821-750-8Business Models for Smartgrids
2015978-1-84821-751-5Dominique François · André PineauLocal Approach to Fracture: An Introduction
2014978-1-84821-764-5Nicolas Larrieu · Antoine VaretRapid Prototyping Software for Avionics Systems (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-766-9Etienne PerretRadio Frequency Identification and Sensors: From Rfid to Chipless Rfid (Iste)
2022978-1-84821-767-6Fabio Albini · Anelise Munaretto · Mauro FonsecaCoded Content Distribution in DTN (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-770-6JebahiDiscrete Element Method (Numerical Methods in Engineering Series)
  ''978-1-84821-772-0Jean-Luc Charles · Damien Andre · Ivan Iordanoff3D Discrete Element Workbench for Highly Dynamic Thermo-Mechanical Analysis: Gran00 (Discrete Element Model and Simulation of Continuous Materials Behavior)
2016978-1-84821-776-8Jean-Pierre BriffautE-Enabled Operations Management (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-780-5André Monaco · Patrick ProuzetGovernance of Seas and Oceans (Oceanography and Marine Biology: Seas and Oceans)
2022978-1-84821-781-2   ''T6-2 FR
978-1-84821-784-3Processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images (Iste)
2014978-1-84821-792-8Roger M. Cooke · Daan Nieboer · Jolanta MisiewiczFat-Tailed Distributions: Data, Diagnostics and Dependence (Iste)
2015978-1-84821-795-9BlanchetDigital Signal Image Using Matlab 2 2E: 3 (Iste)
  ''978-1-84821-797-3Laurence Latu-Romain · Maelig OllivierSilicon Carbide One-Dimensional Nanostructures (Focus: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology)
2015978-1-84821-800-0Thierry MeynardAnalysis and Design of Multicell DCDC Converters Using Vectorized Models (Focus: Electrical Engineering)
  ''978-1-84821-802-4Abdelkrim BenchaibSpace and Time Scales for Control and Operation of Power System of the Future (Focus)
2017978-1-84821-804-8Alain Petrowski · Sana Ben-HamidaEvolutionary Algorithms (Computer Engineering: Metaheuristics)
2015978-1-84821-810-9Nicolas Durand · David Gianazza · Jean-Baptiste Gotteland · Jean-Marc AlliotMetaheuristics for Air Traffic Management (Computer Engineering: Metaheuristics Set)
978-1-84821-816-1Resilience in Communication Networks
2015978-1-84821-820-8Pierre MaillardCompetitive Quality and Innovation (Systems and Industrial Engineering)
2021978-1-84821-821-5Sofiane Amziane · E FerrierComposite Materials Repairs for Reinforced Concrete Structures
2018978-1-84821-822-2Ammar GrousApplied Mechanical Design
978-1-84821-824-6Smart City: A New Approach to Building Cities
2015978-1-84821-825-3Michel TreheuxThe Five Senses of Communication
978-1-84821-828-4Local Approach to Fracture: An Introduction
2020978-1-84821-829-1Dominique François · André PineauBrittle Fracture
2021978-1-84821-831-4Benoit TanguyDuctile to Brittle Transition
2015978-1-84821-832-1Jacques Besson · Frédéric Feyel · Eric LorentzNumerical Methods
978-1-84821-833-8Fracture and Aging of Materials
2021978-1-84821-835-2Véronique Doquet · Sylvie PommierFatigue
2016978-1-84821-837-6Eric Lafontaine · Marc CometNano-Thermites (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology)
  ''978-1-84821-838-3Damien Nouvel · Maud Ehrmann · Sophie RossetNamed Entities for Computational Linguistics (Focus Series)
2015978-1-84821-840-6Jean-Pierre BriffautE-Enabled Operations Management (Systems and Industrial Engineering)
2016978-1-84821-841-3Dominique ParetAntenna Designs for NFC Devices (Waves)
2015978-1-84821-844-4André PérezLTE and LTE Advanced: 4G Network Radio Interface (Networks and Telecommunications)
  ''978-1-84821-847-5MaitreFrom Photon To Pixel
2016978-1-84821-848-2Mohamed Zakaria KurdiNatural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics: Speech, Morphology and Syntax (Cognitive Science)
2018978-1-84821-852-9Anne Bouillard · Marc Boyer · Euriell Le CorroncDeterministic Network Calculus: From Theory to Practical Implementation (Networks and Telecommunications)
2016978-1-84821-853-6Benoit Hilt · Marion Berbineau · Alexey Vinel · Alain PirovanoNetworking for Intelligent Transportation Systems: High Mobile Wireless Nodes (Network and Telecommunications)
  ''978-1-84821-856-7Joe WiartRadio-Frequency Human Exposure Assessment: From Deterministic to Stochastic Methods (Focus: Waves)
2016978-1-84821-861-1Fabien Anselmet · Pierre-Olivier MatteiAcoustics, Aeroacoustics and Vibrations (Waves)
  ''978-1-84821-863-5Luc Dormieux · Djimedo KondoMicromechanics of Fracture and Damage: 1 (Mechanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics: Micromechanics Set)
2015978-1-84821-865-9Michel SoustelleModeling of Liquid Phases (Chemical Thermodynamics Set)
2016978-1-84821-871-0Saoussen KrichenSupply Chain Management and its Applications in Computer Science (Focus)
  ''978-1-84821-872-7Laure Morel · Serge Le RouxFab Labs: Innovative User (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management Series: Smart Innovation Set)
  ''978-1-84821-873-4Jean-Marc Touzard · Benoît DavironAgribusiness, Agroinnovations
2015978-1-84821-874-1Vanessa CasadellaInnovation Capabilities and Economic Development in Open Economies (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Smart Innovation Set)
2016978-1-84821-875-8Sophie Boutillier · Denis Carré · Nadine LevrattoEntrepreneurial Ecosystems: 2 (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Smart Innovation Set)
  ''978-1-84821-876-5Fabienne Picard · Corinne TanguyInnovations and Techno-ecological Transition (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Smart Innovation)
978-1-84821-877-2The Functional Service Economy: A Networked Innovation Model
2018978-1-84821-878-9Antje BurmeisterTransport and Sustainable Growth
2016978-1-84821-879-6Delphine Gallaud · Blandine LapercheCircular Economy, Industrial Ecology and Short Supply Chain (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Smart Innovation Set)
2016978-1-84821-881-9Pierre Barbaroux · Amel Attour · Erik SchenkKnowledge Management and Innovation: Interaction, Collaboration, Openness: 6 (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management Series: Smart Innovation Set)
2015978-1-84821-882-6Pierre Devolder · Jacques Janssen · Rainmondo MancaBasic Stochastic Processes (Mathematics and Statistics)
2020978-1-84821-885-7Vilijandas Bagdonavicius · Mikhail S. NikulinAccelerated Lifetime Testing
  ''978-1-84821-886-4Olivier GaudoinMaintenance Models
2016978-1-84821-888-8Waltraud Kahle · Sophie Mercier · Christian ParoissinDegradation Processes in Reliability (Mathematics and Statistics Series: Mathematical Models and Methods in Reliability Set)
  ''978-1-84821-890-1Nikolaos Limnios · Brahim OuhbiEstimation of Reliability of Repairable Semi-Markov Systems with Finite State Space
2015978-1-84821-891-8Yves Le GatRecurrent Event Modeling Based on the Yule Process: Application to Water Network Asset Management (Mathematics and Statistics: Mathematical Models and Methods in Reliability Set)
  ''978-1-84821-892-5MassotteOperationalizing Sustainability (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management)
  ''978-1-84821-893-2Jean-Paul FohrHeat and Moisture Transfer between Human Body and Environment (Focus)
2016978-1-84821-894-9Saoussen Krichen · Takwa TliliGraph Theory
2016978-1-84821-897-0Robert GianniResponsibility and Freedom: The Ethical Realm of RRI (Cognitive Science)
  ''978-1-84821-898-7Virgil Cristian LenoirEthical Efficiency: Responsibility and Contingency (Cognitive Science: Responsible Research and Innovation)
2022978-1-84821-899-4Jacques Janssen · Raimondo MancaStochastic Methods for Insurance
2016978-1-84821-900-7Guglielmo D′Amico · Jacques Janssen · Raimondo MancaStochastic Methods for Credit Risk
  ''978-1-84821-915-1Sophie Pellé · Bernard ReberFrom Ethical Review to Responsible Research and Innovation: 3 (Responsible Research and Innovations)
2015978-1-84821-920-5Yolaine de LinaresSocietal Intelligence: From Risk to Innovation
2017978-1-84821-921-2Mohamed Zakaria KurdiNatural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics 2: Semantics, Discourse and Applications (Cognitive Science)
2016978-1-84821-923-6André PérezVoLTE and ViLTE: Voice and Conversational Video Services over the 4G Mobile Network (Networks and Telecommunications Series)
  ''978-1-84821-925-0Malek Benslama · Hadj Batatia · Abderraouf MessaiTransitions from Digital Communications to Quantum Communications: Concepts and Prospects (Networks and Telecommunications)
2023978-1-84821-928-1Sébastien SalernoNew Media: Populism and Democracy
2021978-1-84821-929-8Patrick-Yves BadilloInnovation and the Media
2022978-1-84821-931-1Sylvie Parrini-Alemanno · Denis BenoitTrust and Communication: From Interpersonal Relationships to Organizational Framework
2016978-1-84821-934-2Romain Jeantet · Thomas Croguennec · Pierre Schuck · Gérard BruleHandbook of Food Science and Technology 3: Food Biochemistry and Technology
  ''978-1-84821-935-9Alain Cardon · Mhamed ItmiNew Autonomous Systems: 1 (MEchanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics: Reliability of Multiphysical Systems Set)
2016978-1-84821-937-3Rafael Gouriveau · Kamal Medjaher · Noureddine ZerhouniFrom Prognosis and Health Systems Management to Predictive Maintenance 1: Monitoring and Prognosis (Mechanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics: Reliability of Multiphysical Systems)
2017978-1-84821-938-0Brigitte Chebel-Morello · Jean-Marc Nicod · Christophe VarnierFrom Prognostics and Health Systems Management to Predictive Maintenance 2: Knowledge, Reliability and Decision (Reliability of Multiphysical Systems Set)
2016978-1-84821-941-0Jean-Charles MaréAerospace Actuators 1: Needs, Reliability and Hydraulic Power Solutions (Systems and Industrial Engineering-robotics)
2017978-1-84821-942-7Jean-Charles MaréAerospace Actuators 2: Signal-by-Wire and Power-by-Wire (Systems and Industrial Engineering - Robotics Series)
2018978-1-84821-943-4   ''Aerospace Actuators V3: European Commercial Aircraft and Tiltrotor Aircraft
2016978-1-84821-944-1Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini · Marco Gribaudo · Daniele ManiniAnalytical Modeling of Wireless Communication Systems (Networks and Telecommunications Series: Stochastic Models in Computer Science and Telecommunication Networks Set)
2022978-1-84821-945-8Andras Horvath · Gabor Horvath · Miklos TelekPhase Type Distribution: Theory and Application with Tool Support
2020978-1-84821-946-5Emmanuelle Anceaume · Yann Busnel · Bruno SericolaData Stream Analysis: Algorithms and Performance Evaluation
2017978-1-84821-951-9Michel Ledoux · Abdelkhalak El HamiFluid Mechanics: Analytical Methods (Mechanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics: Mathematical and Mechanical Engineering Set)
2018978-1-84821-955-7Lamia Berrah · Vincent Clivillé · Laurent FoulloyIndustrial Objectives and Industrial Performance: Concepts and Fuzzy Handling (Systems and Industrial Engineering)
2021978-1-84821-956-4Laurent DupontSmart Data Smart Cities
2019978-1-84821-957-1Jean-Alain Heraud · Fiona Kerr · Thierry Burger-HelmchenCreative Management of Complex Systems (Smart Innovation Set)
2016978-1-84821-958-8Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni · Fuyuki Ishikawa · Laurent Hérault · Hideyuki TokudaEnablers for Smart Cities (Information Systems, Web and Pervasive Computing)
  ''978-1-84821-959-5Henri Baudrand · Mohammed Titaouine · Nathalie RaveuThe Wave Concept in Electromagnetism and Circuits: Theory and Applications (Waves)
2021978-1-84821-961-8Bertrand JournetAirframe Comprehensive Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 1
  ''978-1-84821-962-5   ''Airframe Comprehensive Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
2016978-1-84821-971-7Jean-Michel Portal · Olivier ThomasResistive Memories: From Materials to Circuits and Applications Inside OxRAM / CBRAM Technologies
2018978-1-84821-973-1Abdelhakim Hammoudi · Nabyla DaidjGame Theory Approach to Managerial Strategies and Value Creation (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Manangement: Diverse and Global Perspectives on Value Creation)
2021978-1-84821-975-5Pascale de Rozario · Sylvie FaucheuxResponsible Global Value Chains
2017978-1-84821-976-2Satoshi Sugahara · Nabyla Daidj · Sumitaka UshioValue Creation in Management Accounting and Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach (Innocation, Entrepreneurship, Management Series Diverse and Global Perspectiveds on Value Creation Set)
  ''978-1-84821-978-6Pascal LatoucheCorporate Incubator: A Managerial Innovation for Value Creation
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