Lagoon Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-899712-03-8Nick Hoare · Simon Melhuish · Linley ClodeMind-Bending Conundrums and Puzzles (Mind Bending Puzzle Books)
  ''978-1-899712-06-9   ''Mind-Bending Lateral Thinking Puzzles
1996978-1-899712-08-3Julian MelhuishTravel Games Compendium
  ''978-1-899712-09-0Children's Party Games Compendium
  ''978-1-899712-17-5Nick Hoare · Simon Melhuish · Julian MelhuishDrinking Games: Fifty of the Finest
  ''978-1-899712-18-2Nick Hoare · Simon Melhuish · Linley ClodeMind-Bending Classic Logic Puzzles (Mind Bending Puzzle Books)
1997978-1-899712-19-9Simon Melhuish · Linley ClodeMore Mind-bending Lateral Thinking Puzzles: v. 2
1996978-1-899712-20-5Gary SherwoodLateral Thinking Puzzles: A Collection of Conundrums for Connoisseurs
1998978-1-899712-23-6Des MacHaleMind-Bending Lateral Thinking Puzzles
1998978-1-899712-24-3Lagoon Books · Lagoon BksMind-bending Challenging Logic Puzzles
  ''978-1-899712-27-4Lagoon Books · Lagoon BksWho in the World am I?: Mystery Celebrity Quiz
  ''978-1-899712-28-1   ''Five-minute Crime Lateral Thinking Puzzles (Puzzles Books)
1999978-1-899712-29-8Lagoon BooksFive-minute Classical Lateral Thinking Puzzles (Puzzle Books)
1998978-1-899712-33-5Lagoon Books · Lagoon BksFive-minute Murder Lateral Thinking Puzzles (Puzzle Books)
1996978-1-899712-38-0Jenny LynchPocket Guide to Juggling for the Completely Inept
1997978-1-899712-39-7Simon Melhuish · Linley ClodeMind-bending Crossword Puzzles
  ''978-1-899712-41-0   ''Where in the World am I?: Mystery Geography Puzzles
  ''978-1-899712-42-7Simon Melhuish · Gary SherwoodAfter Dinner Games: 40 of the Greatest After Dinner Games
1997978-1-899712-46-5Simon MelhuishDeath After Dinner: A Mystery Puzzle Book (Mystery Puzzle Books)
  ''978-1-899712-47-2Simon Melhuish · Gary SherwoodMurder on the Riviera Express: A Mystery Puzzle Book (Mystery Puzzle Books)
  ''978-1-899712-48-9   ''Murder in Manhattan: A Mystery Puzzle Book (Mystery Puzzle Books)
1997978-1-899712-49-6Simon Melhuish · Gary SherwoodMurder at Thrippleton Hall (Mystery Puzzle Books)
1998978-1-899712-60-1Lagoon Books · Lagoon BksFive-minute Adventure Lateral Thinking Puzzles
  ''978-1-899712-68-7Lagoon BooksIQ Puzzles (Puzzle Books)
1999978-1-899712-69-4Linley ClodeMind-bending Challenging Optical Puzzles (Mind Bending Puzzle Books)
1998978-1-899712-78-6David HalpernLove in the Jungle (Flip Books)
  ''978-1-899712-79-3David HalpernBungee Lover's Leap (Flip Books)
1999978-1-899712-87-8   ''Greeting Disorder (Flip Books)
  ''978-1-899712-88-5   ''Have a Blast on Your Birthday (Flip Books)
  ''978-1-899712-89-2   ''Prince Charming (Flip Books)