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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-86154-000-3Sean PerkinsExperience: Challenging Visual Indifference through New Sensory Experience
1997978-1-86154-002-7Why Not AssociatesWhy Not?
1999978-1-86154-003-4Fi McGhee · John PawsonBarn
2002978-1-86154-006-5Rick PoynorDesign Without Boundaries: Visual Communication in Transition
2001978-1-86154-011-9Reza PourjavadyThe Splendour of Iran
1996978-1-86154-020-1Jon SavageHighflyers: Clubravepartyart
2002978-1-86154-023-2Rick PoynorTypography Now Two Implosion
1996978-1-86154-025-6Design and Art Direction 1996 (British Design & Art Direction)
1999978-1-86154-033-1Jonathan BarnbrookYoung British Artists
1998978-1-86154-038-6Angus HylandNicholas & Alexandra: Last Imperial F
1997978-1-86154-040-9Dean Kuipers · William GibsonRay Gun: Out of Control
1998978-1-86154-048-5Marc QuinnIncarnate: Marc Quinn
1999978-1-86154-053-9Aaron Rose · Ben WeaverDysfunctional
2002978-1-86154-062-1Alice Rawsthorn · Richard AllanMarc Newson
  ''978-1-86154-063-8Iain Sinclair · Stephanie BrownMaking an Angel: Antony Gormley
2000978-1-86154-068-3Stephen BayleyGeneral Knowledge
  ''978-1-86154-072-0Rick PoynorVaughan Oliver: Visceral Pleasures
1997978-1-86154-075-1Robert ChapmanAlbum Covers From The Vinyl Junkyard
1999978-1-86154-078-2Nicholas & Alexandra - The Last Imperial Family of Tsarist Russia - Exhibition Album
1998978-1-86154-082-9P. BeddardNocturnal
2002978-1-86154-086-7Kathy EldonThe Journey is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon
  ''978-1-86154-092-8Peter Hall · Michael BierutTibor Kalman: Perverse Optimist
2000978-1-86154-126-0David Sims · Steven KleinHeads: Hair by Guido
1999978-1-86154-132-1Runyon Hall · Lana Wong · Karen WongShootback: Photos by Kids from the Nairobi Slums
  ''978-1-86154-133-8Cahan & AssociatesI am Almost Always Hungry
2000978-1-86154-134-5Ben DruryFutura
1999978-1-86154-136-9Albert KostenevichFrench Art at the Hermitage: Bouguereau to Matisse 1860-1950
1999978-1-86154-137-6Kylie Minogue · etc. · et al.Kylie
  ''978-1-86154-140-6Evgenija PetrovaMalevich Collection: Barbican Exhibition (Art)
2002978-1-86154-161-1Liz Farrelly · Kate Moss · Oliviero Toscani · Jefferson HackRankinWorks
2000978-1-86154-164-2Geza von Habsburg · Alexander Von SolodkoffFaberge: Imperial Craftsman and His World
2002978-1-86154-167-3MilkSneakers: Size Isn't Everything
  ''978-1-86154-169-7Phil BeddardNocturnal: Global Highflyers (Experientia Supplementum)
  ''978-1-86154-171-0Why Not AssociatesWhy Not?: Why Not Associates
2000978-1-86154-173-4Christine ConradJerome Robbins: That Broadway Man, That Ballet Man
2002978-1-86154-194-9Wayne HemingwayJust Above The Mantelpiece: Mass-Market Masterpieces
2001978-1-86154-205-2Martin MaloneyI am a Camera: The Saatchi Gallery
2002978-1-86154-206-9Rose Issa · Ruyin PakbazIranian Contemporary Art
2001978-1-86154-207-6Peter Hall · Stefan SagmeisterSagmeister: Made You Look: Made You Look - Another Self-indulgent Design Monograph
2002978-1-86154-210-6Patrick Elliott · Jeremy LewisonContemporary Art in Print: The Publications of Charles Booth-Clibborn and his Imprint the Paragon Press 1995-2000
  ''978-1-86154-211-3Liz FarrellyJam: Tokyo-London: London-Tokyo (Cartoons)
2001978-1-86154-212-0Damien HirstDamien Hirst: Pictures from the Saatchi Gallery
2001978-1-86154-217-5Jake Cunningham · Steve LazaridesSeen: Black Style UK
  ''978-1-86154-219-9Jeff Curtes · Jared EberhardtBlower: Snowboarding Inside Out
2002978-1-86154-221-2Antonio G. GardoniFood by Design
2001978-1-86154-223-6Sam Taylor-WoodContact
  ''978-1-86154-224-3Liz Farrelly · Mike DorrianZines
2002978-1-86154-230-4Thomas Q. Napper · Fabian MonheimDon't think just shoot - Lomo Book
2007978-1-86154-239-7Jonathan Barnbrook · Kalle LasnBarnbrook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook
2002978-1-86154-247-2Mike Dorrian · David Recchia · Liz FarrellyStick Em Up
  ''978-1-86154-248-9Unorthodox StylesWaffle
2003978-1-86154-249-6Tessa Traeger · Patrick KinmonthA Gardener's Labyrinth: Portraits of People, Plants & Places: Portraits of People, Plants and Places
2004978-1-86154-265-6Melissa Logan · Kiki Moorse · Alex Murray-LeslieChicks on Speed: Its a Project (Cos)
2003978-1-86154-266-3Mike FiggisIn The Dark: Images and Text by Mike Figgis
2004978-1-86154-268-7John Robinson · Helen WaltersGH avisualagency
2005978-1-86154-269-4Mark SutcliffeMoscow Style
  ''978-1-86154-273-1David Luscombe · Alison RoscoeFreewave
2004978-1-86154-274-8Peter Hall · Stefan SagmeisterSagmeister: Made You Look: Another Self-indulgent Design Monograph
2004978-1-86154-278-6Max ForsytheDrive by Shooting
2006978-1-86154-279-3Damien HirstI Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere, with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now
  ''978-1-86154-284-7Andrew Hughes · David CarsonDominant Wave Theory
2005978-1-86154-289-2JanfamilyJanfamily - Plans for Other Days
2006978-1-86154-294-6Claude Grunitzky · Steven Psyllos(un)Fashion
2007978-1-86154-303-5Tom Eccles · Douglas FogleKeith Edmier 1991-2007
  ''978-1-86154-305-9Etienne Lullin · Florian SimmContemporary Art in Print: The Publications of Charles Booth-Clibborn and His Imprint the Paragon Press 2001-2006
  ''978-1-86154-310-3Basil Hyman · Steven BraggsG Plan Revolution, The: A Celebration of British Popular Furniture of the 1950s and 1960s
2009978-1-86154-311-0KesselsKramerThe Worst Hotel in the World: The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam Amsterdam
  ''978-1-86154-313-4Saatchi Gallery · Lisa FarjamUnveiled: New Art from the Middle East
2010978-1-86154-314-1Patricia EllisNewspeak: British Art Now: From the Saatchi Gallery, London
2012978-1-86154-321-9Andy Hughes · John BradshawI, Jack Russell: A Photographer and a Dog's Eye View
2012978-1-86154-333-2Charles SaatchiMy Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic: Questions from Journalists and Readers New Extended Edition
  ''978-1-86154-335-6Jane Pritchard · Caroline HamiltonPavlova Twentieth Century Ballerina (Pritchard)
2013978-1-86154-337-0Charles SaatchiBabble (Saatchi)
  ''978-1-86154-340-0   ''The Naked Eye (Saatchi)
2014978-1-86154-356-1Mikhail PiotrovskyThe State Hermitage (Piotrovsky)
2017978-1-86154-380-6Trevor ApplesonPortable Studio: 1