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2004978-1-904627-00-5Noel Aherne · Arnold Hill100 Clinical Cases and Osces in Surgery
  ''978-1-904627-01-2Gin S. Malhi · Bob S. MalhiMRCPsych Part 1 Practice Questions
  ''978-1-904627-02-9Mo Zoha · Jan Wise · John LoweMRCPsych Patient Management Problems
  ''978-1-904627-03-6Chris FearEssential Revision Notes in Psychiatry for MRCPsych
  ''978-1-904627-04-3Mo Zoha · Jan Wise · Sudhir KaligotlaOSCEs for MRCPsych: Part 1
2004978-1-904627-06-7Julia Harris · Patrick A. Roberts · Andrew SaichPLAB EMQ Pocket Book 4
  ''978-1-904627-07-4A. Feather · J. S. P. Lumley · Paola DomizioEMQs for Medical Students: Practice Papers v. 3
  ''978-1-904627-08-1Peter De Halpert · Ian Pollock · Jacqueline LynchBasic Child Health Practice Papers
  ''978-1-904627-09-8Adam Feather · John Lumley · Ramamathan VisvanathanOSCEs for Medical Students: v. 1
  ''978-1-904627-10-4Adam Feather · John Lumley · Ramamathan VisvanathanOSCEs for Medical Students: v. 2
2004978-1-904627-11-1Adam Feather · J. S. P. Lumley · Ramamathan VisvanathanOSCEs for Medical Students: v. 3
  ''978-1-904627-12-8David R. McCluskey100 Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Medicine
2005978-1-904627-13-5Ian Maconochie · Louise MichaelisTotal Revision: Extended Paediatrics
2004978-1-904627-14-2Carmelo Aquilina · James WarnerA Guide to Psychiatric Examination
  ''978-1-904627-15-9Philip A. KalraEssential Revision Notes for MRCP 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-904627-16-6Nicholas Dr. Barnes · Julian Dr. FortonQuestions for the MRCPCH Part 2 Written Examination
  ''978-1-904627-17-3Jayanta ChatterjeePLAB 1 Revision Made Easy: EMQs and SBAs
2004978-1-904627-18-0Louise Newson · Ash PatelHot Topics for MRCGP and General Practitioners
  ''978-1-904627-19-7Christopher L. H. Chan · Alister HartVIVA Practice for Intercollegiate MRCS: Pt.3
2006978-1-904627-20-3Philip A. KalraEssential Revision Notes in Medicine for Students
2004978-1-904627-22-7Professor Richard Bellamy · Muzlifah HaniffaTotal Revision: EMQs for Medical Students
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2005978-1-904627-24-1Séamus Phillips · Lydia BadiaTotal Revision - Ear, Nose and Throat
  ''978-1-904627-25-8Philip KellyMRCP 2: Book 1 Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine
  ''978-1-904627-26-5Philip KellyMRCP 2: Book 2 Gastroenterology, Endocrinology & Renal Medicine
2004978-1-904627-27-2   ''MRCP 2: Book 3 Haematology, Rheumatology, Neurology
2004978-1-904627-28-9Maggi BlezardPerfect Your Portfolio
  ''978-1-904627-29-6Alan Grundy · R. Wasan · Richard BeeseRadiology Casebook for Medical Students, Second Edition
2005978-1-904627-30-2Catherine GouldingPreparation for Practical Assessment
  ''978-1-904627-31-9Chloe Baxter · Mark G. Brennan · Yvette Coldicott · Maaike MollerThe Practical Guide to Medical Ethics and Law
2004978-1-904627-32-6Peter Ellis · Rob DanielsMRCGP Multiple Choice Revision Book
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2006978-1-904627-36-4S. Andrews · Catherine Parchment-Smith · R. ChalmersEssential Revision Notes for Intercollegiate MRCS: Bk. 1
2006978-1-904627-37-1Catherine Parchment-SmithEssential Revision Notes for Intercollegiate MRCS: Bk. 2
2004978-1-904627-38-8David R. McCluskeyEssential Skills Practice for OSCEs in Medicine: v. 2
  ''978-1-904627-39-5Christopher L. H. ChanIntercollegiate MRCS: Applied Basic Science MCQs
2005978-1-904627-40-1Charles KnowlesIntercollegiate MRCS: v. 2: Clinical Problem Solving EMQs
2004978-1-904627-42-5Nicholas TaylorThe A-Z for the MRCPsych
2005978-1-904627-44-9Rupal ShahGeneral Practice: The Clinical Survival Guide
  ''978-1-904627-49-4Manoj Ramachandran · Alexander Malone · Christopher L. H. ChanIntercollegiate MRCS: An Aid to the VIVA Examination
2006978-1-904627-51-7Kathleen Fan · Judith JonesOSCEs for Dentistry
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  ''978-1-904627-60-9   ''MRCPsych Part 2: Practice ISQs and EMIs
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2005978-1-904627-65-4Jonathan Fishman · Laura FishmanHistory Taking in Medicine and Surgery
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2007978-1-904627-70-8Hans-Ulrich LaaschMRCP 2 Practice Papers
2006978-1-904627-72-2Louise Newson · Rupal Shah · Ash PatelHot Topics for MRCGP and General Practitioners
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2006978-1-904627-78-4W.Stephen WaringLast Minute Picture Tests for MRCP 2
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2007978-1-904627-81-4Delilah Hassanally · R. Wasan · Ian BickleEssential Best of Five and Multiple Choice Questions for Surgical Finals, Third Edition
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2006978-1-904627-95-1Aaron Trinidade · Manoj RamachandranTrauma, Orthopaedics and Sub-specialties (Fast Track Surgery)
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  ''978-1-904627-98-2Tim NicholsonMnemonics for MRCP