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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-904053-00-2Health & Safety at Work Essentials 1st Edition
  ''978-1-904053-01-9Tessa SheppersonResidential Lettings Guide
  ''978-1-904053-02-6Share Certificate: For Companies with a Share Capital (Form Pack)
  ''978-1-904053-03-3Steve Wiseman · Jackie SavilleWorkplace Training Handbook
  ''978-1-904053-04-0Steve WisemanClaim Your Cash! How to collect your entitlements
2002978-1-904053-05-7Ajay AhujaThe Buy-to-let Bible
  ''978-1-904053-06-4Roy HedgesBook-keeping Made Easy
2003978-1-904053-07-1Hugh WilliamsSelf-Employment Kit
2002978-1-904053-08-8Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Made Easy 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-904053-09-5Buying and Selling a Business Made Easy
  ''978-1-904053-10-1Melanie HuntEmployment Law Software: Version 6.1
2004978-1-904053-11-8Society of GenealogistsTrace Your Family Tree Kit: Advice and Information for Taking Your First Steps in Genealogy
2005978-1-904053-12-5Kat CalloMaking Sense of Leasehold Property
2002978-1-904053-13-2Furnished House or Flat Rental Agreement (Legal Form Packs)
  ''978-1-904053-14-9Unfurnished House or Flat Rental Agreement
2002978-1-904053-15-6House or Flat Share Agreement (resident Owner) (Prepare Your Own Legal Forms)
  ''978-1-904053-16-3Notice to Terminate (Rental or House/Flat Share Agreement)
  ''978-1-904053-17-0Tessa SheppersonRent Book
  ''978-1-904053-18-7Melanie SlocombeEmployment Contracts Kit
  ''978-1-904053-19-4Residential Letting Kit
2002978-1-904053-20-0Power of Attorney Kit (Law Pack)
  ''978-1-904053-21-7Richard DewLast Will and Testament Kit
  ''978-1-904053-22-4Limited Company Kit
  ''978-1-904053-23-1Personnel Manager 3rd Edition
2007978-1-904053-24-8Lawpack PUblishingRent Book
2005978-1-904053-25-5Alison TalbotProbate Kit
2002978-1-904053-26-2Roy HedgesRunning Your Own Business Made Easy
2003978-1-904053-28-6Harry GreeneHarry Greene's Complete DIY Problem Solver
  ''978-1-904053-29-3Joseph BradshawHouse Buying, Selling and Conveyancing
2003978-1-904053-30-9Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Guide 6th Edition
  ''978-1-904053-31-6Mary Duncan · Finbar Cahill · Penny HeighwayHealth & Safety at Work Essentials 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-904053-32-3Maureen MullallyDo-it-yourself Separation and Divorce (Law Pack guide)
  ''978-1-904053-33-0AuthorWills, Power of Attorney and Probate Guide (Law Pack)
  ''978-1-904053-34-7Tessa SheppersonResidential Lettings Guide (Do It Yourself)
2003978-1-904053-35-4HM Williams CATax Answers at a Glance (Tax Guide)
  ''978-1-904053-36-1Ajay AhujaThe Buy-to-let Bible
  ''978-1-904053-37-8Howard GooddieBuying Bargains at Property Auctions
  ''978-1-904053-38-5Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Made Easy 4th Edition
  ''978-1-904053-40-8Nicola MitchellPensions Kit
2003978-1-904053-41-5Philippa PearsonSeparation & Divorce Kit
2004978-1-904053-42-2Ajay AhujaThe Seven Pillars of Buy-to-let Wisdom
  ''978-1-904053-43-9Felicity MilehamPersonal Injury & Money Claims: All You Need to Know About Preparing and Filing a Legal Claim for Compensation
  ''978-1-904053-44-6Jon RobinsAffordable Law: How to get legal advice without breaking the bank: A How to Get Legal Advice Without Breaking the Bank
  ''978-1-904053-51-4Steve WisemanClaim Your Cash! How to Collect Your Entitlements: 2004 Edition
  ''978-1-904053-52-1Mary Duncan · Finbar Cahill · Penny HeighwayHealth & Safety at Work Essentials 3rd edition
2005978-1-904053-53-8Richard DewLast Will and Testament Kit
2004978-1-904053-54-5Small Claims Kit
2004978-1-904053-55-2Ajay AhujaBuy-to-Let Kit
  ''978-1-904053-56-9Self Help Kit Funeral Planner
  ''978-1-904053-61-3Joseph BradshawHouse Buying,Selling & Conveyancing
  ''978-1-904053-62-0Tax Answers at a Glance (Tax Guide)
  ''978-1-904053-63-7Tessa SheppersonResidential Lettings (Do It Yourself)
2004978-1-904053-64-4Howard GooddieBuying Bargains at Property Auctions
  ''978-1-904053-65-1Home and Family Solicitor
  ''978-1-904053-66-8Lawpack Publishing301 Legal Forms,Letters and Agreements (Legal Guides)
  ''978-1-904053-67-5Steve WisemanLeaves on the Line: How to Complain Effectively
  ''978-1-904053-68-2Felicity Mileham · Henmans SolicitorsTrip & Slip: A Guide to Making Personal Injury Claims
2004978-1-904053-69-9Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Made Easy
  ''978-1-904053-70-5   ''Employment Law Guide (Do It Yourself)
2005978-1-904053-71-2Pat Joseph · Iain Watson · Hugh Williams101 Ways to Pay Less Tax
  ''978-1-904053-72-9Philippa PearsonSeparation and Divorce Kit
2004978-1-904053-73-6Hugh WilliamsReady Made Company Minutes and Resolutions
2006978-1-904053-75-0Veronica NewmanSmall Claims Made Easy (Legal Guides)
2005978-1-904053-76-7H M Williams Chartered AccountantsTax Answers at a Glance: 2005/2006 Tax Year
  ''978-1-904053-77-4Mary Duncan · Finbar Cahill · Penny HeighwayHealth and Safety at Work Essentials (Law Pack)
  ''978-1-904053-79-8Hugh WilliamsWorking from Home Pocket Guide
2005978-1-904053-80-4Anthea MaseySell Your Own Home Kit: Be Your Own Estate Agent and Save Pounds
  ''978-1-904053-82-8Philippa PearsonUnmarried Couples and the Law Pocket Guide
  ''978-1-904053-83-5Melanie SlocombeYour Rights at Work Pocket Guide
  ''978-1-904053-84-2Yvette Hoskings-JamesBusiness Agreements Made Easy
  ''978-1-904053-85-9Roy HedgesBook-keeping Made Easy
2005978-1-904053-87-3David CrosbyBusiness Letters Made Easy
  ''978-1-904053-88-0Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Made Easy
  ''978-1-904053-89-7Howard GooddieThe "Daily Telegraph" Buying Bargains at Property Auctions (Lawpack Property)
  ''978-1-904053-90-3Tessa SheppersonResidential Lettings (Lawpack Property)
  ''978-1-904053-91-0Ajay AhujaThe Buy-to-let Bible (Lawpack Property)
2005978-1-904053-92-7Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Guide (Lawpack Do It Yourself)
  ''978-1-904053-93-4AnonymousLimited Company Kit
  ''978-1-904053-95-8Lawpack PublishingSmall Claims Kit
  ''978-1-904053-97-2LawpackEmployment Contracts Kit
  ''978-1-904053-98-9Reynolds RobertsonLimited Company Formation Made Easy
2005978-1-904053-99-6Hugh WilliamsSelf-Employment: Advice and Information to Help You Set Up Your Business and Develop Accounting Systems (Self-Help Kit)