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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2014978-1-62365-039-1Aidan HarteIrenicon: Book 1 of the Wave Trilogy
  ''978-1-62365-090-2Susie HodgeArt: Everything You Need to Know About the Greatest Artists and Their Work
2013978-1-62365-092-6Richard North PattersonLoss of Innocence
  ''978-1-62365-097-1Cees NooteboomRoads to Berlin
2014978-1-62365-106-0Jon Kalman StefanssonHeaven and Hell
  ''978-1-62365-110-7Paul Parsons · Gail DixonThe Periodic Table: A Visual Guide to the Elements
2016978-1-62365-114-5Kathryn FlettSeparate Lives
2014978-1-62365-124-4Pierre LemaitreAlex: The Commandant Camille Verhoeven Trilogy
2014978-1-62365-129-9Corban AddisonThe Garden of Burning Sand
  ''978-1-62365-147-3Richard North PattersonEden in Winter
  ''978-1-62365-160-2Stephanie SaulterGemsigns ((R)evolution)
2015978-1-62365-164-0Tom ChatfieldNetymology: From Apps to Zombies: A Linguistic Celebration of the Digital World
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2014978-1-62365-339-2Giles SparrowPhysics in Minutes
2015978-1-62365-388-0Anthony BrownGeekographica
  ''978-1-62365-419-1Aidan HarteIrenicon: Book 1 of the Wave Trilogy
2014978-1-62365-442-9Damien LewisJudy: A Dog In A Million
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