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2001978-1-903855-00-3Michael O'ByrneChanging Policing: Revolution Not Evolution
2002978-1-903855-06-5Neil Thompson · Sue ThompsonUnderstanding Social Care: A Guide to the Underpinning Knowledge Requirements of S/NVQ Awards in Care at Level 4
  ''978-1-903855-07-2Peter BarnesLeadership with Young People
  ''978-1-903855-09-6Catherine MacAskillSafe Contact: Children in Permanent Placement and Their Birth Relatives
  ''978-1-903855-11-9Ann WhealThe RHP Companion to Leaving Care
  ''978-1-903855-13-3Neil ThompsonBuilding the Future: Social Work with Children, Young People and Their Families
2002978-1-903855-14-0Simon HackettAssessment in Childcare: Using and Developing Frameworks for Practice
2003978-1-903855-23-2John PittsThe New Politics of Youth Crime: Discipline or Solidarity?
  ''978-1-903855-24-9Peter GilbertThe Value of Everything: Social Work and Its Importance in the Field of Mental Health
  ''978-1-903855-25-6Thomas MoloneyGolden Hours: Games for Groups
  ''978-1-903855-28-7Angela M. TaylorResponding to Adolescents: Helping Relationship Skills for Youth Workers, Mentors and Other Advisers
  ''978-1-903855-32-4Ros Burnett · Catherine AppletonJoined-up Youth Justice: Tackling Youth Crime in Partnership
2004978-1-903855-34-8Stephen Walker · Chris BeckettSocial Work Assessment and Intervention
2004978-1-903855-35-5Martin C. CalderChild Sexual Abuse and the Internet: Tackling the New Frontier
  ''978-1-903855-36-2Peter Barnes · Bob SharpThe RHP Companion to Outdoor Education
  ''978-1-903855-42-3Ann WhealAdolescence: Positive Approaches to Working with Young People
  ''978-1-903855-45-4Martin C. Calder · Gordon T. Harold · Emma HowarthChildren Living with Domestic Violence: Towards a Framework for Assessment and Intervention
2006978-1-903855-46-1Kerry YoungThe Art of Youth Work
  ''978-1-903855-47-8Meral MehmetWhat the Standards Say About... Fostering
2004978-1-903855-48-5Michael MurphyDeveloping Collaborative Relationships in Interagency Child Protection Work
2004978-1-903855-49-2Tim Bateman · John PittsThe RHP Companion to Youth Justice
  ''978-1-903855-50-8Martin C. CalderChildren and Young People Who Sexually Abuse: New Theory,Research and Practice Developments
2005978-1-903855-52-2Steven Shardlow · Pete NelsonIntroducing Social Work
2004978-1-903855-53-9Phil HarrisDrug Induced: Addiction and Treatment in Perspective
2007978-1-903855-54-6Phil HarrisEmpathy for the Devil: How to Help People Overcome Drugs and Alcohol Problems
2005978-1-903855-55-3Tony Newman · Alice Moseley · Stephanie Teirney · Annie EllisEvidence-based Social Work: A Guide for the Perplexed
  ''978-1-903855-58-4Neil Thompson · Sue ThompsonCommunity Care (Theory into Practice)
  ''978-1-903855-61-4Mark HamerPreventing Breakdown: A Manual For Those Working With Families And The Individuals Within Them
  ''978-1-903855-62-1Bob BroadImproving the Health and Well-being of Young People Leaving Care
2006978-1-903855-64-5Toyin OkitikpiWorking with Children of Mixed Parentage
2005978-1-903855-65-2Mike SealResettling Homeless People: Theory and Practice
2006978-1-903855-66-9Fiona HarbinSecret Lives: Growing with Substance: Working with Children Who Live with Substance Misuse
2005978-1-903855-67-6Ann WhealThe Leaving Care Handbook: Helping and Supporting Care Leavers
2005978-1-903855-68-3Ethel Quayle · Marcus Erooga · Louise Wright · Max Taylor · Dawn HarbinsonOnly Pictures?: Therapeutic Work with Internet Sex Offenders
  ''978-1-903855-69-0Ethel QuayleViewing Child Pornography on the Internet: Understanding the offence, managing the offender, helping the victims
  ''978-1-903855-70-6Peter Moser · George McKayCommunity Music: A Handbook
  ''978-1-903855-71-3Mike SealWorking with Homeless People
  ''978-1-903855-72-0Liz O'Rourke · Hazel GrantIt's All in the Record: Meeting the Challenge of Open Recording
2005978-1-903855-73-7Edith NichollsWhat Does Adopted Mean?: A Young Child's Guide to Adoption
  ''978-1-903855-75-1David Crimmens · Ian MilliganFacing Forward: Residential Child Care in the 21st Century
  ''978-1-903855-76-8Peter GilbertLeadership: Being Effective and Remaining Human
  ''978-1-903855-77-5Asmita Parmar · Pat SpatcherGetting to Know Children and Their Families: A Framework of Questions to Help Social Workers Gather Appropriate Information
  ''978-1-903855-78-2Edith NichollsMy Memory Book 4+
2006978-1-903855-79-9   ''My Memory Book 0-4
2006978-1-903855-80-5Edith NichollsMy Memory Book 8+
2005978-1-903855-81-2   ''The New Life Work Model: Practice Guide
2006978-1-903855-86-7Cath TalbotAssessment in Kinship Care
  ''978-1-903855-87-4Linda ReganHelping Mothers Move Forward: A Workbook to Help Provide Assessment and Support to the Safe Carers of Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused
  ''978-1-903855-90-4Steven WalkerSafeguarding Children and Young People: A Guide to Integrated Practice
  ''978-1-903855-97-3Don RoweSmart Thinking: Helping Young People Develop Moral Reasoning and Thinking Skills About Offending and Anti-social Behaviour
  ''978-1-903855-99-7Neil ThompsonPower and Empowerment (Theory Into Practice)