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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-878257-02-4Editors of KlutzFoxtail Book (Klutz)
1997978-1-878257-05-5Klutz PressFoxtail Sport
1991978-1-878257-08-6John CassidyThe Time Book, Or the Truth about Time
  ''978-1-878257-11-6Nancy CassidyKids Songs Sleepyheads (Kidsongs)
1948978-1-878257-14-7ExploratoriumExplorabook: A Kid's Science Museum in a Book (Klutz)
1995978-1-878257-15-4Tom TierneyThe Explorabook 6 Copy Pack
1992978-1-878257-17-8Anne JohnsonBraids and Bows: A Book of Instruction
  ''978-1-878257-20-8Sara BooreThe Bedtime Book/With Attached Music Box
  ''978-1-878257-26-0Klutz PressEverybody's Everywhere Backyard Bird Book
  ''978-1-878257-30-7John Cassidy · Scott StillingerThe Official Koosh Book/With 3 Mini-Kooshes
2002978-1-878257-37-6Klutz PressFoxtail Softie (Colors May Vary)
1992978-1-878257-41-3Inc. KlutzKids Shenanigans: Great Things to Do That Mom and Dad Will Just Barely Approve Of/Book and Whoopie Cushion
1992978-1-878257-44-4John Cassidy · Thacher HurdWatercolor: For the Artistically Undiscovered (Klutz)
2002978-1-878257-45-1Thatcher Hurd · John CassidyWatercolour for the Artistically Undiscovered (Klutz)
1993978-1-878257-49-9Klutz PressPickup Sticks (Book and Pick Up Sticks)
  ''978-1-878257-50-5Inc. KlutzTable Top Football: A Guide to the Classic Lunchroom Sport (Book and Leather Table Top Football)
  ''978-1-878257-51-2Anne Akers JohnsonThe Buck Book: All Sorts of Things to do with a Dollar Bill-Besides Spend It
  ''978-1-878257-52-9Inc. KlutzStop! the Watch: A Book of Everyday, Ordinary, Anybody Olympics (Klutz)
2009978-1-878257-53-6Anne JohnsonCat's Cradle Book Kit-
1999978-1-878257-57-4Anne Akers JohnsonCat's Cradle (Klutz) (Klutz)
1998978-1-878257-59-8Table Top 12 Pack
1993978-1-878257-65-9Editors of Klutz PressMake Believe: A Book of Costume and Fantasy (The Fancy Box)
  ''978-1-878257-68-0   ''Make Believe: A Book of Costume and Fantasy (The Adventure Box)
1948978-1-878257-71-0Editors Of KlutzKids Travel: A Backseat Survival Kit
1994978-1-878257-72-7   ''Boon-Doggle: A book of Lanyard & Lacing
1994978-1-878257-73-4Sherri Haab · Laura TorresThe Incredible Clay Book. Klutz Press
  ''978-1-878257-74-1John CassidyEarthsearch
1999978-1-878257-77-2Boondoggle: A Book of Lanyard and Lacing
2002978-1-878257-79-6Clay Book - Incredible (Klutz)
2000978-1-878257-83-3Klutz PressStop! the Watch: a Book of Everyday, Ordinary, Anybody Olympics 6 Copy Pack
1994978-1-878257-86-4John Cassidy · Paul DohertyMagnetic Magic: Magic Tricks Done With Magnets