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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-78630-001-0Vladimir RykovReliability of Engineering Systems and Technological Risk (Stochastic Models in Survival Analysis and Reliability Set)
2021978-1-78630-003-4Henning Laüter · Hannelore LieroNonparametric Methods for Survival Models
  ''978-1-78630-004-1Valentin SolevEstimation of Function with Stationary Noise
2023978-1-78630-005-8Yan Lumelsckii · Mikhail S. NikulinQuality Control
  ''978-1-78630-006-5Catherine Huber-Carol · Mikhail S. NikulinAccelerated Life and Degradation Models
  ''978-1-78630-007-2Catherine Huber-CarolStatistical Analysis of Biomedical Biomechanical and Survival Data
  ''978-1-78630-010-2Jacques SimonDistributions
2023978-1-78630-011-9Jacques SimonLebesgue and Sobolev Spaces
  ''978-1-78630-012-6   ''Traces
  ''978-1-78630-013-3   ''Partial Differential Equations
2017978-1-78630-014-0Dumitru Popescu · Amira Gharbi · Dan Stefanoiu · Pierre BorneProcess Control Design for Industrial Applications (Systems and Industrial Engineering - Robotics)
2016978-1-78630-015-7Weihong Zhang · Min WanMilling Simulation: Metal Milling Mechanics, Dynamics and Clamping Principles (Numerical Methods in Engineering)
2021978-1-78630-017-1Freìdeìric Laurin · Myriam Kaminski · Jean-François Maire · Rodrigue DesmoratModeling of Static and Fatigue Damage of Textile Organic Matrix Composites
2018978-1-78630-018-8Marco Gigliotti · Marie-Christine Lafarie-Frenot · Jean-Claude Grandidier · Matteo MinervinoMechanical Behavior of Organic Matrix Composites: Effect of Thermo-oxidative Ageing (Materials Science: Durability and Ageing of Organic Composite Materials)
  ''978-1-78630-019-5Nathalie Godin · Pascal Reynaud · Gilbert FantozziAcoustic Emission and Durability of Composite Materials (Materials Science: Durability and Ageing of Organic Composite Materials)
2020978-1-78630-020-1Zoheir Aboura · Malk Benzeggagh · Pierre FeisselDetection and Monitoring of Fatigue Damage in Woven Reinforced Composite Materials
2018978-1-78630-022-5ColinAgeing Mechanisms and Kinetics of Composite Organic Matrices
  ''978-1-78630-023-2Sylvain Fréour · Alexandre Clément · Freìdeìric JacqueminScale Effects and Homogenisation of the Diffuso-mechanical Behaviour of Organic Matrix Composites
2016978-1-78630-028-7Simon Cohen · George YannisTraffic Management (Science, Society and New Technologies: Research for Innovative Transports Set)
2016978-1-78630-030-0George Yannis · Simon CohenTraffic Safety: 4 (Science, Society and New Technologies: Research for Innovative Transports)
2019978-1-78630-036-2Georges Vénizélos · Abdelkhalak El HamiMovement Equations 5: Dynamics of a Set of Solids
2022978-1-78630-037-9Dominique Michelucci · Pascal Schreck · Pascal MathisParametric Geometric Modeling using Constraints
2017978-1-78630-038-6Houman Borouchaki · Paul Louis GeorgeMeshing, Geometric Modeling and Numerical Simulation 1: Form Functions, Triangulations and Geometric Modeling (Numerical Methods in Engineering: Geometric Modeleing and Applications)
2018978-1-78630-039-3Raphaëlle Chaine · Julie DigneRelevant Triangulations and Samplings for 3D Shapes
2021978-1-78630-040-9Christian GentilGeometric Modeling of Fractal Forms for CAD
2020978-1-78630-041-6Jean-Luc Mari · Franck Hetroy-Wheeler · Gérard SubsolGeometric and Topological Mesh Feature Extraction for 3D Shape Analysis
2017978-1-78630-042-3Philippe FeyelRobust Control Optimization with Metaheuristics (Systems and Industrial Engineering - Robotics Series)
2018978-1-78630-044-7Claude LobryThe Consumer-Resource Relationship: Mathematical Modeling (Chemostat and Bioprocesses)
2019978-1-78630-045-4Jérôme Harmand · Claude Lobry · Alain Rapaport · Tewfik SariOptimal Control in Bioprocesses: Pontryagin's Maximum Principle in Practice (Chemostat and Bioprocesses)
2024978-1-78630-047-8Jérôme Harmand · Claude Lobry · Alain Rapaport · Tewfik SariSpatialized Models of Chemostats
  ''978-1-78630-048-5   ''People-centered Models and their Approximations
2017978-1-78630-049-2Ludivine ChalençonLocation Strategies and Value Creation of International Mergers and Acquisitions (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management)
  ''978-1-78630-050-8Yuliya Mishura · Georgiy ShevchenkoTheory and Statistical Applications of Stochastic Processes (Mathematics and Statistics)
  ''978-1-78630-051-5Yvon MoriMechanical Vibrations: Applications to Equipment (Machancial Engineering and Solid Mechanics Series)
2016978-1-78630-052-2Francis Barre · Philippe Bisch · Daniele Chauvel · Jacques Cortade · Jean-François Coste · Jean-Philippe Dubois · Silvano Erlicher · Etienne GallitreControl of Cracking in Reinforced Concrete Structures: Research Project (Civil Engineering and Geomechanics)
2017978-1-78630-054-6Giorgio Celant · Michel BroniatowskiInterpolation and Extrapolation Optimal Designs 2: Finite Dimensional General Models (Mathematics and Statistics)
2020978-1-78630-055-3   ''Interpolation and Extrapolation Optimal Designs V3: Infinite Dimension Models
2021978-1-78630-056-0Christine Balagué · Mehdi ElmoukhlissFrom Open to Crowd Innovation
2016978-1-78630-057-7Anne-Marie Lesas · Serge MirandaThe Art and Science of NFC Programming (Information Systems, Web and Pervasive Computing Series: Intellectual Technologies Set)
2017978-1-78630-059-1Dominique Paret · Jean-Paul HuonSecure Connected Objects (Waves)
  ''978-1-78630-065-2Danièle Chauvel · Stefano BorzilloThe Innovative Company: An Ill-defined Object (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management: Innovation Between Risk and Reward Set)
2018978-1-78630-066-9Christophe Dispas · Benoit GaillyInnovation and Financial Markets
2017978-1-78630-067-6Sandrine Fernez-WalchThe Multiple Facets of Innovation Project Management (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management: Innovation Between Risk and Reward Set)
2017978-1-78630-068-3Bernard GuilhonInnovation and Production Ecosystems (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management: Innovation Between Risk and Reward)
2018978-1-78630-069-0Bernard Guilhon · Sandra MontchaudVenture Capital and the Financing of Innovation
  ''978-1-78630-071-3Sandra MontchaudCurrent Dimensions of Corporate Innovation Strategies
2019978-1-78630-072-0Joël-Thomas Ravix · Marc DeschampsInnovation and Industrial Policies
2018978-1-78630-073-7Marine Corlosquet-Habart · Jacques JanssenBig Data for Insurance Companies (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis)
2017978-1-78630-074-4Christelle Camman · Claude Fiore · Laurent Livolsi · Pascal QuerroSupply Chain Management and Business Performance: The VASC Model (Systems and Industrial Engineering - Robotics)
2021978-1-78630-075-1Emmanuel Baudoin · Myriam Benabid · Caroline DiardDigital Management of Human Resources
2017978-1-78630-076-8Aude d′Andria · Inès GabarretBuilding 21st Century Entrepreneurship (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Innovation and Technology)
  ''978-1-78630-077-5Nabyla DaidjCooperation, Coopetition and Innovation (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Innovation and Technology)
2016978-1-78630-079-9Olivier Segard · Lamia MamloukBig Data and Marketing
2020978-1-78630-080-5Sidi A. BencherifInjectable Polymeric Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications
2016978-1-78630-081-2Bruno AllardPower Systems-On-Chip: Practical Aspects of Design (Energy)
2017978-1-78630-084-3Bernard Archimède · Bruno VallespirEnterprise Interoperability: INTEROP-PGSO Vision: 1 (Systems and Industrial Engineering: Enterprise Interoperability)
2016978-1-78630-085-0Armin GrunwaldThe Hermeneutic Side of Responsible Research and Innovation (Cognitive Science: Responsible Research and Innovation)
2018978-1-78630-091-1Philippe Bonnin · Stéphane DouadyUrban Morphogenesis 1
2017978-1-78630-094-2Chao Li · Souleymane Balla-Arabe · Fan YangArchitecture-Aware Optimization Strategies in Real-time Image Processing (Digital Signal and Image Processing)
2016978-1-78630-095-9Nidhal Rezg · Zied Hajej · Valerio Boschian-CampanerProduction and Maintenance Optimization Problems: Logistic Constraints and Leasing Warranty Services (Systems and Industrial Engineering - Robotics)
2018978-1-78630-096-6Guillaume Bonfante · Bruno Guillaume · Guy PerrierApplication of Graph Rewriting to Natural Language Processing (Cognitive Science: Logic, Linguistics and Computer Science Set)
2017978-1-78630-098-0Smain FemmamFundamentals of Signals and Control Systems (Digital Signal and Image Processing)
2020978-1-78630-102-4Jim DratwaFrom Governing Innovation to Instituting Europe: Cosmopolitics, Precaution and the Paradox of Ethics
2017978-1-78630-103-1Sophie PelléBusiness, Innovation and Responsibility (Cognitive Science Series: Responsible Research and Innovation Set)
  ''978-1-78630-110-9Pierre Massotte · Patrick CorsiSmart Decisions in Complex Systems
  ''978-1-78630-112-3Michel Ledoux · Abdelkhalak El HamiCompressible Flow Propulsion and Digital Approaches in Fluid Mechanics: 4 (Mechanical Engineering Ans Solid Mechanics: Mathematical and Mechanical Engineering Set)
2017978-1-78630-115-4Christophe BouvetMechanics of Aeronautical Solids, Materials and Structures (Mechanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics)
  ''978-1-78630-118-5Marc Baudry · Béatrice DumontPatents: Prompting or Restricting Innovation?: 12 (Smart Innovation Set)
  ''978-1-78630-119-2Jean-Claude AndréFrom Additive Manufacturing to 3D/4D Printing 1: From Concepts to Achievements
  ''978-1-78630-120-8Jean-Claude AndréFrom Additive Manufacturing to 3D/4D Printing 2: Current Techniques, Improvements and their Limitations (System and Industrial Engineering-robotics)
  ''978-1-78630-123-9Emmanuelle SavignacThe Gamification of Work: The Use of Games in the Workplace (Focus)
2017978-1-78630-124-6Rodolfo Console · Maura Murru · Giuseppe FalconeEarthquake Occurrence: Short- and Long-term Models and their Validation (Mathematics and Statistics: Statistical Methods for Earthquakes)
  ''978-1-78630-126-0Maurice CharbitDigital Signal Processing (DSP) with Python Programming
2019978-1-78630-129-1Pascal Lièvre · Monique Aubry · Gilles GaralManagement of Extreme Situations: From Polar Expeditions to Exploration-oriented Organizations
2017978-1-78630-130-7Thomas MichaudInnovation, Between Science and Science Fiction (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Smart Innovation)
2018978-1-78630-133-8Dominique Luzeaux · Jean-René RuaultResilience of Complex Systems
  ''978-1-78630-139-0Christina G. Georgantopoulou · George A. GeorgantopoulosFluid Mechanics in Channel, Pipe and Aerodynamic Design Geometries 1 (Science, Society and New Technology - Engineering, Energy and Architecture)
2018978-1-78630-140-6Christina G. Georgantopoulou · George A. GeorgantopoulosFluid Mechanics in Channel, Pipe and Aerodynamic Design Geometries 2 (Science, Society and New Technologies - Engineering, Energy and Architecture)
2021978-1-78630-141-3Petros Katsafados · Elias Mavromatidis · Christ SpyrouNumerical Weather Prediction and Data Assimilation
2019978-1-78630-142-0Blagovesta NikolovaThe RRI Challenge: Responsibilization in a State of Tension with Market Regulation (Innovation and Responsibility Set)
2018978-1-78630-145-1Aldo Levy · Faten Ben Bouheni · Chantal AmmiFinancial Management: USGAAP and IFRS Standards (Innocation, Entrepreneurship, Management - Innovation and Technology)
2017978-1-78630-146-8Joelle ForestCreative Rationality and Innovation (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management Series, Smart Innovation Set)
2019978-1-78630-150-5Irene Votsi · Nikolaos Limnios · Eleftheria Papadimitriou · Georgios TsaklidisEarthquake Statistical Analysis through Multi-state Modeling
2018978-1-78630-152-9Alain Delage · André Lannoy · Maurice LemaireMechanical Reliability: Methods and Applications
  ''978-1-78630-153-6Noémie DominguezSME Internationalization Strategies: Innovation to Conquer New Markets
2020978-1-78630-155-0G?rard FavierMatrix and Tensor Decompositions in Signal Processing
2017978-1-78630-159-8Edoardo ProvenziComputational Color Science: Variational Retinex-like Methods (Focus)
2020978-1-78630-162-8Adnane Belout · Simon Dolan · Martine GuidoniOrganizational Effectiveness and Social Performance
2017978-1-78630-164-2Dimitri Uzunidis · Pierre SaulaisInnovation Engines: Entrepreneurs and Enterprises in a Turbulent World (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Innovation in Engineering and Technology)
  ''978-1-78630-165-9Céline Bérard · Christine TeyssierRisk Management: Lever for SME Development and Stakeholder Value Creation (Innovation, Entrepreseurship and Management)
2018978-1-78630-168-0Alain LeroyProduction Availability and Reliability: Use in the Oil and Gas industry (Systems and Industrial Engineering)
  ''978-1-78630-170-3Jean-Louis ErmineKnowledge Management: The Creative Loop (Innovation and Technology Set)
2019978-1-78630-174-1Virgil Cristian LenoirEthically Structured Processes (Interdisciplinarity, Science and Humanities Series: Innovation and Responsibility Set)
2018978-1-78630-179-6Jesus Gonzalez-FeliuSustainable Urban Logistics: Planning and Evaluation (Systems and Industrial Engineering)
2017978-1-78630-186-4Xavier LauzinCivil Engineering Structures According to the Eurocodes: Inspection and Maintenance (Civil Engineering and Geomechanics)
2018978-1-78630-187-1Nicolas Baghdadi · Clément Mallet · Mehrez ZribiQGIS and Generic Tools (Qgis in Remote Sensing Set)
  ''978-1-78630-188-8   ''QGIS and Applications in Agriculture and Forest (Earth System - Environmental Sciences: Qgis in Remote Sensing)
2018978-1-78630-189-5Nicolas Baghdadi · Clément Mallet · Mehrez ZribiQGIS and Applications in Territorial Planning (Earth System - Environmental Sciences: Qgis in Remote Sensing)
2020978-1-78630-194-9Diogo Queiros-CondéTurbulence with Fractals and Entropy
2019978-1-78630-199-4Dan IstrateBiomedical Connected Objects
2018978-1-78630-203-8Françoise CrosInnovation and Society (Innovation, Entrepreseurship, Management: Smart Innovation)
  ''978-1-78630-209-0Daniel ParrochiaMathematics and Philosophy (Mathematics and Statistics)
2021978-1-78630-212-0Vincent BelsFunctional Morphology of the Vertebral Axis
2017978-1-78630-213-7Alain Sellier · Étienne Grimal · Stéphane Multon · Eric BourdarotSwelling Concrete in Dams and Hydraulic Structures: Dsc 2017
2018978-1-78630-228-1Michel Larini · Angela BarthesQuantitative and Statistical Data in Education: From Data Collection to Data Processing (Science, Society and New Technologies: Education)
2019978-1-78630-231-1Henri Dou · Alain Juillet · Philippe ClercStrategic Intelligence for the Future 1: A New Strategic and Operational Approach (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management)
2018978-1-78630-232-8Jean-Claude AndréFrom Additive Manufacturing to 3D/4D Printing: Breakthrough Innovations: Programmable Material, 4D Printing and Bio-printing (Systems and Industrial Engineering-robotics)
  ''978-1-78630-233-5Mario Pansera · Richard OwenInnovation and Development: The Politics at the Bottom of the Pyramid (Interdisciplinary, Science and Humanities: Innovation and Responsibility)
  ''978-1-78630-238-0Romain DebrefEnvironmental Innovation and Ecodesign: Certainties and Controversies (Smart Innovation Set)
2021978-1-78630-240-3Xavier StrubelTransformator
2019978-1-78630-251-9Michael Cranston · Stanislav Molchanov · Elena YarovayaLocal Perturbations of the Steady States in the Population Dynamics
2018978-1-78630-255-7Yves Jannot · Alain DegiovanniThermal Properties Measurement of Materials (Materials Science)
2017978-1-78630-256-4André LiemProspective Ergonomics (Human-machine Interaction Set)
2019978-1-78630-260-1Oksana Banna · Yuliya Mishura · Kostiantyn Ralchenko · Sergiy ShklyarFractional Brownian Motion: Approximations and Projections (Mathematics and Statistics)
  ''978-1-78630-262-5Viviane Clavier · Jean-Philippe De OliveiraFood and Health: Actor Strategies in Information and Communication
2018978-1-78630-264-9Etienne FrossardGranular Geomaterials Dissipative Mechanics: Theory and Applications in Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering and Geomechanics)
2020978-1-78630-267-0Alexander KukushGaussian Measures in Hilbert Space: Construction and Properties
2018978-1-78630-271-7Nicolas Baghdadi · Clément Mallet · Mehrez ZribiQGIS and Applications in Water and Risks (Qgis in Remote Sensing Set)
2018978-1-78630-272-4Ludovic Temple · Eveline M. F. W. Compaore SawadogoInnovation Processes in Agro-Ecological Transitions in Developing Countries (Innovation in Engineering and Technology)
2019978-1-78630-276-2Abdelhanine BenallouEnergy Transfers by Convection
  ''978-1-78630-277-9   ''Energy Transfers by Radiation (Energy: Energy Managment Set)
2018978-1-78630-279-3Jean-Claude Verbrugge · Christian SchroederGeotechnical Correlations for Soils and Rocks (Civil Engineering and Geomechanics)
2019978-1-78630-283-0Jean-Paul CaltagironeDiscrete Mechanics: Concepts and Applications (Fluid Mechanics)
2018978-1-78630-291-5Henri SamierIntuition, Creativity, Innovation (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management)
  ''978-1-78630-292-2Delphine Van HoorebekeThe Management of Living Beings or Emo-management
  ''978-1-78630-300-4Patrick Gilbert · Natalia Bobadilla · Lise Gastaldi · Martine Le Boulaire · Olga LelebinaInnovation, Research and Development Management (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management)
  ''978-1-78630-302-8Romain Azais · Florian BouguetStatistical Inference for Piecewise-deterministic Markov Processes (Mathematics and Statistics)
2019978-1-78630-317-2Claudine Gay · Berangere L. SzostakInnovation and Creativity in SMEs: Challenges, Evolutions and Prospects (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Smart Innovations Set)
2020978-1-78630-320-2Pierre Saulais · Jean-Louis ErmineKnowledge Management in Innovative Companies 1: Understanding and Deploying a KM Plan within a Learning Organization
2019978-1-78630-322-6Franck BayleReliability of Maintained Systems Subjected to Wear Failure Mechanisms: Theory and Applications (Mechanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics: Reliability of Multiphysical Systems Set)
2019978-1-78630-324-0Pascal LatoucheOpen Innovation: Corporate Incubator (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management: Innovation and Technology)
2018978-1-78630-327-1Marianne Chouteau · Joelle Forest · Céline NguyenScience, Technology and Innovation Culture (Innovative, Entrepreneurship, Management: Innovation in Engineering and Technology)
2019978-1-78630-331-8Romaric Servajean-HilstCo-innovation Dynamics: The Management of Client-Supplier Interactions for Open Innovation (Smart Innovation Set)
2018978-1-78630-339-4Salah KhalfallahStructural Analysis 2: Statically Indeterminate Structures
2019978-1-78630-341-7Arnaud Perrot3D Printing of Concrete: State of the Art and Challenges of the Digital Construction Revolution (Civil Engineering and Goemechanics)
2018978-1-78630-345-5Mohammed IbrahimiMergers & Acquisitions: Theory, Strategy, Finance
2019978-1-78630-351-6Benjamin Ouvrard · Anne StengerIncentives and Environmental Policies: From Theory to Empirical Novelties (Ecological Sciences Series)
2018978-1-78630-357-8Yves RichezCorporate Talent Detection and Development (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management)
2019978-1-78630-368-4Jean-Pierre BriffautFrom Complexity in the Natural Sciences to Complexity in Operations Management Systems (Systems of Systems Complexity Set)
  ''978-1-78630-369-1Kamel Gana · Guillaume BrocStructural Equation Modeling with lavaan
  ''978-1-78630-372-1Gilles N′Goala · Virginie Pez-Perard · Isabelle Prim-AllazAugmented Customer Strategy: CRM in the Digital Age (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management)
2018978-1-78630-377-6Dimitri UzunidisCollective Innovation Processes: Principles and Practices
2019978-1-78630-378-3Marc Budinger · Ion Hazyuk · Clément CoïcMulti-physics Modeling of Technological Systems
2020978-1-78630-379-0Estelle Pellegrin-Boucher · Pierre RoyInnovation in the Cultural and Creative Industries
2019978-1-78630-382-0Christos H. Skiadas · James R. BozemanData Analysis and Applications 1: Clustering and Regression, Modeling-estimating, Forecasting and Data Mining (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and ... Intelligence and Data Analysis Set)
  ''978-1-78630-387-5Mounir Bensalah · Abdelmajid Elouadi · Hassan MharziRailway Information Modeling RIM: The Track to Rail Modernization
  ''978-1-78630-393-6Pierre-Richard Dahoo · Azzedine LakhlifiInfrared Spectroscopy of Triatomics for Space Observation
2019978-1-78630-402-5GoriaInformation, Knowledge and Agile Creativity
  ''978-1-78630-412-4Riadh GhlalaAnalytic SQL in SQL Server 2014/2016
  ''978-1-78630-419-3Chloe ClavelOpinion Analysis in Interactions: From Data Mining to Human-Agent Interaction
2020978-1-78630-428-5Christophe Migon · Paul Nival · Antoine SciandraThe Mediterranean Sea in the Era of Global Change 1: 30 years of Multidisciplinary Study of the Ligurian Sea
  ''978-1-78630-431-5Jean-François SigristNumerical Simulation, An Art of Prediction 1: Theory
  ''978-1-78630-432-2Jean-François SigristNumerical Simulation, An Art of Prediction, Volume 2: Examples
2019978-1-78630-436-0Anh Le Van · Rabah BouzidiLagrangian Mechanics: An Advanced Analytical Approach (Mechanical, Engineering and Solid Mechanics)
2020978-1-78630-443-8Coline FerraratoProspective Philosophy of Software: A Simondonian Study
2019978-1-78630-447-6Christos H. Skiadas · James R. BozemanData Analysis and Applications 2: Utilization of Results in Europe and Other Topics (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management Series: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis Set)
2019978-1-78630-449-0Pierre BarbarouxDisruptive Technology and Defence Innovation Ecosystems
2020978-1-78630-455-1Jean-Claude Trigeassou · Nezha MaamriAnalysis, Modeling, and Stability of Fractional Order Differential System 2: The Infinite State Approach
  ''978-1-78630-459-9Véronique DuongSEO Management: Methods and Techniques to Achieve Success
  ''978-1-78630-473-5CerdinThe Success of Apprenticeships: Intersecting Views of Stakeholders on Training and Learning
2019978-1-78630-483-4BuisBiology and Mathematics: History and Challenges
  ''978-1-78630-484-1Gerard-Michel CochardIntroduction to Stochastic Processes and Simulation
  ''978-1-78630-487-2Ibrahima SakhoIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics 1: Thermal Radiation and Experimental Facts of the Quantization of Matter
2020978-1-78630-490-2Denise PumainGeographical Modeling: Cities and Territories
2020978-1-78630-499-5Louis Boisgibault · Fahad Al KabbaniEnergy Transition in Metropolises, Rural Areas, and Deserts
  ''978-1-78630-501-5Ibrahima SakhoIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics 2: Wave-Corpuscle, Quantization & Schr?dinger?s Equation
  ''978-1-78630-502-2MassotteComplex Decision-Making in Economy and Finance
2019978-1-78630-503-9Maksym Luz · Mikhail MoklyachukEstimation of Stochastic Processes with Stationary Increments and Cointegrated Sequences
2020978-1-78630-504-6Daniel Schmitt · Marine Thébault · Ludovic BurczykowskiImage Beyond the Screen: Projection Mapping
  ''978-1-78630-506-0Soraya Sedkaoui · Mounia KhelfaouiSharing Economy and Big Data Analytics
2019978-1-78630-507-7Valerie DavidStatistics in Environmental Sciences
2020978-1-78630-513-8Salah BelaadiThermodynamic Processes 1: Systems without Physical State Change
  ''978-1-78630-522-0David HellerInvestment Decision-making Using Optional Models
2020978-1-78630-531-2Ioan R. Ionescu · Sylvain Queyreau · Catalin R. Picu · Oguz Umut SalmanMechanics and Physics of Solids at Micro- and Nano-Scales
  ''978-1-78630-558-9Daicong DaTopology Optimization Design of Heterogeneous Materials and Structures
  ''978-1-78630-576-3DidayAdvances in Data Science: Symbolic, Complex and Network Data
  ''978-1-78630-586-2Christophe Migon · Paul Nival · Antoine SciandraThe Mediterranean Sea in the Era of Global Change 2: 30 Years of Multidisciplinary Study of the Ligurian Sea
1996978-1-78630-794-1James H. SmalhoutSecuring America's Pension Promise