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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-902646-00-8Limited Company Kit
  ''978-1-902646-01-5Limited Company Guide (Do It Yourself Guide)
  ''978-1-902646-02-2Dan BrennanPersonnel Manager
  ''978-1-902646-03-9Small Claims Kit
  ''978-1-902646-04-6Small Claims Guide
1999978-1-902646-05-3ANONDivorce Guide
  ''978-1-902646-06-0Douglas RushkoffLast Will & Testament Guide
  ''978-1-902646-07-7House/Flat Share Agreement (Non-Resident Owner)
  ''978-1-902646-08-4House or Flat Share Agreement: Resident Owner (Prepare Your Own Legal Forms)
  ''978-1-902646-10-7Jamie RossUnfurnished House or Flat Rental Agreement: On an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (Legal Guides)
1999978-1-902646-11-4Employment Contract (Legal Guides)
  ''978-1-902646-14-5Dick OliverLast Will and Testament
  ''978-1-902646-15-2ShankerBusiness Partnership Agreement (Prepare Your Own Legal Forms)
  ''978-1-902646-16-9General Power of Attorney (Legal Guides)
  ''978-1-902646-17-6301 Legal Forms, Letters & Agreements
1999978-1-902646-18-3H B HoskinsHome & Family Solicitor
  ''978-1-902646-19-0unknownCompany Secretary (When you need it in writing!)
2001978-1-902646-22-0Last Will and Testament Kit (Will & Testament)
1999978-1-902646-24-4Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Guide (Law Pack Guide Do It Yourself)
2002978-1-902646-25-1Power of Attorney Kit (Law Pack)
2004978-1-902646-26-8Richard Collins · Tanya RobertsLiving Together: Is Marriage the Better Buy?
2000978-1-902646-27-5Gill CockburnProbate Guide
  ''978-1-902646-28-2Powers of Attorney and Living Will Guide
2002978-1-902646-29-9Last Will and Testament Version 6.1 (Software)
2001978-1-902646-30-5Law PackHome & Family Solicitor
1999978-1-902646-31-2Vehicle Purchase Agreement (Prepare Your Own Legal Forms)
  ''978-1-902646-32-9Beate AllertonSales Career Kit (Take note CareerKit)
2002978-1-902646-33-6Steve WisemanPut it in Writing
1999978-1-902646-34-3Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Handbook (Do it Yourself S.)
  ''978-1-902646-35-0Felicity MilehamMotoring Law Handbook (Do it Yourself S.)
2001978-1-902646-36-7Last Will & Testament Kit
2002978-1-902646-37-4Melanie SlocombeEmployment Contracts Kit
1999978-1-902646-38-1David CrosbyBusiness Letters I Made Easy
2000978-1-902646-39-8David CrosbyBusiness Letters II Made Easy
2000978-1-902646-40-4Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Made Easy
1999978-1-902646-41-1Company Minutes & Resolutions Made Easy
  ''978-1-902646-42-8Roy HedgesDebt Collection Made Easy
2000978-1-902646-43-5Melanie HuntLimited Company Formation Made Easy
  ''978-1-902646-44-2Mike LevyPresentations Made Easy
  ''978-1-902646-45-9AnonNegotiating Tactics Made Easy
  ''978-1-902646-46-6Garrett AdamsProfitable Mail-Order Made Easy
2000978-1-902646-47-3Roy HedgesRunning Your Own Business Made Easy
  ''978-1-902646-50-3Scottish Last Will & Testament Kit
  ''978-1-902646-51-0Tessa SheppersonResidential Lettings Guide
  ''978-1-902646-52-7Philippa PearsonCohabitation Rights Guide (Law Pack guide)
  ''978-1-902646-53-4Jeremy FlyeLegal Adviser
2000978-1-902646-54-1Jeremy FlyeLegal Adviser
  ''978-1-902646-55-8301 Legal Forms, Letters & Agreements
  ''978-1-902646-56-5301 Legal Forms, Letters & Agreements
  ''978-1-902646-57-2Roy HedgesEarning & Keeping Customer Loyalty Made Easy
  ''978-1-902646-58-9Limited Company Guide
2000978-1-902646-59-6Felicity MilehamPersonal Injury Claims Guide
  ''978-1-902646-61-9Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Guide
  ''978-1-902646-62-6H M Williams CATax Answers at a Glance (Tax Guide)
2001978-1-902646-63-3Tessa SheppersonRent Book
2000978-1-902646-65-7David CrosbyBusiness Letters Made Easy Software
  ''978-1-902646-66-4Roy HedgesRunning Your Own Business Made Easy Software
  ''978-1-902646-67-1Mike LevyPresentations Made Easy Software
2001978-1-902646-68-8Howard GooddieBuying Bargains at Property Auctions
2000978-1-902646-69-5Jamie RossPowers of Attorney & Living Will Guide
2001978-1-902646-70-1Joseph BradshawHouse Buying, Selling & Conveyancing
2001978-1-902646-71-8Tessa SheppersonLegal Advice Handbook
  ''978-1-902646-72-5Unknown301 Legal Forms, Letters and Agreements (Legal Guides)
  ''978-1-902646-73-2Residential Letting Kit (Law Pack)
  ''978-1-902646-74-9Mike LevySecrets of Successful Websites
  ''978-1-902646-75-6Gerald NewmanOnline Marketing Strategies
2001978-1-902646-76-3Dan ConaghanHow to Make Money Online
  ''978-1-902646-77-0Susan SingletonThe Legal Guide to Online Business
  ''978-1-902646-78-7Mike LevyCreativity at Work
  ''978-1-902646-79-4   ''Stress Management Made Easy
  ''978-1-902646-80-0Steve WisemanHow to Complain Effectively
2002978-1-902646-81-7Jill DoddsCVs and Interviews Made Easy
2001978-1-902646-82-4Shepperson TessaResidential Lettings
2002978-1-902646-84-8H M Williams CATax Answers at a Glance (Tax Guide)
2001978-1-902646-85-5Last Will & Testament Guide
2000978-1-902646-86-2Last Will and Testament and Probate: Version 6.1
2001978-1-902646-87-9Joseph Bradshaw · Howard Gooddie · Howard GoodieHouse Buying, Selling and Conveyancing and Buying Bargains at Property Auctions (Law Pack guide)
2001978-1-902646-95-4Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Made Easy
2002978-1-902646-96-1Ian ProudEffective PR Made Easy
  ''978-1-902646-98-5Melanie SlocombeEmployment Law Guide
  ''978-1-902646-99-2Stock Transfer Form (Form Pack)