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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-898876-00-7Christopher HillExperience of Defeat: Milton and Some Contemporaries
  ''978-1-898876-01-4Alex CallinicosSocialists and the Trade Unions
  ''978-1-898876-03-8Chris HarmanEconomics of the Madhouse: Capitalism and the Market Today
2003978-1-898876-04-5Nicolai BukharinImperialism and World Economy
1996978-1-898876-05-2Lindsey GermanA Question of Class
2004978-1-898876-07-6Brian ManningRevolution and Counter-Revolution in England, Ireland and Scotland 1658-60
1995978-1-898876-09-0Brian Pearce · Michael WoodhouseHISTORY OF COMMUNISM IN BRITAIN, A
  ''978-1-898876-13-7Alex CallinicosRevolutionary Ideas Karl Marx 2ed
1997978-1-898876-20-5et al · Chris Harman · Tony Cliff · Duncan HallasPARTY AND CLASS
1996978-1-898876-21-2Glen E. FriedmanGlobalisation
1997978-1-898876-22-9Chris HarmanLOST REVOLUTION, THE: Germany 1918 to 1923
  ''978-1-898876-25-0Christopher HillEngland's Turning Point: Essays on 17th Century English History
1997978-1-898876-27-4Chris HarmanHow Marxism Works
  ''978-1-898876-28-1John Rees · etc. · Rob ServiceIn Defence of October
1998978-1-898876-29-8EditorInternational Socialism
1997978-1-898876-30-4John ReesISJ: 80th Anniversary Issue No. 76: International Socialist Journal
1998978-1-898876-31-1Chris HarmanMARXISM AND HISTORY
  ''978-1-898876-35-9   ''The Fire Last Time: 1968 and After
  ''978-1-898876-38-0John ReesEssays On Historical Materialism
1999978-1-898876-43-4Tony CliffTrotskyism After Trotsky: The Origin of the International Socialists: The Origins of the International Socialists
2004978-1-898876-45-8Mike GonzalezCHE GUEVARA AND THE CUBAN REVOLUTION
1999978-1-898876-47-2Brian ManningThe Far Left In The English Revolution: 1640-1660
  ''978-1-898876-50-2Lindsey GermanThe Balkans: Nationalism and Imperialism
2004978-1-898876-51-9Mike SimonsSTRIKING BACK: Photographs of the Great Miners' Strike 1984-1985
1999978-1-898876-53-3ReesWar and Revolution at the End of the 20th Century
1999978-1-898876-54-0Chris HarmanA People's History of the World
  ''978-1-898876-55-7   ''A People's History of the World
  ''978-1-898876-58-8Eamonn McCannDear God: The Price of Religion in Ireland
  ''978-1-898876-59-5Isj 84: Whats Wrong with Ethnic Politics?
  ''978-1-898876-60-1no-authorInternational Socialism 85 - Crisis, Class & European Labourism
2000978-1-898876-62-5Tony CliffA World To Win: The Life of a Revolutionary
2000978-1-898876-64-9Paul FootARTICLES OF RESISTANCE
2001978-1-898876-67-0Jonathan NealeThe American War: Vietnam 1960-1975
2004978-1-898876-71-7Terry EagletonSAINT OSCAR
2001978-1-898876-78-6David LaurentsANTI-CAPITALISM: A Guide to the Movement (Revolutionary Portraits)
2002978-1-898876-85-4Tony CliffIn The Thick Of Workers' Struggle - Pb: Tony Cliff Selected Writings, Volume 2: v. 2
2003978-1-898876-90-8Tom BehanThe Resistible Rise Of Benito Mussolini
  ''978-1-898876-93-9Tony CliffMarxist Theory After Trotsky: Selected Writings, Volume 3: v. 3
  ''978-1-898876-96-0Farah RezaAnti-imperialism: A Guide to the Movement: A Guide for the Movement
  ''978-1-898876-97-7John ReesInternational socialism 98. Resistance the movement, the media and the war.
  ''978-1-898876-98-4Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsThe Communist Manifesto
2003978-1-898876-99-1Noel DouglasRegime Change Begins at Home