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1996978-1-901198-00-3David GoldblattMRCP Part 1 Paediatric Past Topics
1997978-1-901198-01-0Delilah Hassanally · Rema SinghSurgical Finals: 150 Essential MCQs (Books for Medical Students)
  ''978-1-901198-02-7Rema Singh · Delilah HassanallyMedical Finals: 150 Essential MCQs (Books for Medical Students)
1998978-1-901198-03-4Tim Isitt · Sarah Chieveley-WilliamsFinal FRCA Practice Papers
  ''978-1-901198-04-1A. Feather · J. S. P. Lumley · Ramamathan VisvanathanOSCEs for Medical Undergraduates: Vol. 1
  ''978-1-901198-05-8A. Feather · J. S. P. Lumley · Ramamathan VisvanathanUndergraduate OSCEs: v. 2 (Books for Medical Students)
  ''978-1-901198-06-5Philip A. KalraEssential Revision Notes for MRCP
1997978-1-901198-07-2K.R. Mills · etc.MRCP Part 1 MCQ's Key Topic Summaries
1997978-1-901198-08-9C. BrowningMembership at Your Fingertips
1998978-1-901198-09-6Andrew Williams · Tom Hennigan · Chris Chan · Lindsay BarkerMRCS Core Modules: MCQs and EMQs
  ''978-1-901198-10-2Andrew Williams · Tom Hennigan · Chris Chan · Lindsay BarkerMRCS Systems Modules: MCQs and EMQs
  ''978-1-901198-11-9Philip A. KalraMembership of the Royal College of Physicians, Part 1: Past Topics: A Revision Syllabus
2000978-1-901198-12-6Gin S. MahliMRCPsych Part 1: MCQ Practice Papers
1998978-1-901198-13-3Professor Peter Clark · Roderick NeilsonData Interpretation for the MRCP Part 2
2002978-1-901198-14-0C. ChanMRCS Core Modules, the Complete Test
2003978-1-901198-15-7Delilah Hassanally · R. WasanEssential MCQs for Surgical Finals
2002978-1-901198-16-4R. Daniels · G. Neumegen · P. AchesonPractice Papers for the MRCGP Written Paper
2003978-1-901198-17-1Hans-Ulrich LaaschMRCP 2 Practice Papers: Case Histories, Data Interpretations and Photographic Material
2002978-1-901198-19-5C. ChanMRCS Systems Modules, the Complete Test
  ''978-1-901198-20-1Delilah Hassanally · R. Wasan · Balvinder WasanEssential MCQs for Medical Finals
2004978-1-901198-21-8Jonathan Whittaker · Anne Brickwood · Andrew CurranThe Emergency Department: A Survival Guide
2003978-1-901198-22-5Sarah J. Howling · Paul Jenkins · Alan Grundy · R. WasanRadiology for MRCP 2
2004978-1-901198-23-2Michael MurphyEssential Lists for Intercollegiate MRCS
  ''978-1-901198-24-9Mark Beattie · Andrew Clark · Anne SmithShort Cases for the Paediatric Membership
1999978-1-901198-25-6R.M. Beattie · etc. · A.T. Clark · A.L. SmithShort Cases for the Paediatric Membership
1999978-1-901198-26-3D. Pal · P. Gringras · M. GreenburgMRCPCH Part 2 Paediatric Practice Exams
2002978-1-901198-28-7Geraint ReesExplanations to the MRCP 97/98 Papers: Pt. 1
1998978-1-901198-29-4Peter EllisMRCGP: MCQ and EMQ Practice Papers
2003978-1-901198-30-0Stuart McPhersonLearning by Lists for Medical Students
  ''978-1-901198-31-7Jafaru Abu · David IrelandHow to Prepare for MRCOG Part 1
  ''978-1-901198-32-4Delilah Hassanally · Balvinder WasanEssential MCQs on Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
2000978-1-901198-33-1Hans-Ulrich LaaschMRCP Part 2: Case Histories and Data Interpretations
2003978-1-901198-34-8Diana Hamilton-FairleyEssential MCQs in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
1999978-1-901198-36-2Jeremy Elkabir · Khadra AbbasMRCS Core Modules: Essential Revision Notes
  ''978-1-901198-37-9David GoldblattMRCP Part 1 Paediatric Past Topics
  ''978-1-901198-38-6Ian Maconochie · Jo WilmshurstPart 1 Paediatric MCQ Revision Book for MRCP and MRCPH
2000978-1-901198-39-3Tim IsittFRCA Primary Practice Papers
2000978-1-901198-40-9Rema Wasan · Richard Beese · Alan GrundyRadiology Casebook for Medical Students
  ''978-1-901198-41-6Catherine Parchment-Smith · C. HernonMRCS System Modules: Essential Revision Notes: Set 2 & 3
978-1-901198-42-3C. BrowningMembership at Your Fingertips (Zip-Bag)
1999978-1-901198-43-0Ramanthan Visvanathan · John LumleySurgical Finals: Structured Answer and Essay Questions
2002978-1-901198-44-7C. Parchment-SmithSurgical Short Cases for the MRCS Clinical Examination
2000978-1-901198-45-4Chris ChanMRCS Core Modules Practice Papers
  ''978-1-901198-46-1   ''MRCS System Modules Practice Papers: Set 1
1999978-1-901198-48-5Ian MaconochieMembership of the Royal College of Physicians, Part 1: Paediatric Multiple Choice Questions Practice Exams
2000978-1-901198-50-8Mark BeattieMRCPCH Part 1 Paediatric MCQS with Individual Subject Summaries
2004978-1-901198-51-5Charlotte Chaliha · Barry WhitlowHow to Prepare for MRCOG Part 2
2000978-1-901198-52-2Jackie LynchPractice Papers for the DCH Examination
1999978-1-901198-53-9Interactive Mcqs from Pastest
2001978-1-901198-54-6Chris Chan · Alister HartViva Practice for MRCS
2002978-1-901198-55-3Peter EllisMRCGP Revision Book
2000978-1-901198-56-0Jonathan TremlPLAB Part 1 EMQ Pocket Book 1
2001978-1-901198-57-7K. BinyminMRCP 1 New Multiple Choice Best of Five Revision Book
2002978-1-901198-58-4Stuart McPherson · Duncan Fullerton · James GreenwoodEssential Lists for MRCP
2001978-1-901198-59-1Philip A. KalraEssential Revision Notes for MRCP
978-1-901198-60-7G. ReesExplanations to the Mrcp: Papers 1997 Part 1
978-1-901198-61-4G. ReesExplanations to the Mrcp: Papers 1998 Part 1
2001978-1-901198-62-1Peter KrokerPLAB EMQ Pocket Book 2
2005978-1-901198-63-8Chris Moore · Anna RichardsonMedical Finals: Passing the Clinical
2007978-1-901198-64-5Mark Beattie · Mike ChampionEssential Revision Notes in Paediatrics for the MRCPCH
2001978-1-901198-65-2A. Feather · B. Field · Paola Domizio · C. Knowles · J. S. P. LumleyEMQs for Medical Students: v. 1
2003978-1-901198-66-9Peter Ellis · Rob DanielsMRCGP Practice Papers
2001978-1-901198-67-6H.U. LaaschMRCP Part 2: Case Histories and Data Interpretation
2003978-1-901198-68-3Paul Jenkins · Philip Kelly · Thomas PowlesPACES for MRCP: Pt. 2
2001978-1-901198-69-0A. Feather · B. Field · Paola Domizio · C. Knowles · J. S. P. LumleyEMQs for Medical Students: v. 2
2003978-1-901198-70-6John Buchanan · Andrea Hermann · Hank SchneiderPLAB Part 1 EMQ Pocket Book: Book 3
2002978-1-901198-71-3Sam AndrewsMRCS Core Modules: Essential Revision Notes
2003978-1-901198-73-7J. Gray · Andrew ThillainayagamMRCP 2: Passing the Paces
2002978-1-901198-74-4J. Peiris · Natasha PeirisMRCP 2 Neurology for PACES: The Neurology and History Taking Stations
  ''978-1-901198-75-1Cardiology, Respiratory, Haematology (New MRCP 1 Pocket Book S.)
  ''978-1-901198-76-8Chloe Baxter · Mark G. Brennan · Yvette ColdicottThe Practical Guide to Medical Ethics and Law
2003978-1-901198-77-5Gina Kuperberg · J. S. P. LumleySurgical Finals: Passing the Clinical
2003978-1-901198-78-2Annaliese Morgan · Alison Lomas · Sue RobertsHow to Get through NVQ 2 for Veterinary Nurses
2004978-1-901198-79-9Annaliese Morgan · Alison LomasHow to Get Through NVQ3 for Veterinary Nurses
2002978-1-901198-80-5Neurology, Psychiatry, Basic Sciences (New MRCP 1 Pocket Book S.)
2001978-1-901198-81-2Louise Newson · Ash PatelHot Topics for MRCGP
2002978-1-901198-82-9   ''Hot Topics for Mrcgp and General Practitioners
2004978-1-901198-84-3Keith PattersonMRCP 1 Pocket Book 1: Cardiology, Haematology, Respiratory Medicine (Multiple Choice Pocket Book)
2002978-1-901198-85-0Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Nephrology (New MRCP 1 Pocket Book S.)
2001978-1-901198-86-7Paul K. HamiltonClinical Skills for Medical Students: A Hands-on Guide
2004978-1-901198-87-4Giles Kendall · Ian PollockMRCPCH Part 2 Practice Exams
  ''978-1-901198-88-1Khalid BinyminMRCP 1: 'Best of Five' Practice Papers
  ''978-1-901198-89-8S. Esmail · G. Rees · Mo ZohaMRCP 1 Pocket Book 2: Basic Sciences, Neurology, Psychiatry (Multiple Choice Pocket Book)
2002978-1-901198-90-4Clinical Pharmacology, Infectious Diseases, Rheumatology, Immunology (New MRCP 1 Pocket Book S.)
  ''978-1-901198-91-1John E. Sandars · Louise NewsonMRCGP Approaching the Modular Examination
2003978-1-901198-92-8Elora MukherjeePLAB Part 2 Made Easy: OSCEs with Discussion
2004978-1-901198-93-5Philippa Easterbrook · Thushan De SilvaMRCP 1 Basic Medical Sciences: Best of Five Questions and Answers: Best of Five Question and Answers
  ''978-1-901198-94-2C. Dayan · T. Heymann · J. WrightMRCP 1 Pocket Book 3: Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology (Multiple Choice Pocket Book)
2001978-1-901198-95-9Philip A. KalraMRCP 1 Multiple True/False Revision Book
2004978-1-901198-96-6Michael M. Dooley · A Elfara · M. SavvasDRCOG Practice Exams: MCQs, OSCEs and Case Histories
2003978-1-901198-97-3Geraint ReesMRCP 1: 300 Best of Five
2004978-1-901198-98-0M. Pirmomohamed · I. Cropley · A. Barton · N. SnowdenMRCP 1 Pocket Book 4: Clinical Pharmacology, Immunology, Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases
2004978-1-901198-99-7Mark Beattie · Mike ChampionEssential Questions in Paediatrics for the MRCPCH: v. 1