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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-902638-07-2Rachel TreziseIn and Out of the Goldfish Bowl
2003978-1-902638-08-9Sharon Morgan · etc.One Woman, One Voice
  ''978-1-902638-09-6David AdamsOne Man, One Voice
2000978-1-902638-11-9John Sam JonesWelsh Boys Too (Parthian Shots)
2001978-1-902638-15-7Patrick JonesFuse: The Selected Work of Patrick Jones
  ''978-1-902638-16-4Lloyd RobsonCardiff Cut
2003978-1-902638-18-8Rhys DaviesA Human Condition: The Selected Stories of Rhys Davies
  ''978-1-902638-27-0T. Hughes · Ruth Joseph · Jo Mazelis · Belinda Bauer · Deborah Davies · Stevie Davies · Brian George · Ken BarlowGhosts of the Old Year: Rhys Davies Short Story Winners
  ''978-1-902638-28-7Richard Gwyn · etc.The Pterodactyl's Wing: Welsh World Poetry
2003978-1-902638-29-4Lloyd RobsonBbboing: And Associated Weirdness
  ''978-1-902638-34-8John Sam JonesFishboys of Vernazza
  ''978-1-902638-36-2Tristan HughesThe Tower
2004978-1-902638-38-6Norman SchwenkThe Hare That Hides Within: Poems About St. Melangell
  ''978-1-902638-39-3Allan Sutherland · Elin ap HywelHidden Dragons: Writing by Disabled People in Wales
  ''978-1-902638-40-9Rhian SaadatWindowdressing for Hermes
2007978-1-902638-46-1Frank VickeryFrank Vickery Selected Work
2005978-1-902638-48-5Hazel Walford DaviesNow You're Talking: Drama in Conversation
2004978-1-902638-52-2Hayley LongFire and Water
2004978-1-902638-53-9Lewis DaviesFootball (First Night Drama)
2005978-1-902638-54-6Richard GwynThe Colour of a Dog Running Away
  ''978-1-902638-55-3Matthew David ScottPlaying Mercy
  ''978-1-902638-62-1I. C. RapoportAberfan: The Days After - A Journey in Pictures
2007978-1-902638-68-3John HarrisonWhere the Earth Ends
2005978-1-902638-75-1Colin A. JonesA-Y Swansea City Football Club: The First Comprehensive Player A-Y
  ''978-1-902638-78-2Richard GwynThe Colour of a Dog Running Away
  ''978-1-902638-80-5Ron BerrySo Long Hector Bebb (Library of Wales)
2005978-1-902638-81-2Raymond WilliamsBorder Country (Library of Wales)
  ''978-1-902638-82-9Gwyn ThomasDark Philosophers (Library of Wales)
2006978-1-902638-83-6Lewis JonesCwmardy - We Live. (Library of Wales)
2005978-1-902638-84-3Margiad EvansCountry Dance (Library of Wales)
2006978-1-902638-85-0Alun RichardsHome to an Empty House (Library of Wales)
  ''978-1-902638-87-4Alun LewisIn the Green Tree (Library of Wales)
2007978-1-902638-88-1Meic StephensPoetry 1900-2000 (Library of Wales)
2006978-1-902638-90-4John Sam JonesWelsh Boys Too
  ''978-1-902638-91-1Rachel TreziseFresh Apples
2007978-1-902638-94-2Aneurin Gareth ThomasLuggage from Elsewhere