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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-899618-03-3Rob IvesThe Paper Locksmith: A Collection of Locks to Cut Out and Glue Together
1996978-1-899618-04-0Anne WildBird Mobiles: A Collection of Bird Mobiles to Cut and Glue Together (Make mobiles series)
1995978-1-899618-06-4John SharpSliceforms: Mathematical Models from Paper Sections
1996978-1-899618-07-1Wilson RansomeNumber-Cell Challenges: A Collection of Ingenious Number Puzzles
1999978-1-899618-08-8Andrew BrownfootHigh Fashion in Stuart Times: A Study of Period Costume with Pull-up Scenes (History and Costume)
1997978-1-899618-09-5Duncan BirminghamPop-up!: Manual of Paper Mechanisms
  ''978-1-899618-11-8I. Nechaev · Gerald JenkinsThe Chemical Elements: The Fascinating Story of Their Discovery and of the Famous Scientists Who Discovered Them
1999978-1-899618-12-5Robert FieldGeometric Patterns from Tiles and Brickwork
2014978-1-899618-13-2Robert FieldGeometric Patterns in Churches and Cathedrals
2000978-1-899618-14-9Martine PerryArithmetic Arithmetic
  ''978-1-899618-18-7David MitchellMathematical Origami: Geometrical Shapes by Paper Folding
1998978-1-899618-19-4Andrew BrownfootShakespeare on Stage: Including Pop-up Theatre Scenes to Make Yourself
  ''978-1-899618-21-7Rob IvesPaper Automata: Four Working Models to Cut Out and Glue Together (Make Shapes Series)
  ''978-1-899618-22-4Robert FieldGeometric Patterns from Islamic Art and Architecture
1998978-1-899618-23-1Gerald Jenkins · Magoalen BearPaper Polyhedra in Colour: A Collection of 15 Symmetrical Mathematical Models to Cut Out and Glue Together
  ''978-1-899618-25-5John Southcliffe MartineauAltair Design: Bk. 1: Special Patterns for Everyone to Colour
  ''978-1-899618-26-2John Southcliffe MartineauAltair Design: Bk. 2: Special Patterns for Everyone to Colour
  ''978-1-899618-27-9Annabelle CurtisButterflies on Display
2008978-1-899618-28-6David MitchellThe Magic of Flexagons: Manipulative Paper Puzzles to Cut Out and Make
1999978-1-899618-29-3Robert FieldMazes: Ancient and Modern
  ''978-1-899618-30-9Hilary McElderryThe Second Multiplication Tables Colouring Book: Solve the Puzzle Pictures While Learning Your Tables
1999978-1-899618-31-6William GibbsMathematical Window Patterns: The Art of Creating Translucent Designs Using Geometric Principles
  ''978-1-899618-32-3H. S. M. Coxeter · etc.The Fifty-Nine Icosahedra
2014978-1-899618-33-0Jon MillingtonThe Number Detective: 100 Number Puzzles to Test Your Logical Thinking
2000978-1-899618-35-4Gerald Jenkins · Anne Wild · BEARMathematical Curiosities: A Collection of Interesting and Curious Models of a Mathematical Nature
  ''978-1-899618-36-1Gerald Jenkins · Magoalen BearMore Mathematical Curiosities: A Collection of Interesting and Curious Models of a Mathematical Nature
  ''978-1-899618-37-8Bernard AmbroseLeonardo's Machines: Insights into Leonardo Da Vinci's Engineering Notions with Four Paper Models to Cut Out and Glue Together
  ''978-1-899618-38-5Gordon WoodsThe Puzzle of Symmetry Dice
2000978-1-899618-39-2Anne WildPivoting Parrots and Other Balancing Models to Cut Out and Glue Together
2015978-1-899618-41-5Robert FieldGeometric Patterns for Patchwork Quilts
2000978-1-899618-44-6Vivien LucasMathematical Treasure Hunts
2001978-1-899618-45-3Magdalen BearAutomata Too
  ''978-1-899618-46-0Annabelle CurtisThe Moving Menagerie: Rocking Models to Cut Out and Glue Together
2019978-1-899618-47-7Roy MullinsThe Number Puzzler: The Art of Cracking Number Sequences: The Art of Cracking Number Sequence Puzzles
2001978-1-899618-48-4Anne WildWildlife Pop-Ups
2008978-1-899618-49-1Gerald Jenkins · Magdalen BearTarquin Number Challenges
2002978-1-899618-50-7Magoalen BearWalking Automata: A Collection of Self-moving Models to Cut Out and Make
1999978-1-899618-51-4Jon MillingtonMathematical Snacks: A Collection of Interesting Ideas to Fill Those Spare Moments (Collection of Interesting Topics and Ideas to Fill Spare Mom)
  ''978-1-899618-52-1Vivien LucasA Puzzle a Day: A Collection of Mathematical Problems for Every Day of the School Year
2000978-1-899618-56-9   ''Mathematical Team Games: Enjoyable Activities to Enhance the Curriculum
  ''978-1-899618-57-6Dominic TurpinMathsheets: A Collection of 32 Useful Worksheets on a Variety of Mathematical Topics
2003978-1-899618-58-3Walter RufflerA Handbook of Paper Automata Mechanisms
2000978-1-899618-59-0Vivien LucasMathematical Merry-Go-Round: Whole Class Oral Activities to Enhance the Curriculum
1999978-1-899618-61-3Gerald Jenkins · Magdalen BearAdvanced Polyhedra 1: The Final Stellation of the Icosahedron
  ''978-1-899618-62-0   ''Advanced Polyhedra 2: The Sixth Stellation of the Icosahedron
1999978-1-899618-63-7Gerald Jenkins · Magdalen BearAdvanced Polyhedra 3: The Compound of Five Cubes
2006978-1-899618-65-1John Mason · Sue Johnston-WilderDesigning and Using Mathematical Tasks
  ''978-1-899618-67-5Sue Johnston-Wilder · John MasonDesigning and Using Mathematical Tasks
2005978-1-899618-73-6Gerald JenkinsTarquin Sudoku: Logical Puzzles to Test Your Reasoning Powers and How to Create Them
2007978-1-899618-74-3Colin OrdMagic Moving Images: Animated Optical Illusions
2006978-1-899618-77-4Ian WardThe Magic of the Matrix: Practise Arithmetic While Having Fun!
  ''978-1-899618-79-8Leonhard EulerEuler's Elements of Algebra
2014978-1-899618-95-8Vivien LucasJunior Mathematical Team Games