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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-898217-07-7House or Flat Share Agreement: Resident Owner (Legal Form Packs)
  ''978-1-898217-16-9T JohnsonLast Will & Testament Guide
1998978-1-898217-29-9Scottish Unfurnished House/Flat Share Rental Agreement (on a SAT)
1996978-1-898217-37-4Employment Contract (Legal Form Packs)
2000978-1-898217-38-1Personnel Manager (Legal Software)
1998978-1-898217-39-8Notice to Terminate (SF206)
1996978-1-898217-47-3ShankarBusiness Partnership Agreement (Legal Form Packs)
1997978-1-898217-48-0Scottish Last Will and Testament Kit
1998978-1-898217-49-7Rent Book (ST207)
  ''978-1-898217-51-0Felicity MilehamMotoring Law Guide
1997978-1-898217-53-4Holiday Letting Agreement (Legal Form Packs)
  ''978-1-898217-58-9Laurence atersAnti-Gazumping Agreement (Legal Form Packs)
1998978-1-898217-59-6Employment Contract (SF209) Scotland Only
  ''978-1-898217-64-0Scottish Business Partnership Agreement
1997978-1-898217-68-8Dick OliverLast Will and Testament (Legal Form Packs)
1998978-1-898217-69-5General Power of Attorney (SF220) Scotland Only
1997978-1-898217-73-2Cohabitation Agreement for Unmarried Partners (Legal Form Packs)
1999978-1-898217-77-0Jill StevensCredit File Guide
1997978-1-898217-78-7D.B. Rabolt J.F haseSales Representative Agreement (Prepare your own legal forms)
1997978-1-898217-88-6General Power of Attorney (Legal Form Packs)
1998978-1-898217-89-3Dan ConaghanNew Media Careerkit
1997978-1-898217-98-5Hugh WilliamsTaxpack 1999/2000