Tarquin Publications

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1977978-0-906212-00-4Gerald Jenkins · Anne WildMake Shapes (Book One)
1978978-0-906212-01-1Gerald Jenkins · Anne WildMake Shapes (Book Two)
1979978-0-906212-08-0G.W. Jenkins · J.L. SlackClassroom Experiments with Dice (Practical probability)
2000978-0-906212-09-7June OliverPolysymmetrics: The Art of Making Geometric Patterns
1980978-0-906212-10-3Anne WildDragon Mobiles (Make mobiles series)
1981978-0-906212-18-9   ''Dinosaur Mobiles (Make mobiles series)
  ''978-0-906212-19-6Andy HallFamous Balloon Mobiles (Make mobiles series)
  ''978-0-906212-20-2H.M. Cundy · A.R. RollettMathematical Models
  ''978-0-906212-21-9Sheilah ShawKaleidometrics: The Art of Making Beautiful Patterns from Circles
1982978-0-906212-27-1Kenneth SaundersHexagrams: Thirty-nine Puzzle Pictures, All from a Hexagon
1977978-0-906212-28-8Doris Schattschneider · Wallace WalkerM. C. Escher Kaleidocycles - 17 models of Escher's graphics and the story of how they were devised
1983978-0-906212-29-5Andy Hall · Hall · British Museum PublicationsThe Romans: Pop-up Book (Ancient civilisations pop-ups)
1984978-0-906212-38-7Brian KnightSpace Mobiles (Make mobiles series)
1985978-0-906212-39-4Marion WalterThe Mirror Puzzle Book
1986978-0-906212-45-5Bruno ErnstThe Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher
1985978-0-906212-48-6Gerald Jenkins · Magoalen BearThe Final Stellation of the Icosahedron (Tarquin polyhedra)
  ''978-0-906212-49-3Mark HinerPaper Engineering for Pop-up Books and Cards
1986978-0-906212-54-7Bruno ErnstAdventures with Impossible Figures
1987978-0-906212-57-8Jon MillingtonPentominoes: Puzzle Shapes to Make You Think
1987978-0-906212-58-5Annabelle CurtisMessage Men
  ''978-0-906212-59-2Gerald Jenkins · Magoalen BearSundials and Timedials: A Collection of Working Models to Cut Out and Glue Together
1988978-0-906212-63-9Robert FieldGeometric Patterns from Roman Mosaics: And How to Draw Them
1999978-0-906212-65-3Jon MillingtonCurve Stitching: Art of Sewing Beautiful Mathematical Patterns
1988978-0-906212-66-0Duncan BirminghamM. is for Mirror: Find the Hidden Pictures
  ''978-0-906212-67-7Ivan MoscovichThe Magic Cylinder Book: Hidden Pictures to Colour and Discover
  ''978-0-906212-68-4Brian KnightThe Special Card Book: 18 Delightful Greetings Cards for You to Make
  ''978-0-906212-69-1Alan WiltshireThe Mathematical Patterns File (Mathematics Resource Files)
2000978-0-906212-70-7John WilkinsonStrategy Games File: A Collection of 50 Games & Pazzles to Stimulate Mathematical Thinking (Mathematics Resource Files)
1989978-0-906212-73-8Alan WiltshireSymmetry Patterns: The Art of Making Beautiful Patterns from Special Grids
1991978-0-906212-76-9Gerald Jenkins · Magoalen BearSun, Moon and Tides: A Collection of Working Models to Cut Out and Glue Together
1990978-0-906212-78-3J.C. HawtinSecret Messages: Collection of Puzzles Using Codes and Ciphers
1991978-0-906212-79-0Mark HinerUp-pops: Paper Engineering with Elastic Bands
1992978-0-906212-82-0Andrew BrownfootHigh Fashion in Shakespeare's Time: A Study of Period Costume with Pull-up Scenes (History and Costume)
1994978-0-906212-83-7   ''High Fashion in Victorian Times: A Study of Period Costume with Pull-up Scenes (History and Costume)
1992978-0-906212-84-4Tony ColledgePascal's Triangle: A Teacher's Guide with Blackline Masters
1991978-0-906212-85-1Hilary McElderryThe Multiplication Tables Colouring Book: Solve the Puzzle Pictures While Learning Your Tables (Back to fundamentals)
1999978-0-906212-86-8Duncan BirminghamLook Twice: Use the Mirror to Find Pairs of Opposites
1993978-0-906212-88-2Diego UribeFractal Cuts: Exploring the Magic of Fractals with Pop-up Designs
1992978-0-906212-89-9Ray Hemmings · D.G. Tahta · Leapfrogs GroupImages of Infinity
1993978-0-906212-90-5David GreenKnow the World!: 30 Outline Maps to Improve Your General Knowledge
1999978-0-906212-92-9Borin Van LoonGeodesic Domes: Demonstrated and Explained with Cut-out Models
2000978-0-906212-95-0John ParkerCross Numbers: A Collection of 32 Mathematical Puzzles (Back to fundamentals)
1994978-0-906212-96-7Heather McLeayThe Knots Puzzle Book: A Collection of Interesting Mathematical Ideas
1995978-0-906212-97-4Gerald Jenkins · Magoalen BearThe Chemical Helix: Make a Three Dimensional Model of the Periodic Table
1994978-0-906212-98-1Ivan MoscovichMind's Eye Geometry: Curious and Interesting Puzzles to Amuse the Visual Imagination
1994978-0-906212-99-8Gerald Jenkins · Anne WildBe a Codebreaker!: Mystery Messages to Puzzle Over and Decipher