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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-904772-00-2Paul RodgersInspiring Designers: a Sourcebook
2004978-1-904772-03-3Alice L. HutchinsonKenneth Anger (b)
  ''978-1-904772-04-0Kate Trant · Austin WilliamsThe Macro World of Microcars
2005978-1-904772-05-7Simon FordThe Situationist International: A User's Guide
2004978-1-904772-06-4Claire DohertyContemporary Art: From Studio to Situation
  ''978-1-904772-09-5Alex ElyThe Home Buyer's Guide: What to Look & Ask for When Buying a New Home: What to Look and Ask for When Buying a New Home
2005978-1-904772-10-1Clare Melhuish · Pierre d'AvoineHousey Housey: A Pattern Book of Ideal Homes
  ''978-1-904772-11-8Gillian Fuller · Rudesch Ross HorleyAviopolis: A Book About Airports
  ''978-1-904772-14-9Tally Abecassis · Claudine SauveBarbershops
2005978-1-904772-15-6Peter Carolin · Frank DuffyBennetts Associates
  ''978-1-904772-17-0Jonathan HaleEnds Middles Beginnings: Edward Cullinan Architects
  ''978-1-904772-19-4Jivan Astfalck · Paul DerrezNew Directions in Jewellery
  ''978-1-904772-20-0Christopher FraylingRe Views: Artists and Public Space
2004978-1-904772-24-8Bob Smith · Roberta Smith · Matthew CollingsMake Your Own Damn Art
2006978-1-904772-26-2Jes Fernie · SmithTwo Minds: Artists and Architects in Collaboration
2005978-1-904772-27-9Kate TrantHome Away from Home: the World of Camper Vans and Motorhomes: The World of Campers and Motorhomes
2006978-1-904772-28-6Anna HardingMagic Moments: Collaboration Between Artists and Young People: Collaborations Between Artists and Young People
2005978-1-904772-30-9Chris Kraus · Jane McFadden · Jan TumlirLA Artland
  ''978-1-904772-31-6Mel BagshawThe Art of Italian Film Posters
2005978-1-904772-32-3Rob YoungWarp: Labels Unlimited
2006978-1-904772-33-0Tania KovatsThe Drawing Book
  ''978-1-904772-36-1Lucy SiegleRecycle: the Essential Guide
  ''978-1-904772-39-2Patricia Ellis · Stephen R. Baker · Michelle HenningNanoq: Flat Out and Bluesome a Cultural Life of Polar Bears
  ''978-1-904772-40-8Matt SeatonOn Your Bike: The Complete Guide to Cycling (Cycling Guide)
  ''978-1-904772-41-5Elyssa Da Cruz · Sandy BlackFashioning Fabrics: Contemporary Textiles in Fashion
2006978-1-904772-42-2Steve Taylor & Neville Brody100 Years of Magazine Covers
  ''978-1-904772-43-9Paul SchilperoordFuture Tech: Innovations in Transportation
  ''978-1-904772-44-6Sally VenablesStill Open: the Guide to Traditonal London Shops: The Guide to Traditional London Shops
  ''978-1-904772-45-3Fiamma MontezemoloHere Is Tijuana!
  ''978-1-904772-46-0Tom BarkerWeird Scenes from Inside the Goldmine: Futuristic Technology and Amazing Materials in Design
2006978-1-904772-47-7Rob YoungRough Trade: Labels Unlimited
  ''978-1-904772-49-1Fiamma Montezemolo · Rene Peralta · Heriberto YepezAqui Es Tijuana!
  ''978-1-904772-50-7Beatrice Von Bismarck · Andrea Fraser · Simon SheikhArt and Its Institutions: Current Conflicts, Critique and Collaborations
  ''978-1-904772-51-4Bernd Herzogenrath · Robin Blyn · Elisabeth Bronfen · Stefanie Diekmann · Ekkehard Knorer · Boris Henry · Lars Nowak · Eli SavadaThe Films of Tod Browning
2007978-1-904772-52-1Stanley MathewsFrom Agit Prop to Free Space: The Architecture of Cedric Price
2006978-1-904772-53-8S.Brent PlateBlasphemy: Art That Offends
  ''978-1-904772-54-5Rhona WarwickArcade: Artists and Place-making
2006978-1-904772-55-2Beccy Clarke · Indigo ClarkeNew Directions in Jewellery: v. 2
  ''978-1-904772-56-9Timothy Brittain-Catlin · Jane Audas · Charles StuckeyThe Cutting Edge of Wallpaper (Interior Design)
  ''978-1-904772-57-6Kate BushIn the Face of History: European Photographers in the 20th Century: European Photographers in the Twentieth Century
  ''978-1-904772-59-0Lucy Andrews · Paul StallanRMJM Inside Out Outside In: More Than Architecture
  ''978-1-904772-61-3Ziggy HanaorMaking Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book (Interior Design)
2007978-1-904772-62-0Colin St John WilsonThe Other Tradition of Modern Architecture: The Uncompleted Project
2007978-1-904772-64-4J Et Al PallasmaaAlvar Aalto: Through the Eyes of Shigeru Ban
  ''978-1-904772-65-1Rossana Atena · Salvador Perez Arroyo · Igor KebelEmerging Technologies and Housing Prototypes
  ''978-1-904772-67-5Sunand PrasadTransformations: The Architecture of Penoyre and Prasad
  ''978-1-904772-70-5Roger Stonehouse · Eric ParryColin St John Wilson: Buildings and Projects
  ''978-1-904772-72-9Brian Johnson · Scot MedburyBotanic Gardens: A Living History (Gardens)
2007978-1-904772-73-6Simon Groom · Johanna Malt · Charles DarwentShelf Life: Neil Gall
  ''978-1-904772-75-0Lucy OrtaLucy +Jorge Orta Pattern Book: An Introduction to Collaborative Practices
  ''978-1-904772-76-7Ziggy HanaorBreaking the Mould: New Approaches to Ceramics
  ''978-1-904772-77-4Rob Young4AD: Labels Unlimited
2017978-1-904772-81-1Tania KovatsThe Drawing Book: A Survey of Drawing - The Primary Means of Expression
2007978-1-904772-82-8Michael TempleFor Ever Godard