Lagoon Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-904797-00-5Nikole G. Bamford · Linley ClodeTimes Tables Tutor for Ages 5-7 IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-01-2Nikole G. BamfordTimes Tables Tutor for Ages 7-11 IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-02-9Philip CarterI.Q. IntelliQuest Puzzles
  ''978-1-904797-03-6Philip CarterKids I. Q. IntelliQuest Puzzles
  ''978-1-904797-04-3Fran PickeringPerplexing Logic Puzzles: An Intelliquest Quiz
2004978-1-904797-06-7Philip CarterQuick-fire Puzzles for Logical Thinkers: An IntelliQuest Quiz Book
  ''978-1-904797-07-4   ''Quick-fire Puzzles for Lateral Thinkers: An IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-08-1Paul LucasDangerous and Dastardly Animals IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-09-8Gwen McCannWild and Wacky Science IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-10-4Paul LucasGross and Yucky Human Body IntelliQuest Quiz
2004978-1-904797-11-1Paul LucasThe Ultimate IntelliQuest Space Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-13-5Ian TurnerPlanet Earth IntelliQuest Geography Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-17-3Nick DansIntelliQuest Pub Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-18-0Gavin WebsterSurvival IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-19-7   ''Secret Agent IntelliQuest Quiz
2004978-1-904797-21-0Jane PurcellPerfect Pets IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-25-8IntelliQuest Silver Quizmo
  ''978-1-904797-26-5IntelliQuest Graphite Quizmo
  ''978-1-904797-27-2UnnamedIntelliQuest Blue Quizmo
2005978-1-904797-52-4Lloyd King · Rich GarnerMind Bending Super Quick Puzzles
  ''978-1-904797-53-1Claire TaylorA Very Useful Book of Magic Spells to Help You Get Everything You Ever Wanted (Without Much Effort) (Mind-Bending Puzzle Books)
2005978-1-904797-54-8Kenton BamfordA Very Useful Dictionary of Dream Analysis Explaining Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (But Didn't Dare Ask)
  ''978-1-904797-55-5Jane PurcellA Laid-back Book of Harmony: Don't Even Consider Starting the Day without it (Lifesavers)
  ''978-1-904797-56-2Paul LucasHorrid and Hideous History IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-57-9Nick DawsScary and Savage Planet IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-58-6Gwen McCannMad and Miraculous Inventions IntelliQuest Quiz
2005978-1-904797-59-3Nick Dans · Anne VaseyHow Things Work IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-60-9Paul LucasWars, Warriors and Weapons IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-61-6Nikole G. BamfordFrench Phrase IntelliQuest Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-64-7   ''Writing Wrongs IntelliQuest Spelling Quiz
  ''978-1-904797-98-2Nikole G Bamford · N.G. BamfordTom Melhuish · Linley Clode1000 Sudoku Puzzles
2005978-1-904797-99-9N.G. Bamford500 Sudoku Puzzles for Kids