Paul Sieveking

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Diary of a Mad Planet:Fortean Times Issues 16-25978-1-870021-25-81995
Fortean Times 1993 Diary978-1-870870-24-51992
Fortean Times Book of Medical Mayhem978-1-902212-19-71999Ian Stuart Simmons
Fortean Times Book of More Strange Deaths978-1-902212-02-91998
Gateways to Mystery:Fortean Times, Issues 31-36978-1-870870-37-51993Bob Rickard
Man Bites Man: The Scrapbook of an Edwardian Eccentric978-0-14-005960-11981George Ives
Seeing Out the Seventies:Fortean Times Issues 26-30978-1-870021-20-31992
Yesterday's News Tomorrow:Fortean Times Issues 1-15978-1-870870-26-91992

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