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1995978-1-57054-000-4Inc. KlutzDraw the Marvel Comics Super Heroes (Drawing Tools)
2005978-1-57054-003-5Editors of KlutzThumb Christmas (Klutz)
1995978-1-57054-018-9Anne Akers JohnsonHair: A Book of Braiding and Styles [With 3 Scrunchies] (Klutz)
1996978-1-57054-027-1Laura TorresBeads: A Book of Ideas and Instructions
1995978-1-57054-030-1Bill Mayer · Peter FoyShadow Games: A Book of Hand & Puppet Shadows
1996978-1-57054-036-3Inc. KlutzBubble Thing (Colors may vary)
  ''978-1-57054-040-0Anne Akers JohnsonString Games (Klutz)
1948978-1-57054-053-0Laura TorresFriendship Bracelets (Klutz)
1997978-1-57054-075-2Peter FoxPipe Cleaners Gone Crazy: A Complete Guide to Bending Funny Sticks
  ''978-1-57054-081-3Editors of KlutzCoin Magic
  ''978-1-57054-086-86 Magic Spoon Display
  ''978-1-57054-098-1Anne JohnsonChinese Jump Rope (Klutz)
1997978-1-57054-101-8Anne Akers JohnsonSmoothies (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-108-7John Cassidy · Paul Doherty · Pat Murphy · Richard Becker · Exploratorium (Organization)Zap Science: A Scientific Playground in a Book (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-111-7Sherri HaabNail Art
2010978-1-57054-117-9Editors Of KlutzThe Most Incredible, Outrageous, Packed-to-the-Gills, Bulging-at-the-Seams Sticker Book You've ever Seen (Klutz)
1998978-1-57054-131-5Editors of KlutzThe Cootie Catcher Book
  ''978-1-57054-144-5Laura TorresThe Fantastic Foam Book (Klutz)
1999978-1-57054-147-6KidsSongs 2
1991978-1-57054-149-0Kidssongs Sleepyheads
1998978-1-57054-157-5Don RathjenLego Crazy Action Contraptions: A LEGO Inventions Book (Klutz)
1999978-1-57054-158-2Don RathjenLego Crazy Action Contraptions: A Lego Contraptions Book (Klutz): A Lego Contraptions Book (Klutz)
1998978-1-57054-163-6Anne JohnsonHair Wraps (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-166-7Lady With the Alligator PurseJump Rope Rhymes (With a Special 8-Foot No-Twist No-Tangle Rope!)
1998978-1-57054-169-8Inc. KlutzThe Amazing Backseat Booka-Ma-Thing: Thousands of Miles Worth of Hands-On Games and Activities (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-172-8   ''Backyard Stars: A Guide for Home and the Road (Klutz Guides)
  ''978-1-57054-178-0   ''The Best Paper Airplanes You'll Ever Fly (Klutz Guides)
2000978-1-57054-185-8KlutzA Book of Artrageous Projects
1998978-1-57054-187-2Anne Akers JohnsonHemp Bracelets (Klutz)
2002978-1-57054-190-2Editors of KlutzThe Footbag Book
1998978-1-57054-193-3John CassidyThe Klutz Yo-Yo Book
  ''978-1-57054-196-4Icky Poo Games
1948978-1-57054-204-6Doug StillingerBuilding Cards: How to Build Castles (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-205-3Editors Of KlutzCapsters: Make Bottle Caps into Great Works of Coolness
1998978-1-57054-207-7Eric CarleYou Can Make a Collage: A Very Simple How-To Book (Klutz)
2005978-1-57054-212-1Inc. KlutzDesign Your Own Charm Watch (Klutz)
2005978-1-57054-215-2Barbara KaneQuilting: Design and Make Your Own Patchwork Projects (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-219-0Anne Akers Johnson~Kate PaddockRoom Lanterns
1948978-1-57054-225-1Karen PhillipsIt's All About Me: Personality Quizzes for You and Your Friends (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-228-2Doug StillingerBuilding Cards: How to Build Pirate Ships
2006978-1-57054-231-2   ''Building Cards How to Build Spaceships: 180 Building Cards
  ''978-1-57054-240-4Theresa Hutnick · Megan SmithRibbon Purses (Klutz)
2007978-1-57054-245-9Editors of Klutz · Editors of Klutz · Editors Of KlutzStencil Art (Klutz S.)
2003978-1-57054-252-7KlutzKindergarten Math Deck and Gizmo
1998978-1-57054-253-4Larry EvansA Super-Sneaky, Double-Crossing, Up, Down, Round & Round Maze Book
2005978-1-57054-254-1Doug StillingerThe Klutz Book Of Ball Games
  ''978-1-57054-257-2Editors Of KlutzBig Bubbles Book Kit-
2005978-1-57054-267-1Michael ShermanSuction Cup Critters (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-271-8Inc. KlutzBooks-in-a-cup Orange
  ''978-1-57054-274-9Editors of KlutzBooks-in-a-Cup: Lime
2004978-1-57054-286-2   ''The Best Card Games In the Galaxy
978-1-57054-293-0Books in a Cup; Grape (Klutz)
2002978-1-57054-313-5KlutzKlutz Best Paper Airplanes Guide 6-Pack
1999978-1-57054-317-3Editors of KlutzSimple Sewing (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-320-3John Cassidy · Quentin BlakeDrawing: For the Artistically Undiscovered (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-327-2Sherri Haab · Laura TorresCreate Anything With Clay
2007978-1-57054-342-5Doug StillingerBuilding Cards Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Klutz) (Klutz)
1999978-1-57054-354-8Editors Of KlutzMy Life According to Me (Klutz)
1999978-1-57054-355-5Editors of KlutzMy Life according to ME 6 Pack (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-363-0Inc. KlutzSwimming Pool Games: All the Rules, All the Classics (Klutz Guides)
2003978-1-57054-372-2KlutzKLUTZ KWIZ K MATH DECK+GIZMO (6)
2003978-1-57054-373-9Klutz1st Grade Math Deck and Gizmo
2004978-1-57054-381-4Editors of KlutzKlutz Foxtail Sonic (COLOR MAY VARY)
1948978-1-57054-397-5Anne Akers JohnsonBrilliant Bead Rings (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-400-2Doug Stillinger · Inc ScholasticBuilding Cards: Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter Building Cards)
1999978-1-57054-401-9Marilyn GreenBeaded Bobby Pins (Klutz)
2007978-1-57054-403-3ScholasticBody Crayon Book (Klutz)
978-1-57054-404-0The Body Crayon Book
1999978-1-57054-407-1Editors Of KlutzThe Shrinky Dinks Book
  ''978-1-57054-410-1Backyard Birds: A Coast-To-Coast Guide to the Birds You're Already Supposed to Know (Klutz Guides)
  ''978-1-57054-413-2Inc. KlutzA Field Guide to the Coolest Dinos in the Woods (Klutz Guide)
2000978-1-57054-414-9SPOTTER S GDE COOLEST DINOS 12 PK
1999978-1-57054-416-3Inc. KlutzSpotters Guide to the Coolest Cars on the Road (Klutz Guides)
2000978-1-57054-417-0Spotter S Gde Coolest Cars 12 Pk
1999978-1-57054-419-4Inc. KlutzClassic Cookies: The 13 Recipes That Have Shaped History (Klutz Guides)
2000978-1-57054-420-0Classic Cookies 12 Pack
1999978-1-57054-422-4Editors Of KlutzKB: Beadimals
  ''978-1-57054-425-5The Painted Zoo
2006978-1-57054-428-6Editors Of KlutzLettering: in Crazy Cool Quirky Style
1999978-1-57054-430-9Fietsa;: Body Glitter Colors: Turquoise Blue, Green, Fuschia (Body Glitter Art Kits)
2000978-1-57054-432-3Tutti Frutti: Scented Nail Colors: Cherry, Grape, Lemon; Glitter: Emerald (Nail Art Kits)
1999978-1-57054-437-8Fireworks: Body Glitter
1999978-1-57054-438-5Fireworks: Body Glitter/Pack 12
  ''978-1-57054-439-2Mardi Gras;: Body Glitter Colors: Green, Gold, Purple (Body Glitter Art Kits)
2000978-1-57054-441-5Berry Patch: Scented Nail Colors: Blueberry, Raspberry, Wildberry; Glitter: Berry (Nail Art Kits)
  ''978-1-57054-443-9Klutz PressBlossoms;: Scented Nail Colors: Jasmine, Plumeria, Rosebud; Glitter: Violet (Nail Art Kits)
2007978-1-57054-448-4John Cassidy · B.C. RimbeauxJuggling for the Complete Klutz
1999978-1-57054-464-4Inc. KlutzThe Adventures of Fender Bender: Bendable Wire Bow Wow
  ''978-1-57054-467-5Editors Of KlutzBender: Joe
  ''978-1-57054-470-5Inc. KlutzThe Adventures of Brenda Bender: Bendable Wire Heroine
2001978-1-57054-475-0Bedroom Astronomy 6 Pack
2000978-1-57054-476-7Julie Collings · Candice EltonBeadlings: How to Make Beaded Creatures & Creations (Klutz)
2000978-1-57054-477-4Dream Journal: Pack of 6 (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-479-8Build Anything With Sticks
1999978-1-57054-480-4John CassidyThe Official Koosh Book: Kooshy Games & Activities
2000978-1-57054-484-2Inc. KlutzGelly Bands Bracelet Kit
  ''978-1-57054-486-6   ''Beadlings Charm Kit-People Chain
  ''978-1-57054-488-0   ''Flower Chain (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-490-3   ''Bug Chain (Klutz)
2000978-1-57054-497-2Inc. KlutzTissue Paper Flowers
  ''978-1-57054-522-1Sherri Haab · Laura TorresWire-O-Mania (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-529-0Editors of KlutzPainted Rocks
2006978-1-57054-534-4Editors Of KlutzPaper Fashions (Klutz)
2000978-1-57054-560-3Inc. KlutzWishing Stars: Everything You Need to Make 100 Tiny Origami Stars
  ''978-1-57054-568-9   ''The Treasure Hunt Book (Klutz)
2002978-1-57054-581-8Klutz Inc.Sling Chute: Giant 32 Inch Parachute
2000978-1-57054-585-6Inc. KlutzShrinky Dinks Refill Pack
2002978-1-57054-587-0KlutzShrinky Dinks Refill 24-Pack
2001978-1-57054-590-0Anne Akers JohnsonThe Body Book: Recipes for Natural Body Care
  ''978-1-57054-591-7Editors of KlutzSquashing Flowers (Klutz)
2001978-1-57054-602-0Klutz PressDrawbreakers: A Drawing Book That We Start and You Finish (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-631-0Julie CollingsThe Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls: A Book with 6 Paper People and Piles of Perfect Punch-out Clothes
  ''978-1-57054-643-3Barbara KaneKlutz Book: Window Art Kit
1948978-1-57054-646-4Doug StillingerThe Solar Car Book (Klutz)
2009978-1-57054-649-5Rachel HaabFairies: Petal People You Make Yourself (Klutz)
2001978-1-57054-652-5Paula Weed · Carla JimisonTricky Pix: Do It Yourself Trick Photography With Camera [colors may vary] (Klutz)
2002978-1-57054-653-2Paula Weed · Carla JimisonTricky Pix: Do-it-yourself Trick Photography (Klutz)
2003978-1-57054-719-5KlutzKlutz Kwiz Launch Deck and Gizmo: Grade 1
  ''978-1-57054-720-1   ''Klutz Kwiz Launch Deck and Gizmo: Grade 2
2002978-1-57054-721-8   ''KLUTZ KWIZ GR2 LAUNCH DECK+GIZMO (6)
2001978-1-57054-722-5Klutz 3rd Grade Launch Deck + Gizmo
2002978-1-57054-723-2KlutzKLUTZ KWIZ GR3 LAUNCH DECK+GIZMO (6)
2003978-1-57054-724-9   ''Klutz Kwiz Launch Deck and Gizmo: Grade 4
2002978-1-57054-725-6   ''KLUTZ KWIZ GR4 LAUNCH DECK+GIZMO (6)
2003978-1-57054-726-3KlutzKlutz Kwiz Launch Deck and Gizmo: Kindergarten
2002978-1-57054-729-4   ''KLUTZ KWIZ K LAUNCH DECK (6)
2003978-1-57054-730-0   ''Klutz Kwiz Launch Deck: Grade 1
2002978-1-57054-731-7   ''KLUTZ KWIZ GR1 LAUNCH DECK (6)
  ''978-1-57054-733-1   ''KLUTZ KWIZ GR2 LAUNCH DECK (6)
2002978-1-57054-740-9KlutzKlutz Kwiz Gr1 Challenge Deck
2003978-1-57054-742-3   ''Klutz Kwiz Challenge Deck: Grade 2
  ''978-1-57054-744-7   ''Klutz Kwiz Challenge Deck: Grade 3
2007978-1-57054-760-7ScholasticMaking Mini-books (Klutz)
2002978-1-57054-763-8Barbara KaneSun Paint: Use Sunshine to Make Colorful Fabric Prints: With Book, Paint and Sponge Brush (Klutz)
1948978-1-57054-767-6ScholasticThe Only Coloring, Puzzle, Game, Dot-to-dot, Activity Book You'll Ever Need (Klutz)
2002978-1-57054-793-5John Cassidy · B. C. RimbeauxJuggling for the Complete Klutz with Other
  ''978-1-57054-798-0Inc. KlutzWindow Art Deluxe Refill Set (Klutz)
2004978-1-57054-804-8Anne Akers JohnsonSpool Knit Jewelry: Make Beautiful Bracelets, Anklets, and Rings (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-808-6Jacqueline LeeTwirled Paper: Make Almost Anything With Simple Paper Strips (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-809-3Jacqueline LeeTwirled Paper: Make Almost Anything with Simple Paper Strips: pack of 6 copies
2006978-1-57054-811-6Barbara KanePaper Stained Glass: Color-by-Number Art for Your Windows (Klutz)
2004978-1-57054-813-0Klutz Inc.Me and My Friends: The Book of Us (Colors may vary) (Klutz S)
2006978-1-57054-819-2Editors of KlutzStop the Watch
2004978-1-57054-825-3   ''Road Trip Trivia: A Big Book of Backseat Brainteasers (Klutz)
2004978-1-57054-830-7Doug StillingerKlutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit
  ''978-1-57054-835-2Liz HutnickDoodle Cats (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-836-9Liz HutnickDoodle Dogs (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-837-6   ''Doodle Faces (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-850-5Editors of KlutzT-Shirt Art: Make Your Own Iron-On Designs (Klutz)
2005978-1-57054-855-0Marilyn Green · Theresa HutnickPicture Tags (Klutz)
2004978-1-57054-858-1Nancy CassidyNancy Cassidy's Kids Songs singalong songbook
2004978-1-57054-861-1Anne Akers JohnsonKnitting: Learn To Knit Six Great Projects (Klutz)
2007978-1-57054-868-0Sherri HaabHoliday Picture Bracelets (Klutz)
2006978-1-57054-870-3Anne Akers JohnsonCrochet: Learn to Crochet Six Great Projects (Klutz)
2005978-1-57054-875-8Susan Fox · Karen PhillipsDial With Style (Klutz)
2006978-1-57054-891-8John Cassidy · Michael StroudThe Klutz Book of Magic
2007978-1-57054-894-9Marilyn GreenMade You Look: A Book of Picture Puzzles
2001978-1-57054-898-7Window Art Extra Black Refill
2003978-1-57054-901-4Klutz2nd Grade Math Deck and Gizmo
2003978-1-57054-903-8Klutz3rd Grade Math Deck and Gizmo
  ''978-1-57054-905-2   ''4th Grade Math Deck and Gizmo
  ''978-1-57054-914-4   ''KLUTZ KWIZ GR4 MATH DECK+GIZMO (6)
2002978-1-57054-916-8Editors of KlutzMy Fabulous Life in Pictures (Klutz)
  ''978-1-57054-922-9KlutzKlutz Kwiz Gizmo 6 Pack
  ''978-1-57054-923-6   ''KLUTZ KWIZ GIZMO 24-PACK
2003978-1-57054-946-5sherri-haab-inc-klutzShrinky Dinks
2002978-1-57054-950-2Anne JohnsonHandmade Cards: Simple Designs for Beautiful Cards (Klutz)
978-1-57054-951-9Anne Akers JohnsonHandmade Cards 6 Copy Pack: Simple Designs for Beautiful Cards (Klutz S.)
2003978-1-57054-957-1Marilyn GreenSimple Embroidery (Klutz)
1948978-1-57054-960-1Doug StillingerThe Spiral Draw Book (Klutz)
2003978-1-57054-963-2Barbara KanePotholders and Other Loopy Projects (Klutz)
2007978-1-57054-971-7Karen PhillipsScoubidou: A Book of Lanyard & Lacing (Klutz)
2003978-1-57054-972-4Sherri Haab · Editors of KlutzPicture Bracelets
2002978-1-57054-980-9Barbara KaneChristmas Window Art (Klutz)
2002978-1-57054-981-6Editors Of KlutzDraw Thumb Animals (Fine Art at Your Fingertips)
  ''978-1-57054-984-7   ''Draw Thumb People (Fine Art at Your Fingertips)
  ''978-1-57054-987-8Editors of KlutzDraw Thumb Things (Fine Art at Your Fingertips)
2005978-1-57054-988-5Editors of KlutzDraw Thumb Things (Klutz) (Klutz)
1948978-1-57054-997-7Anne Akers JohnsonOrigami (Klutz)