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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-904424-00-0Gordon EmmersonEgo State Therapy
  ''978-1-904424-01-7Ormond McGillSecrets of Stage Mindreading
  ''978-1-904424-02-4John Edgette PsyDWinning the Mind Game: Using Hypnosis in Sport Psychology
2005978-1-904424-03-1Lucas DerksSocial Panoramas: Changing the Unconscious Landscape with NLP and Psychotherapy
2003978-1-904424-05-5Angus McLeodPerformance Coaching: The handbook for managers, HR professionals and coaches
  ''978-1-904424-06-2Robert RosenthalPygmalion in the Classroom: Teacher Ex[pectation and Pupils' Intellectual Development
  ''978-1-904424-07-9Linda MetcalfTeaching Toward Solutions: A solution focused guide to improving student behaviour, grades, parent support and staff moral: A Solution Focused Guide ... Grades, Parental Support and Staff Morale
2004978-1-904424-08-6Patrick E MerlevedeMastering Mentoring and Coaching with NLP: Increase Your Job EQ
2003978-1-904424-11-6Steve LanktonPractical Magic: A Translation of Basic NLP into Clinical Psychology
2004978-1-904424-13-0Garry BurnettParents First: Parents and children leaning together: Parents and Children Learning Together
2003978-1-904424-14-7Paul Z Jackson58½ Ways to Improvise in Training: Improvisation games and activities for workshops, courses and team meetings
2003978-1-904424-15-4Danie BeaulieuEye Movement Integration Therapy: The Comprehensive Clinical Guide
  ''978-1-904424-17-8Ronald A. HavensThe Wisdom of Milton H Erickson: The Complete Volume
2004978-1-904424-18-5Amanda LoweBliss: Coach yourself to feel great
2003978-1-904424-19-2Gerry Cartwright · Noel WalshCard It!: Software for Smart Learning
2004978-1-904424-21-5Roger P. AllenScripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy: The Complete Works
2005978-1-904424-23-9Kimberley Hare · Larry ReynoldsThe Trainer's Toolkit: Bringing brain-friendly learning to life
2007978-1-904424-25-3Michael HallThe sourcebook of magic: A Comprehensive Guide to NLP Change Patterns
2004978-1-904424-26-0Linda MetcalfMiracle Question: Answer It and Change Your Life
  ''978-1-904424-27-7Dalma Kalogjera-SackellaresPsychodynamics and Psychotherapy of Pseudoseizures
  ''978-1-904424-28-4Kay ThompsonThe Art of Therapeutic Communication: The Collected Works of Kay Thompson
  ''978-1-904424-33-8John GriffithsHog Cards: Geog Hog
2005978-1-904424-34-5Bernie ZilbergeldBetter Than Ever: Love and Sex at Midlife
2004978-1-904424-35-2Ian GilbertLittle Owl's Book of Thinking: An Introduction to Thinking Skills (The Independent Thinking Series)
2004978-1-904424-36-9Bernie ZilbergeldBetter Than Ever: Time for Love and Sex
2005978-1-904424-37-6Annie GreeffResilience Volume 1: Personal skills for effective learning: Personal Skills for Effective Learning v. 1
2006978-1-904424-38-3Ian GilbertThe Big Book of Independent Thinking: Do things no one does or do things everyone does in a way no one does (The Independent Thinking Series)
2004978-1-904424-39-0Lynette. AllenBehind with the Laundry and Living Off Chocolate: Life Changing Strategies for Busy Women
2005978-1-904424-40-6Bob G. BodenhamerMastering Blocking and Stuttering: A Cognitive Approach to Achieving Fluency
2004978-1-904424-41-3Nick OwenMore Magic of Metaphor: Stories for Leaders, Influencers and Motivators and Spiral Dynamics Wizards
  ''978-1-904424-45-1Roland RobertsThe Accelerated Learning Zone: Alpha State Music for Relaxed Learning Efficiency
2006978-1-904424-46-8   ''Mood Music: Music for Learning - Three Classical Collections Designed to Accompany and Enhance Different Teaching Activities
2004978-1-904424-47-5Nancy MarguliesMapping Inner Space: Second Edition Learning and Teaching Visual Mapping
  ''978-1-904424-48-2David LazeerMultiple Intelligence Approaches to Assessment: Solving the assessment conundrum
  ''978-1-904424-49-9Hugh GunnisonHypnocounseling: An Eclectic Bridge Between Milton Erickson and Carl Rogers
2005978-1-904424-51-2Peter ClutterbuckBright Ideas for Managing the Positive Classroom
  ''978-1-904424-53-6Tom SaundersGolf: Lower Your Score with Mental Training
2007978-1-904424-54-3Ronald HavensSelf Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness: Achieving Altered States, Mystical Experiences and Spiritual Enlightenment
2004978-1-904424-55-0Danie BaeaulieuImpact techniques in the Classroom: 88 activities to engage your students
2004978-1-904424-56-7Christine Valenza · Nancy MarguliesVisual Thinking: Tools for Mapping Your Ideas
2005978-1-904424-57-4Linda ThomsonHarry the Hypno-potamus: Metaphorical Tales for the Treatment of Children
  ''978-1-904424-58-1Paul GinnisThe Teacher's Toolkit: Promoting Variety, Engagement, And Motivation In The Classroom: 1
2006978-1-904424-59-8Pat Hollingsworth · Gina LewisActive Learning: Increasing Flow in the Classroom
2005978-1-904424-60-4Roy HunterHypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy
  ''978-1-904424-61-1Martha KaufeldtTeachers,Change Your Bait!: Brain-compatible Differentiated Instruction
  ''978-1-904424-62-8DSW ACSW, Muriel Prince WarrenPsychotherapy with Adolescents and their Families: Essential Treatment Strategies
  ''978-1-904424-64-2Annie GreeffResilience Volume 2: Social skills for effective learning: Vol 2
2006978-1-904424-67-3Martin RobertsChange Management Excellence - revised edition: Putting NLP to Work
2005978-1-904424-69-7Curly MartinLife Coaching Handbook
2005978-1-904424-72-7Alistair Smith · Mark Lovatt · Derek WiseAccelerated Learning: User's Guide
  ''978-1-904424-74-1Alistair SmithMove It: Physical Movement and Learning
  ''978-1-904424-80-2Amanda LoweThinking Sexy: Unlocking the Secrets of Sensual Desire
2007978-1-904424-81-9David HodgsonThe Buzz: A Practical Confidence Builder For Teenagers (Independent Thinking Series) (The Independent Thinking Series)
2005978-1-904424-82-6Carol HarrisConsult Yourself: The NLP Guide to Being a Management Consultant
  ''978-1-904424-84-0Anita HoughtonFinding Square Holes: Discover who you really are and find the perfect career
  ''978-1-904424-85-7Cynthia R. KalodnerToo Fat or Too Thin?: A Reference Guide to Eating Disorders: 1
2005978-1-904424-89-5Janey Lee GraceImperfectly Natural Woman: Getting Life Right the Natural Way
  ''978-1-904424-91-8Rubin Battino MS · Thomas L. SouthEricksonian Approaches: A Comprehensive Manual
  ''978-1-904424-92-5Rubin BattinoMetaphoria: Metaphor and Guided Metaphor for Psychotherapy and Healing
  ''978-1-904424-93-2Dan Short · Betty Alice Erickson · Roxanna Erickson KleinHope and Resiliency: Understanding the Psychotherapeutic Strategies of Milton H. Erickson
2006978-1-904424-94-9Dave EllisLife Coaching: A manual for helping professionals
2005978-1-904424-95-6Lynette AllenBehind with the Mortgage and Living Off Plastic: Charge Up Your Life, Not Your Credit Card
  ''978-1-904424-96-3Ronald A. HavensThe Wisdom of Milton H Erickson: Complete Volume
2006978-1-904424-97-0Sharon Ginnis · Paul GinnisCovering the Curriculum with Stories: Six cross-curricular projects that teach literacy and thinking through dramatic play