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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905204-00-7Nicolas CheethamUniverse: A Journey from Earth to the Edge of the Cosmos
2007978-1-905204-01-4Doug HarmanDigital Photography Handbook
2006978-1-905204-02-1Smith DaviesSpeeches That Changed the World: The Stories and Transcripts of the Moments That Made History
  ''978-1-905204-03-8Nicolas CheethamEarth: A New Perspective
  ''978-1-905204-04-5Smith Davies PublishingWomen Who Changed the World: Fifty Inspirational Women Who Shaped History
2005978-1-905204-05-2Kate Petty · Will PettySudokids: Become a Sudoku Master
2006978-1-905204-07-6Rodney CastledenCastles of the Celtic Lands
  ''978-1-905204-08-3Robert DaleyThe Enemy of God
  ''978-1-905204-09-0Robert DaleyThe Enemy of God
2006978-1-905204-10-6Joyce Carol OatesThe Female of the Species
  ''978-1-905204-12-0Thomas H. CookRed Leaves
  ''978-1-905204-14-4Doug Harman · David JonesThe Digital Photography Handbook: An Illustrated Step-by-step Guide
2007978-1-905204-15-1Albert Collette · David SmithHedge Funds for Hedgehogs: The Private Investor's Guide to Hedge Funds and What They Can Do for You
2006978-1-905204-16-8Simon Sebag MontefioreSpeeches That Changed the World
  ''978-1-905204-17-5Nicolas CheethamUniverse: A Journey from Earth to the Edge of the Cosmos
2005978-1-905204-18-2Doug HarmanSnap It!: Take Great Photos with Your Mobile Phone
2006978-1-905204-19-9Josie KlafkowskaCooking with Daisy: Nutritional Recipes for Kids to Make and Enjoy
  ''978-1-905204-24-3Wendy AllatsonThe Horse Poster Book
2007978-1-905204-26-7Giles SparrowThe Planets: A Journey Through the Solar System
2006978-1-905204-29-8Giles SparrowCosmos: A Field Guide
2006978-1-905204-30-4Ashley Baynton-Williams · Miles Baynton-WilliamsNew Worlds
  ''978-1-905204-31-1Douglas PalmerThe Complete Earth: A Satellite Portrait of our Planet
  ''978-1-905204-32-8Michael SchmidtThe Great Modern Poets
2009978-1-905204-37-3QuercusThe Greatest American Speeches: The Stories and Transcripts of the Words That Changed Our History
2006978-1-905204-43-4Peter TempleThe Broken Shore
  ''978-1-905204-45-8Jackie CluneMan of the Month Club
  ''978-1-905204-46-5Jackie CluneMan of the Month Club
2006978-1-905204-49-6The EnthusiastThe Enthusiast Almanack: The Essential Antidote to the Banalities of Modern Living
2008978-1-905204-50-2Denise LewisThe Flat Tummy Book
2006978-1-905204-51-9Phil RickmanThe Remains of An Altar (Merrily Watkins Mystery)
  ''978-1-905204-57-1Otto PenzlerPulp Fiction: The Crimefighters
  ''978-1-905204-58-8Thomas H. CookThe Murmur of Stones
  ''978-1-905204-60-1Peter TempleIn the Evil Day
2007978-1-905204-66-3Kieren McCarthy · QuercusSex.Com
  ''978-1-905204-68-7Richard MabeyThe Frampton Flora: The Secrets of Frampton Court Gardens
2006978-1-905204-69-4Nicolas CheethamEarth: A New Perspective
2006978-1-905204-70-0Michael SchmidtThe Great Modern Poets: The Best Poetry of Our Times
  ''978-1-905204-71-7Peter FrenchThe Gambling Handbook
2008978-1-905204-72-4Peter TempleA Peter Temple Omnibus: The Broken Shore, In The Evil Day, An Iron Rose
2007978-1-905204-74-8Richard StarkParker Omnibus: Comeback, Backflash, Flashfire
2006978-1-905204-75-5Pauline KiernanFilthy Shakespeare: Shakespeare's Most Outrageous Sexual Puns
  ''978-1-905204-76-2Hywel WilliamsDays That Changed the World: The Moments That Shaped History: The Moments That Changed History
  ''978-1-905204-77-9Giles SparrowThe Planets: A Journey Through the Solar System
  ''978-1-905204-79-3Clive FossThe Tyrants: The Story of Histories Most Ruthless Oppressors
2006978-1-905204-80-9Ashley Baynton-Williams · Miles Baynton-WilliamsNew Worlds: Maps from the Age of Discovery
  ''978-1-905204-81-6Stef PenneyThe Tenderness of Wolves
  ''978-1-905204-82-3Stef PenneyThe Tenderness of Wolves
  ''978-1-905204-83-0Simon BriggsStiff Upper Lips & Baggy Green Caps: A Sledger's History of the Ashes
  ''978-1-905204-84-7Michael WaltersThe Shadow Walker