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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-903845-00-4James Bain Smith · Julia de BierreRestoration Recipes: A Sourcebook of Techniques and Projects for Restoring Antique and Second-hand Furniture
  ''978-1-903845-02-8Stephen WoodhamsPortfolio of Contemporary Gardens
  ''978-1-903845-03-5Jane WithersHot Water: Bathing and the Contemporary Bathroom
  ''978-1-903845-05-9Tricia Guild · Elspeth ThompsonWhite Hot: Cool Colours for Modern Living
  ''978-1-903845-06-6Titania HardieEnchanted: Titania's Book of White Magic
2001978-1-903845-08-0Alisa GreenhalghA Dog's Life
  ''978-1-903845-09-7   ''A Cat's Life: Your Personal Memoir
  ''978-1-903845-10-3Gordon Ramsay · Roz DennyGordon Ramsay's Just Desserts
  ''978-1-903845-11-0Elizabeth WilhideMaterials: A Directory for Home Design
  ''978-1-903845-13-4Titania HardieHubble Bubble: Titania's Guide to Magical Feasts
2001978-1-903845-14-1Kelly Hoppen · Helen ChisletKelly Hoppen Close Up: Attention to Detail in Design
  ''978-1-903845-15-8Katrin CargillCurtain Bible: An Inspirational and Practical Look at Contemporary Curtains and Blinds
  ''978-1-903845-17-2Angela McGerrA Harmony of Angels
  ''978-1-903845-20-2Nobuyuki MatsuhisaNobu: The Cookbook
2002978-1-903845-22-6Titania HardieLove Potions: Titania's Book of Romantic Potions
  ''978-1-903845-38-7Jill DupleixSimple Food
2002978-1-903845-39-4Bridget BodoanoHandywoman's Workbook: How to Do it Yourself without Breaking a Nail
2001978-1-903845-44-8Linda Gamlin · Jonathan BrostoffThe Allergy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Understanding, Diagnosing and Treating Allergies and Intolerances
  ''978-1-903845-46-2Judith WillsThe Food Bible: The Ultimate Reference Book for Food and Your Health
  ''978-1-903845-47-9Pierre-Jean CousinNatural Recipes for Perfect Skin
2002978-1-903845-50-9Jill Billington · Royal Horticultural SocietyReally Small Gardens: A Practical Guide to Gardening in a Truly Small Space (The Royal Horticultural Society)
  ''978-1-903845-51-6Jill Billington · Royal Horticultural SocietyNew Formal Gardens: A Modern Approach to Formal Design
  ''978-1-903845-55-4Michel Roux · Kate Whiteman · Martin BrigdaleSauces: Sweet and Savoury, Classic and New
2002978-1-903845-56-1Antonio Carluccio · Priscilla CarluccioCarluccio's Complete Italian Food
  ''978-1-903845-57-8Titania HardieZillionz: Titania's Book of Numerology
2003978-1-903845-59-2Wilma Rittershausen · Brian RittershausenRHS Orchids: A Practical Guide to the World's Most Fascinating Plants (Royal Horticultural Society)
2002978-1-903845-66-0Wendy LewisWrinkle Rescue: The Lowdown on Smoothing Facial Lines (Lowdown S.)
  ''978-1-903845-67-7Wendy LewisComplexion Perfection: The Lowdown on Achieving Spot-free Skin (Lowdown S.)
2003978-1-903845-71-4David JoyceFoliage: Dramatic and Subtle Leaves for the Garden
2002978-1-903845-73-8Tricia Guild · Elspeth Thompsonthink pink: mood and colour for modern living
2001978-1-903845-74-5Elizabeth WilhideEco: An Essential Sourcebook for Environmentally Friendly Design and Decoration
2002978-1-903845-75-2Michel Rouxonly the best: the art of cooking with a master chef
2003978-1-903845-77-6Kevin McCloudChoosing Colours: An Expert Choice of the Best Colours to Use in Your Home
2002978-1-903845-79-0Wilma Rittershausen · Brian RittershausenIntroducing Orchids
  ''978-1-903845-80-6Wendy LewisThe Lowdown on Facelifts and Other Wrinkle Remedies
  ''978-1-903845-81-3Michael van StratenSuper Energy Detox (Super detox)
2002978-1-903845-82-0Angela McGerrHarmony Angel Cards: How to Lay Out and Interpret the Cards
  ''978-1-903845-83-7Nicky Kinnairdawaken your senses change your life
  ''978-1-903845-84-4Titania HardieTitania's Book of Hours: A Celebration of the Witch's Year
  ''978-1-903845-86-8Samantha HardieSamantha's Witchery: A Teen Spell Guide
  ''978-1-903845-87-5Andrew StanwayMassage Secrets for Lovers: The Ultimate Guide to Intimate Arousal
2002978-1-903845-88-2Titania HardiePeace (Titania's Wishing Spells S.)
  ''978-1-903845-89-9   ''Harmony (Titania's Wishing Spells S.)
  ''978-1-903845-92-9Gordon RamsayA Chef for All Seasons