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2002978-1-59174-004-9Inc. KlutzYes or No Math: Grade 1: Mishmath: Questions & Answers for Really Smart 6 & 7 Year Olds
  ''978-1-59174-025-4KlutzKLUTZ K MATH WRAPS SHAPES 3-PK
  ''978-1-59174-027-8KlutzKLUTZ K READING WRAPS EARLY WORDS 3-PACK
  ''978-1-59174-031-5   ''KLUTZ GR1 READING WRAPS WORD ZOO 3 PACK
  ''978-1-59174-033-9   ''KLUTZ GR2 MATH WRAPS CREATURE MATH 3PK
2002978-1-59174-035-3KlutzKLUTZ GR2 READING WRAPS STORY 3 PACK
  ''978-1-59174-042-1Editors of KlutzWraps Math: Grade 2: Creature Math: Matching for Really Smart 7 & 8 Year Olds
  ''978-1-59174-045-2KlutzKLUTZ MULTIPLICATION WRAPS 3PK
2005978-1-59174-083-4Theresa Hutnick Megan SmithFuzzimal Puppies (Klutz S.)
2007978-1-59174-086-5ScholasticChicken Socks: How to Tell Time
2005978-1-59174-089-6Editors of KlutzRescue Trucks (Chicken Socks)
  ''978-1-59174-095-7   ''Chicken Socks: How to Make Pompom Animals
2006978-1-59174-098-8   ''Pop Bead People (Chicken Socks)
1948978-1-59174-160-2Editors Of KlutzShadow Games (Chicken Socks)
2005978-1-59174-163-3Klutz StaffHand Art (Chicken Socks)
2007978-1-59174-167-1Editors of KlutzWindow Art (Klutz)
2006978-1-59174-191-6Editors of Klutz · Theresa HutnickClothespin Cuties (Chicken Socks)
  ''978-1-59174-194-7Inc. KlutzCrayon Rubbings (Chicken Socks)
2006978-1-59174-197-8Editors Of KlutzMagic Painting (Chicken Socks)
2007978-1-59174-198-5Editors of Chicken Socks · Editors Of KlutzCastle: A Fold out Kingdom (Chicken Socks)
2006978-1-59174-203-6Editors Of KlutzThe Super Scissors Book (Chicken Socks)
  ''978-1-59174-234-0Clothes Peg Cuties (Klutz Chicken Socks) (Klutz Chicken Socks)
2007978-1-59174-241-8Editors of KlutzThe Official Icky Poo Book
2006978-1-59174-244-9Editors of KlutzLittle Letters (Chicken Socks)
1948978-1-59174-247-0Editors Of KlutzCard Trickery: Throw, Fan, Flourish, Spot Cheaters and Do Magic With Cards (Klutz)
2006978-1-59174-248-7Editors of KlutzThe Superhero Starter Kit (Chicken Socks)
2003978-1-59174-251-7Doug StillingerKlutz Battery Science Make Widgets That Work and Gadgets That Go
  ''978-1-59174-256-2ScholasticGoogly Eyes
  ''978-1-59174-259-3Barbara KaneVelvet Art: Create Fabulous Fuzzy Masterpieces (Klutz)
  ''978-1-59174-262-3Michael ShermanWax Strings (Klutz)
2004978-1-59174-269-2Susan FoxRainbow Hairstyles (Klutz)
  ''978-1-59174-270-8Jacqueline LeeDecorate Your Locker (Klutz Guides)
2005978-1-59174-275-3Editors of KlutzMake Your Own Itty-Bitty Angels
2005978-1-59174-276-0Editors of KlutzMake Your Own Itty-Bitty Ballerinas
  ''978-1-59174-277-7   ''Make Your Own Itty-bitty Princesses
2004978-1-59174-289-0   ''Immature Pranks (Klutz S.)
2005978-1-59174-298-2   ''Scratch Off Your Future (Klutz) (Klutz)
  ''978-1-59174-299-9   ''Scratch Off Truth or Dare (Klutz)
978-1-59174-304-0Pipe Cleaner Bead Bugs (Klutz)
2007978-1-59174-305-7KlutzWishing Stars (Klutz)
2006978-1-59174-312-5Editors of KlutzMake Your Own Twirly Tutu
2006978-1-59174-315-6Editors of KlutzFoam Gliders (Chicken Socks)
  ''978-1-59174-320-0   ''Fun with Felt (Chicken Socks)
2008978-1-59174-338-5   ''Mother Nature Goes Nuts!: Amazing Natural Disasters
  ''978-1-59174-341-5Doug StillingerLego Crazy Action Contraptions (Klutz)
1948978-1-59174-344-6Editors of Klutz · Editors of Chicken Socks · Editors Of KlutzPaper Purses (Chicken Socks)
2005978-1-59174-350-7Editors of KlutzChicken Socks: The Foam Book
  ''978-1-59174-351-4   ''The Foam Book (Klutz Chicken Socks) (Klutz Chicken Socks)
  ''978-1-59174-353-8   ''Chicken Socks Highlight this Book Activity Book
2005978-1-59174-356-9Editors of KlutzChicken Socks Amazing Lacing Activity Book
2005978-1-59174-359-0Editors of KlutzChicken Socks Magnetic A to Z Activity Book
  ''978-1-59174-362-0   ''Klutz Melty Beads Book Kit
  ''978-1-59174-365-1   ''Chicken Socks Pop Bead Critters Activity Book
  ''978-1-59174-368-2   ''Chicken Socks Totally Tape
  ''978-1-59174-371-2   ''Chicken Socks Make Your Own Tiaras Activity Book
2007978-1-59174-379-8Editors of KlutzTree House Bugs (Chicken Socks)
2006978-1-59174-384-2Anne Akers JohnsonKnitting: Learn to Knit Six Great Projects
2007978-1-59174-427-6Klutz PressThe Encyclopedia of Immaturity: How to Never Grow Up: The Complete Guide (Klutz)
2008978-1-59174-430-6Editors Of KlutzKlutz Face Painting Craft Kit
2007978-1-59174-437-5Karen PhillipsKlutz Shrink Art Jewelry
  ''978-1-59174-438-2Rachel TandySparkly Handbags (Klutz Chicken Socks) (Klutz Chicken Socks)
2009978-1-59174-440-5Editors of KlutzSparkly Handbags
2007978-1-59174-443-6Editors of Chicken SocksMake Your Own Paper Flowers (Maake Your Own)
  ''978-1-59174-448-1John Cassidy · B. C. RimbeauxJuggling for the Complete Klutz
2002978-1-59174-449-8Editors of KlutzWindow Art Deluxe Refill Set
2007978-1-59174-480-1Julie CollingsPocket Paper Dolls Fairy
  ''978-1-59174-482-5Julie CollingsPocket Paper Dolls: Princess
2008978-1-59174-504-4Anne Akers JohnsonKlutz Bead Loom Bracelets Craft Kit
  ''978-1-59174-507-5editors of KlutzThe 15 Greatest Board Games in the World
1948978-1-59174-508-2Klutz · Inc ScholasticExtra Stuff for Paper Fashions (Klutz Extra Stuff)
2008978-1-59174-511-2Michael shermanQuick Draw Flip Books
2008978-1-59174-516-7Karen PhillipsMy All-Time Top 5: A Book of List for You and Your Friends (Klutz)
978-1-59174-517-4Paper Fashions Fancy by Klutz
2008978-1-59174-519-8Editors of KlutzPaper Fashions Fancy
  ''978-1-59174-522-8   ''Draw It Again: and Again, and Again, and Again (Chicken Socks)
  ''978-1-59174-525-9   ''Mermaid's Palace (Chicken Socks)
  ''978-1-59174-530-3Klutz · Inc ScholasticExtra Stuff for Potholders and Other Loopy Projects (Klutz Extra Stuff)
  ''978-1-59174-532-7   ''More Shrink Plastic for Shrink Art Jewelry (Klutz Extra Stuff)
2008978-1-59174-534-1KlutzExtra Stuff for Window Art
  ''978-1-59174-539-6   ''Building Cards: How To Build Castles (Klutz Extra Stuff)
  ''978-1-59174-567-9Editors Of KlutzMy Style Studio: Design & Trace Your Own Fashions (Klutz)
  ''978-1-59174-570-9Anne Akers JohnsonCreate Your Own Paper-Craft Cards Flowers (Klutz)
  ''978-1-59174-573-0Editors of KlutzEye Find: A Picture Puzzle Book (Chicken Socks)
2008978-1-59174-576-1Editors of KlutzDress Up Your Own Paper Pups (Chicken Socks)
2008978-1-59174-579-2Editors of KlutzBuild Your Own Monsters! (Chicken Socks)
  ''978-1-59174-582-2   ''Extra Stuff for Paper Fashions Fancy
  ''978-1-59174-585-3   ''Extra Stuff for Scoubidou (Klutz Extra Stuff)
  ''978-1-59174-587-7   ''Klutz Extra Stuff Shrinky Dinks -
  ''978-1-59174-590-7   ''Klutz The Most Amazing Thumb Doodles Book: In The History of The Civilized World Book
2009978-1-59174-612-6Karen PhillipsWhat About You?: 280 Questions on the World's Most Fascinating Topic
2009978-1-59174-613-3Editors of KlutzPaper Fashions Fantasy (Klutz)
  ''978-1-59174-620-1Anne Akers JohnsonPaper Beads: Turn Simple Strips of Paper into Beautiful Beaded Jewelry
  ''978-1-59174-623-2Editors of Klutz · John CassidyTricky Video: The Complete Guide to Making Movie Magic (Klutz)
  ''978-1-59174-626-3Editors of KlutzStyle Studio Extra Stuff (Klutz Extra Stuff)
  ''978-1-59174-629-4Inc ScholasticExtra Stuff for Twirled Paper (Klutz Extra Stuff)
2009978-1-59174-643-0Pat Murphy · Scientists of Klutz LabsPar Robot! Part Toothbrush? Invasion of the Bristlebots
  ''978-1-59174-649-2Editors of KlutzHow to Draw Funny: Give Your Doodles A Comic Twist
  ''978-1-59174-652-2Theresa HutnickFuzzimal Puppies
  ''978-1-59174-659-1Editors of KlutzTriptivities
2009978-1-59174-664-5Editors of KlutzClothespin Cars (Chicken Socks)
  ''978-1-59174-668-3Sherri HaabNail Art
  ''978-1-59174-671-3Karen PhilipsMy [Not-So] Perfect Life: A Fill-In-The-Blanks Journal
  ''978-1-59174-674-4Editors of Klutz · Karen PhillipsThe Klutz Book of Balloon Twisting
  ''978-1-59174-677-5Scientists Of Klutz LabsBoom! Splat! Kablooey!: Safe Science That's a Real Blast
2009978-1-59174-680-5Editors Of KlutzKlutz The Cootie Catcher Book Craft Kit
1948978-1-59174-683-6   ''Build & Launch Foam Rockets (Chicken Socks)
2009978-1-59174-685-0Editors of KlutzSuper Simple Sewing (Chicken Socks)
1948978-1-59174-689-8Editors Of KlutzKlutz The Encyclopedia of Immaturity: Volume 2 Book
2009978-1-59174-692-8Anne Akers JohnsonFancy Friendship Bracelets
  ''978-1-59174-698-0Editors Of Klutz · Bonnie BurtonDraw Star Wars: The Clone Wars
1996978-1-59174-700-0Laura TorresKlutz Friendship Bracelets Craft Kit
2009978-1-59174-711-6Sherri HaabPretty Picture Bracelets
  ''978-1-59174-724-6Editors Of KlutzChristmas Velvet Art
2010978-1-59174-727-7   ''Christmas Window Art (Klutz: Window Art)
  ''978-1-59174-730-7   ''Klutz Glossy Bands: Stretchy Bracelets to Share with Your Friends Craft Kit
  ''978-1-59174-733-8John Cassidy · Nicholas BergerThe Klutz Book of Animation: Make Your Own Stop Motion Movies
2010978-1-59174-736-9Karen Phillips · Elise GravelDoodle Journal: My Life in Scribbles
  ''978-1-59174-742-0Scientists Of Klutz LabsRubber Band Powered Flying Machines
  ''978-1-59174-745-1Eva Steele-SaccioFashion Origami: Fold Dazzling Designs
  ''978-1-59174-748-2Editors of Klutz · Bonnie BurtonKlutz Fingerprint Fabulous: Create Sweet and Sparkly Thumbprint Art Craft Kit
  ''978-1-59174-751-2Editors of KlutzThe Slightly Odd United States of America
2005978-1-59174-761-1Doug StillingerBuilding Cards: How to Build Castles
1948978-1-59174-763-5   ''Building Cards: How to Build Pirate Ships
2013978-1-59174-765-9Karen PhillipsIt's All About Me: Personality Quizzes for You and Your Friends
2008978-1-59174-767-3Editors of KlutzJust Between Friends: How to Keep Things Totally Secret
2008978-1-59174-769-7Doug StillingerKlutz LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions Craft Kit
2007978-1-59174-772-7Doug StillingerHogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Building Cards)
2002978-1-59174-781-9Editors of KlutzThe Only Coloring, Puzzle, Dot-to-Dot, Activity Book: You'll Ever Need
2000978-1-59174-784-0   ''A Book of Artrageous Projects
1948978-1-59174-787-1Anne Akers JohnsonBrilliant Bead Rings
2006978-1-59174-793-2Doug StillingerHow to Build Spaceships (Building Cards)
1991978-1-59174-799-4John CassidyExplorabook: A Kid's Science Museum in a Book
1994978-1-59174-805-2Editors of KlutzKids Travel: A Backseat Survival Kit
2010978-1-59174-808-3John CassidyKnots (Klutz)
2006978-1-59174-811-3John Cassidy · Michael StroudThe Klutz Book of Magic
2007978-1-59174-814-4Editors Of KlutzDraw the Marvel Heros
2001978-1-59174-823-6Doug StillingerThe Solar Car Book (Klutz S)
2002978-1-59174-826-7Editors of KlutzDraw Thumb Things
2007978-1-59174-829-8   ''Window Art
2009978-1-59174-832-8   ''Window Art (Classic)
2010978-1-59174-846-5the legendary creative madpersons at Klutz and IDEO · Editors of Klutz · Editors Of KlutzDr. Frankensketch's Monster Drawing Machine (Doctor Frankensketch)
2011978-1-59174-849-6Editors Of KlutzRule the World: 119 Shortcuts to Total World Domination
2010978-1-59174-852-6Kaitlyn NicholsMake Your Own Music Video
  ''978-1-59174-855-7Karen PhillipsThe Truth About My Name: and What it Reveals About Me!
  ''978-1-59174-861-8Pat Murphy · Scientists of Klutz Labs · Editors Of Klutz · Scientists Of Klutz LabsThe The Hand Book: Explore the Handiest Part of Your Body
2011978-1-59174-864-9Eva Steele-SaccioKlutz Headbands & Hairstyles: Made & Wear Super Stylish Headbands Craft Kit
2010978-1-59174-876-2Editors Of Klutz · Editors of KlutzThe Klutz Book of Pickup Sticks
  ''978-1-59174-879-3John Cassidy · Brendan BoyleThe Klutz Book of Inventions
978-1-59174-892-2Jill SawyerPaper Fashions Yesterday (Klutz)
2011978-1-59174-911-0Editors Of Klutz · Editors of KlutzMix & Match Drawing: A Step-by-step Drawing Studio
  ''978-1-59174-914-1Anne Akers-JohnsonFabulous Flowers: Create Pretty Paper Blossoms
2011978-1-59174-917-2Karen PhillipsFriendship Pixies: Charmed Little Dolls to Make & Share
  ''978-1-59174-920-2Pat Murphy · Scientists of Klutz LabsThe Klutz Guide to the Galaxy (Klutz Guides)
  ''978-1-59174-923-3Editors Of Klutz · Editors of KlutzThe Encyclopedia of my Immaturity: Your Own Personal Diary-ah
  ''978-1-59174-926-4Eva Steele-StaccioKlutz The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses: Dress Up Paper Horses & Their Fairy Friends Book
  ''978-1-59174-929-5Michael ShermanMe Vs You: Head-to-Head Pencil Games Challenge
2011978-1-59174-932-5Kaitlyn NicholsKlutz Safety Pin Bracelets
  ''978-1-59174-935-6Karen PhillipsKlutz Sticker Design Studio: Create Your Own Custom Stickers Craft Kit