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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-902813-05-9Heather Dickson50 of the Finest After Dinner Games (Party Games Books S.)
  ''978-1-902813-06-6Heather Dickson50 of the Finest Adult Party Games (Party Games Books S.)
2000978-1-902813-13-4Ziggy ZenHow to Drink Wine Out of Fish Heads While Cooking Lobster in a Volkswagen Hub Cap ; Easy Sea food Recipes (Ziggy Zen)
  ''978-1-902813-14-1   ''A Cookbook for the Man Who Probably Only Owns One Saucepan ~ Idiot Proof Recipes
  ''978-1-902813-15-8   ''The Mafia Just Moved in Next Door and They're Dropping By for Dinner Cookbook: Easy Italian Recipes
  ''978-1-902813-16-5   ''How to Become a Dinner Party Legend (Ziggy Zen)
2000978-1-902813-29-5Colleen Collier500 of the Weirdest and Wackiest Web Sites (Internet guides)
2001978-1-902813-42-4Ziggy ZenHow to Wok Up a Storm Without Burning the House Down
  ''978-1-902813-43-1   ''The Ten Unexpected Greeks Just Arrived for Dinner Cookbook
2003978-1-902813-68-4Lucy DearMind Boggling Lateral Thinking Puzzles for Kids
2003978-1-902813-69-1Lucy DearMind Boggling Tricky Logic Puzzles for Kids (Lagoon)
  ''978-1-902813-70-7   ''Mind Boggling Brain Teaser Puzzles for Kids (Lagoon)
  ''978-1-902813-71-4   ''Mind Boggling Code Breaker Puzzles for Kids (Lagoon)