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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-84724-811-4Joseph WambaughHollywood Moon
2009978-1-84724-812-1William NicholsonThe Secret Intensity of Everyday Life
  ''978-1-84724-813-8Jefferson BassThe Devil's Bones (The Body Farm)
  ''978-1-84724-814-5Jeanette WintersonMidsummer Nights: Tales from the Opera:: with Kate Atkinson, Sebastian Barry, Ali Smith & more
  ''978-1-84724-817-6Colin CotterillCurse of the Pogo Stick
  ''978-1-84724-818-3William NicholsonThe Secret Intensity of Everyday Life
2009978-1-84724-821-3Tad Williams · Deborah BealeThe Dragons of Ordinary Farm (Ordinary Farm Adventures)
  ''978-1-84724-822-0Michael HarveyThe Fifth Floor
2008978-1-84724-824-4Otto PenzlerThe Big Book of Pulps: The Best Crime Stories from the Golden Age of the Pulps - The 20's, 30's and 40's
2009978-1-84724-826-8Theresa SchwegelLast Known Address
  ''978-1-84724-828-2Kate Cole-AdamsWalking to the Moon
  ''978-1-84724-829-9Kate Cole-AdamsWalking to the Moon
  ''978-1-84724-830-5Charles MessengerWars that Changed the World
2009978-1-84724-831-2Martin WindrowThe Great Sieges
  ''978-1-84724-832-9Daren KingPeter the Penguin Pioneer
  ''978-1-84724-833-6Ben DupréPlaces of Destiny: 50 Places Where History Was Made
  ''978-1-84724-834-3Frank SchätzingDeath and the Devil
  ''978-1-84724-835-0Frank SchätzingDeath and the Devil
2009978-1-84724-836-7Hywel WilliamsIn Our Time: Speeches that Shaped the Modern World
  ''978-1-84724-838-1Caro KingSeven Sorcerers
  ''978-1-84724-840-4Thomas H. CookThe Fate of Katherine Carr
  ''978-1-84724-841-1Thomas H. CookThe Fate of Katherine Carr
2008978-1-84724-843-5C.H. CharlesLove Letters of Great Men and Women
2009978-1-84724-844-2Barry NormanBarry Norman's Book of Cricket
  ''978-1-84724-845-9David Bentley HartThe Story of Christianity
2009978-1-84724-848-0John Ajvide LindqvistLet the Right One In
  ''978-1-84724-850-3Lauris Morgan-GriffithsGeorgia O'Keeffe: An American Perspective
  ''978-1-84724-851-0Steven ParissienAssassins: Assassinations that shook the world from Julius Caesar to JFK
  ''978-1-84724-852-7Adrian Furnham50 Psychology Ideas You Really Need to Know (50 Ideas You Really Need to Know series)
  ''978-1-84724-853-4Ian CroftonThe Disappeared
2009978-1-84724-854-1Sarah PrineasThe Magic Thief: Lost: Book 2
  ''978-1-84724-855-8Sarah PrineasThe Magic Thief: Lost: Book 2
2010978-1-84724-858-9Joyce Carol OatesA Fair Maiden
  ''978-1-84724-859-6Joyce Carol OatesA Fair Maiden: A dark novel of suspense
2009978-1-84724-865-7SOS Title Unknown
978-1-84724-866-4Body of Lies
2009978-1-84724-867-1G.F. NewmanCrime and Punishment Vol 1: v. 1
  ''978-1-84724-869-5Max AdamsThe Firebringers: Art, Science and the Struggle for Liberty in 19th Century Britain
  ''978-1-84724-878-7David EllisThe Hidden Man
2009978-1-84724-879-4David EllisThe Hidden Man
2010978-1-84724-880-0Sam WillisFighting Ships: From the Ancient World to 1750
2009978-1-84724-883-1Otto PenzlerBest American Mystery Stories 2009
2010978-1-84724-886-2Joseph WambaughHollywood Moon
2009978-1-84724-887-9Richard AldousGreat Irish Speeches
  ''978-1-84724-890-9Justin PollardWonders of the Ancient World: Antiquity's Greatest Feats of Design and Engineering
  ''978-1-84724-899-2Bernard BeckettGenesis: A Novel
  ''978-1-84724-906-7Michael ConnellyBlue Religion: A Mystery Writers of America Anthology
2010978-1-84724-907-4Elly GriffithsThe Crossing Places: A Case for Ruth Galloway
2009978-1-84724-913-5Louise PattenBad Money
  ''978-1-84724-915-9Martin WalkerThe Dark Vineyard: A Case for Bruno, Chief of Police
2009978-1-84724-916-6Martin WalkerThe Dark Vineyard: A Case for Bruno, Chief of Police
  ''978-1-84724-929-6Adam GopnikAngels and Ages: A short book about Darwin, Lincoln and modern life
2010978-1-84724-930-2Bernard BeckettGenesis
2009978-1-84724-931-9Jefferson BassThe Devil's Bones: A Body Farm Thriller (Body Farm Thriller 3) (The Body Farm)
  ''978-1-84724-932-6Dan SimmonsDrood
  ''978-1-84724-935-7David IgnatiusThe Increment
  ''978-1-84724-936-4David IgnatiusThe Increment
2011978-1-84724-939-5Kevin Crossley-HollandThe Viking Sagas: Bracelet of Bones: Book 1
2012978-1-84724-940-1Kevin Crossley-HollandThe Viking Sagas: Scramasax: Book 2
2009978-1-84724-942-5Philip KerrIf the Dead Rise Not: A Bernie Gunther Mystery (Bernie Gunther Mystery 6)
2009978-1-84724-943-2Philip KerrIf the Dead Rise Not: Bernie Gunther Thriller 6
  ''978-1-84724-944-9Daniel SuarezDaemon
  ''978-1-84724-946-3Julia KellyWith My Lazy Eye
  ''978-1-84724-947-0Clive EmsleyThe Great British Bobby: A History of British Policing from 1829 to the Present
  ''978-1-84724-949-4Duncan HamiltonHarold Larwood
2009978-1-84724-950-0Duncan HamiltonHarold Larwood
  ''978-1-84724-951-7Simon Sebag MontefioreMonsters: History's most evil men and women
2010978-1-84724-952-4Donna MilnerThe Promise of Rain
2009978-1-84724-953-1Elizabeth LowryThe Bellini Madonna
  ''978-1-84724-954-8Michelle MoranCleopatra's Daughter
  ''978-1-84724-955-5Susan IrvineCorpus
  ''978-1-84724-956-2Susan IrvineCorpus
2009978-1-84724-957-9Terry BrevertonImmortal Words: History's Most Memorable Quotations and the Stories Behind Them
  ''978-1-84724-958-6Elly GriffithsThe Crossing Places: The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 1
  ''978-1-84724-959-3Robert B. ParkerRough Weather: A Spenser Novel (The Spenser Series)
2010978-1-84724-961-6Daniel SuarezDaemon
2009978-1-84724-962-3Natasha NarayanA Kit Salter Adventure: The Mummy Snatcher of Memphis: Book 1
  ''978-1-84724-965-4Craig Russell · QuercusLennox
  ''978-1-84724-966-1Craig Russell · QuercusLennox
2010978-1-84724-967-8Craig RussellLennox
2010978-1-84724-968-5Craig RussellThe Long Glasgow Kiss: A Lennox Thriller (Lennox Thriller 2)
  ''978-1-84724-969-2   ''The Long Glasgow Kiss: A Lennox Thriller
2011978-1-84724-970-8   ''The Long Glasgow Kiss: A Lennox Thriller
2010978-1-84724-978-4Tammy CohenGangsters' Wives: Married to the Mob (Underworld UK)
  ''978-1-84724-979-1John McShaneUnderworld UK: Knife Crime: The Law of the Blade
2009978-1-84724-980-7Jefferson BassBones of Betrayal (The Body Farm)
  ''978-1-84724-981-4   ''Bones of Betrayal (The Body Farm)
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2009978-1-84724-984-5Patrick BishopBattle of Britain: A Day-by-day Chronicle, 10 July - 31 October 1940
  ''978-1-84724-986-9Ben Dupre50 Big Ideas You Really Need to Know (50 Ideas)
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  ''978-1-84724-989-0Daniel KehlmannMe and Kaminski
2009978-1-84724-990-6John Ajvide LindqvistHandling the Undead
2010978-1-84724-993-7Daren KingFrightfully Friendly Ghosties
2009978-1-84724-994-4Stella RimingtonPresent Danger
  ''978-1-84724-995-1Stella RimingtonPresent Danger
2010978-1-84724-996-8Andrew GreigAt the Loch of the Green Corrie
2009978-1-84724-998-2Sam WillisThe Fighting Temeraire: Legend of Trafalgar (Hearts of Oak Trilogy Vol.1)
  ''978-1-84724-999-9Robin CrossHitler. An Illustrated Life.