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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-905762-02-6Hayley LongKilburn Hoodoo
2007978-1-905762-12-5Rachel TreziseDial M for Merthyr
2008978-1-905762-13-2lloyd robsonOh Dad! A Search for Robert Mitchum
2006978-1-905762-15-6Damian Walford Davies · Richard Marggraf-TurleyWhiteout
2008978-1-905762-17-0Mari Jose OlaziregiStrange Language: an anthology of Basque short stories
2009978-1-905762-19-4Matthew David ScottThe Ground Remembers
2006978-1-905762-20-0anthology edited by cheesman · davies and hoffmannGwyl Y Blaidd: The Festival of the Wolf (Ysgrifennu Ffoaduriaid Yng Nghymru = Writing Refugees in Wal)
  ''978-1-905762-24-8Rachel TreziseIn and Out of the Goldfish Bowl
2017978-1-905762-25-5Dannie AbseAsh on a Young Man's Sleeve (Library of Wales)
2012978-1-905762-28-6Sigbjorn Holmebakkthe Carriage Stone
2007978-1-905762-29-3ed T. Mushakavanhu & A.J. MorganA Haunting Touch
2009978-1-905762-30-9Olga MerinoPaper Spurs
2008978-1-905762-33-0Jim BowenJust Another Mzungu Passing Through
2007978-1-905762-34-7Katy CawkwellRhiannon
2008978-1-905762-36-1John Sam JonesCrawling Through Thorns
2007978-1-905762-39-2Jordi CocaUnder the Dust
2008978-1-905762-40-8Shimon AttieThe Attraction of Onlookers: Aberfan: the Anatomy of a Welsh Village: Aberfan: the Antaomy of a Welsh Village
2009978-1-905762-45-3Hywel FrancisHistory on Our Side: Wales and the 1984/5 Miners' Strike
2007978-1-905762-46-0Dorothy EdwardsRhapsody (Library of Wales)
2017978-1-905762-47-7Rhys DaviesThe Withered Root (Library of Wales)
2008978-1-905762-49-1Shimon AttieThe Attraction of Onlookers
  ''978-1-905762-51-4George Ewart EvansVoices of the Children (Library of Wales)
  ''978-1-905762-52-1Bernice RubensI Sent a Letter to My Love (Library of Wales Anthology) (Library of Wales)
  ''978-1-905762-54-5Tina Carr and Annemarie SchoneCoalfaces: Life After Coal in the Afan Valley
2008978-1-905762-56-9Dai SmithRaymond Williams A Warrior's Tale (Library of Wales) (Library of Wales)
2007978-1-905762-58-3Cynan JonesThe Long Dry
  ''978-1-905762-59-0Patrick JonesFuse
2009978-1-905762-75-0Katie GramichAlmanac 2009: No. 13: Yearbook of Welsh Writing in English: No. 13
2008978-1-905762-79-8Howell DaviesCongratulate the Devil (Library of Wales)
2009978-1-905762-95-8Stuart EvansThe Caves of Alienation (Library of Wales)
2008978-1-905762-96-5Gwyn ThomasThe Alone to the Alone (Library of Wales)
  ''978-1-905762-99-6Dai SmithRaymond Williams: a Warrior's Tale