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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-901033-00-7Duncan McCorquodale · Monica PidgeonNicholas Grimshaw and Partners
1998978-1-901033-01-4Professor Jonathan HillIllegal Architect, The
2001978-1-901033-02-1Shin Azumi · Tomoko AzumiSerial Books Design 2: Ideas + Books
2002978-1-901033-03-8Wilfried WangEric Parry Architects: Volume 1
2003978-1-901033-04-5Alexander Payne · James ZemaitisThe Coffee Table Coffee Table Book
1996978-1-901033-05-2Richard Bentley · Alex Colesde-, dis-, ex-, Vol. 1: Ex-cavating Modernism: Ex-cavating Modernism v. 1
2001978-1-901033-06-9Jean-Francois LyotardAssassination of Experience by Painting: Jacques Monory (Revisions)
2002978-1-901033-07-6Matthew Arnatt · etc. · Klega Mollin · David Mollin100 Reviews
  ''978-1-901033-08-3Lucy BullivantFrom Milton Keynes to Manhattan
2004978-1-901033-09-0Kathleen BrunnerPicasso Rewriting Picasso
2001978-1-901033-10-6Victor BurginVenise
  ''978-1-901033-12-0VariousSite-specificity: the Ethnographic Turn: De-, Dis-, Ex-, Volume 4
2002978-1-901033-13-7TransmissionTransmission: Committee for the Visual Arts
2003978-1-901033-14-4Claude Heath · Andrew Patrizio · Ian HuntWhat is Drawing?
2005978-1-901033-15-1Peter Cook · John HejdukHouse of the Book: Beth Sepher (Black Dog Series)
2001978-1-901033-17-5Michael SodeauOnce Upon a Line (Serial Books: Design)
  ''978-1-901033-18-2Martha Langford · A. L. Rees · Malcolm Le Grice · et alMichael Snow Almost Cover to Cover
2003978-1-901033-19-9Franko BStill Life
1996978-1-901033-20-5Duncan McCorquodaleArtifice 5 (Artifice S.)
2002978-1-901033-22-9"Jam"Serial Books Design 4: Invention
  ''978-1-901033-23-6Peggy PhelanWe are All Normal (and We Want Our Freedom): A Collection of Contemporary Nordic Artists Writings
1997978-1-901033-25-0Duncan McCorquodaleArtifice: No. 6
2001978-1-901033-26-7William FirebraceThings Worth Seeing
2000978-1-901033-27-4Emily Campbell · etc.Inside Out: Underwear and Style
2002978-1-901033-28-1Steve Beard · Jeni Walwin · Oliver Bennett · Tony White · Mark Waddell · Tracy WarrSyzygy/Polaria: London Fieldworks
2009978-1-901033-29-8WangEric Parry Architects Volume 2
1997978-1-901033-30-4Duncan McCorquodaleArtifice: No. 7
2001978-1-901033-31-1Nina Pope · Paul Welsh · Pauline van Mourik Broekman · Karen GuthrieSomewhere
2001978-1-901033-32-8Kadambari Baxi · Reinhold MartinEntropia
2002978-1-901033-33-5David Alan MellorThe Art of Robyn Denny
2003978-1-901033-34-2Peter Murray · Jeremy Myerson · Maziar Raein · Mark PimlottMak Architects
1997978-1-901033-35-9Derren Gilhooley · Simon CostinUnclasped: Contemporary British Jewellery
2000978-1-901033-36-6Peter Beard · etc.4 + 1: Peter Salter Building Projects
2001978-1-901033-37-3Mark Durden · Ian Hunt · Joanna Lowry · Craig RichardsonFace on: Photography as Social Exchange
2002978-1-901033-38-0David Campany · Rebecca Comay · Antonio Guzmangenii loci: The Photographic Work of Karen Knorr
2004978-1-901033-39-7Dagmar Richter · DRD LabArmed Surfaces: Serial Books Archite (Serial Books Architecture and Urbanism, 5)
2001978-1-901033-40-3Kevin RhowbothamField Event / Field Space (Serial Books: Architecture and Urbanism)
1999978-1-901033-41-0Benjamin H. D. Buchloh · etc.De-, Dis-, Ex-: Optic of Walter Benjamin v. 3: The Optic of Walter Benjamin
2002978-1-901033-43-4Andrew Patrizio · Stefan GecStefan Gec
2004978-1-901033-44-1Peter Wollen · Jean FisherElectronic Shadows: The Art of Tina Keane
2001978-1-901033-45-8Nicholas: Murphy, Nicola BoyarskyAction Research (Serial Books)
2003978-1-901033-46-5Niek KempsBig Eyes, Small Windows: Selected Writings
2002978-1-901033-47-2Matt Hale · Paul Noble · Peter OwenCity Racing: The Life and Times of an Artist-Run Gallery
  ''978-1-901033-48-9Arthur C. Erickson · Neill Archer RoanScale + Timbre: The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
2003978-1-901033-49-6Alex HartleyLa Climbs: Alternative Uses for Architecture
1998978-1-901033-50-2Rut Blees Luxemburg · Michael BracewellLondon: a Modern Project
  ''978-1-901033-51-9Tonkin Architects and Design · Mike Tonkin · David RockAsking, Looking, Playing, Making
2001978-1-901033-52-6Rut Blees LuxemburgLiebeslied: My Suicides
2002978-1-901033-53-3Mark Dorrian · Adrian HawkerMetis: Urban Cartographies
2003978-1-901033-54-0Sarah JacksonCatalogue: Project Orange Architecture and Design
2001978-1-901033-55-7Stuart Morgan · Lois KeidanFranko B
  ''978-1-901033-56-4Gilles Deleuze · Michel Foucault · Adrian Rifkin · Gerard FromangerPhotogenic Painting: Gerard Fromanger (Revisions)
2003978-1-901033-57-1Adrian HeathfieldSmall Acts: Performance, the Millennium and the Marking of Time
  ''978-1-901033-58-8Anthony HoeteROAM a Reader of the Aesthetics of Mobility
2003978-1-901033-59-5Mark Godfrey · Jon WoodObjects for... and Other Things
1999978-1-901033-60-1Simon FordWreckers of Civilisation: The Story of COUM Transmissions & Throbbing Gristle: The Story of Coum Transmissions and "Throbbing Gristle"
2001978-1-901033-61-8Pauline Van Mourik Broekman · Niru Ratnam · Julian StallabrassLocus Solus: Site, Identity and Technology in Contemporary Art
2003978-1-901033-62-5Pierre Klossowski · Maurice Blanchot · Alyce MahonThe Decadence of the Nude (Revisions)
2002978-1-901033-63-2Mark Gisbourne · George C. McGavinDead or Alive
2004978-1-901033-64-9Studio Myerscough · Myerscough StudioMyerscough Caravan
2003978-1-901033-65-6Parveen Adams · Michael Onfray · et alOrlan: This is My Body, This is My Software
2001978-1-901033-66-3Suzanne TreisterNo Other Symptoms: Time Travelling with Rosalind Brodsky
  ''978-1-901033-67-0Andre StittSmall Time Life
2004978-1-901033-69-4James WilliamsFor Ever Godard: The Work of Jean-Luc Godard, 1950 to the Present
2001978-1-901033-70-0Vicki Berger · Isabel Vasseur · Richard HoggartArcadia Revisited: The Place of Landscape (Black Dog Series)
1999978-1-901033-71-7Simon Herbert · Alan ReadOver Easy: Richard Wilson
2001978-1-901033-72-4Kenneth PowellThe Modern House Today
2003978-1-901033-73-1Caryn Faure Walker · David CotterrillImpossible Project, The
  ''978-1-901033-74-8Joe KeerAlong Some American Highways
1998978-1-901033-75-5Hal FosterDe-, Dis-, Ex-, Vol. 2: The Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity
2002978-1-901033-76-2Raoul Bunschoten · CHORAPublic Spaces: Prototypes (Serial Books: Architecture and Urbanism)
2001978-1-901033-77-9Eric Parry · Peter CarlOn Certain Possibilities for the Irrational Embellishment of a Town: Ten Urban Artefacts
2004978-1-901033-79-3Charlemagne Palestine · Antonio GuzmanSacred Bordello
2001978-1-901033-80-9Raoul BunschotenMetaspaces: Material Modelling of Proto-urban Conditions (Black Dog Series)
  ''978-1-901033-81-6Molly NesbitTheir Common Sense
  ''978-1-901033-82-3Gray Watson · Sarah WilsonFranko B: Oh Lover Boy!
2003978-1-901033-83-0Adrian MaddoxClassic Cafes
2004978-1-901033-84-7Catherine David · Brian HolmesImmaterial Labour: de-, dis-, ex-.: Work, Research and Art
1997978-1-901033-85-4Jeni WalwinLow Tide: Writings on Artistic Collaborations
2001978-1-901033-86-1Mieke BalZwarte Piet
2002978-1-901033-87-8Lois KeidanExposures
2003978-1-901033-88-5Rowan Moore · Kevin Rhowbotham · Mark Harrison&\also
2004978-1-901033-89-2Charlemagne Palestine · Antonio GuzmanSacred Bordello
2000978-1-901033-91-5VariousArchaeology: Mark Dion
2003978-1-901033-92-2Ian Thompson · Marina VaizeyColin Rose: Edge to Edge
2003978-1-901033-93-9Mark Dorrian · Gillian RoseDeterritorialisations...
2001978-1-901033-95-3Michael Hensel · Tom VerebesUrbanisations O.C.E.A.N. UK (Serial Books: Architecture and Urbanism)
  ''978-1-901033-96-0Michael YoungSerial Books Design 1: We Like This!
  ''978-1-901033-97-7VariousCold War Pastoral: Grrenham Common: Greenham Common
2003978-1-901033-98-4Nick CrosbieSerial Books Design 5: I'll Keep Thinking