Booth-Clibborn Editions

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-873968-00-0Edward Booth-Clibborn · Roger LawA Nasty Piece of Work: Art of "Spitting Image"
1993978-1-873968-01-7Malcolm McLarenThese are the Breaks
1992978-1-873968-02-4Edward Booth-ClibbornBritish Design and Art Direction 1992
2002978-1-873968-03-1Vitaly SuslovThe State Hermitage: Masterpieces from the Museum's Collections: Western European Art, Russian Art and Culture
1992978-1-873968-04-8Edward Booth- ClibbornAmerican Photography: No. 8
  ''978-1-873968-05-5Edward Booth-ClibbornAmerican Illustration: No. 11
1993978-1-873968-06-2   ''Art Directors Club of Europe: v. 2
  ''978-1-873968-07-9Rick PoynorThe Graphic Edge
  ''978-1-873968-08-6British Graphics Today
  ''978-1-873968-10-9Eurobest: v. 1
1995978-1-873968-11-6Aleksandr Lavrentiev · A.N. LevrentievRodchenko
1993978-1-873968-12-3David Abbott · Alferdo Marcantonio"Remember those great Volkswagen ads?"
1993978-1-873968-13-0Edward Booth- ClibbornDesign and Art Direction Annual 1993
  ''978-1-873968-14-7   ''American Photography: No. 9
  ''978-1-873968-15-4Edward Booth-ClibbornAmerican Illustration: No. 12
  ''978-1-873968-16-1   ''Landmarks of 20th Century Design
1994978-1-873968-17-8Edward Booth-Clibborn · Liz FarrellyGraphic Language of the Fax
  ''978-1-873968-18-5Carl GardnerShaping the Future: Seymour Powell and the Art of Design
1998978-1-873968-19-2Steve HoffmanAmerican Sports Graphics
1995978-1-873968-20-8Sean PerkinsExperience: Challenging Visual Indifference Through New Sensory Experience
1995978-1-873968-21-5David HillmanNew Work of the Alliance: Elite of the World's Graphic Designers
  ''978-1-873968-22-2Seeing Double: British Humour in Design
  ''978-1-873968-23-9Colin ForbesSeeing is Believing: Identity Design in the 20th Century
2002978-1-873968-24-6Edward Booth-ClibbornEssays on Design 1: AGI's Designers of Influence: v. 1
1995978-1-873968-27-7Peter J. Chelkowski · Hamid DabashiStaging a Revolution: The Art of Persuasion in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  ''978-1-873968-28-4Jeremy Sinclair · Edward Booth-ClibbornBritish Political Advertising
1996978-1-873968-29-1Brazilian Gardens
1994978-1-873968-30-7Julian GermainIn Soccer Wonderland
1993978-1-873968-31-4Edward Booth-Clibborn · Roger LawA Nasty Piece of Work: Art of "Spitting Image"
1995978-1-873968-32-1Pyotr BorisovWatercolours of the Decembrist
  ''978-1-873968-34-5Philip SayerFaces of Design
1994978-1-873968-37-6Edward Booth-ClibbornArt Directors Club of Europe: v. 3
1994978-1-873968-38-3Eurobest: v. 2
  ''978-1-873968-39-0Edward Booth-ClibbornAustralian Writers and Art Directors: 1993
  ''978-1-873968-40-6Italian Art Directors Club Annual: v. 8
  ''978-1-873968-41-3Emigre GraphicsEmigre: Graphic Design into the Digital Realm
2009978-1-873968-42-0Rick PoynorTypography Now: The Next Wave
1997978-1-873968-44-4Damien HirstI Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere, with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now
2000978-1-873968-45-1J. Browne · T. DeanBuilding of Faith: Centenary of Westminster Cathedral
1994978-1-873968-46-8Madeleine DeschampsEmpire
  ''978-1-873968-47-5Richard StrinerArt Deco (In style)
1994978-1-873968-48-2James C. Massey · Shirley MaxwellGothic Revival (In style)
  ''978-1-873968-49-9Edward Booth- ClibbornAmerican Photography: No. 10
1995978-1-873968-50-5Edward Booth-ClibbornAmerican Illustration: No. 13
1994978-1-873968-51-2Mark SutcliffeTreasures of the Czars
1995978-1-873968-52-9British Design and Art DirectionDesign and Art Direction 1994 (British Design & Art Direction)
  ''978-1-873968-53-6Minale TattersfieldThe Image Maker: Biography of Minale Tattersfield
1996978-1-873968-54-3Chinese Propaganda Posters from Revolution to Modernization
1995978-1-873968-55-0Liz FarrellyWear Me: Fashion and Graphics Interaction
2001978-1-873968-57-4New and Used: World of Designers Republic
1994978-1-873968-58-1Karl Hyde · John WarwickerMmm ... Skyscraper I Love You: a Typographic Journal of New York
1995978-1-873968-61-1Rick PoynorTypography Now Two
  ''978-1-873968-63-5Charles Booth-ClibbornContemporary British Art in Print
1996978-1-873968-65-9Michael MackContemporary Photographic Practice
1995978-1-873968-66-6James Massey · Shirley MaxwellArt and Crafts (In Style)
  ''978-1-873968-67-3Early Victorian (In Style)
1995978-1-873968-68-0Charles Booth-ClibbornContemporary British Art in Print
2002978-1-873968-69-7Rick PoynorThe Graphic Edge
1995978-1-873968-70-3Australian Writers and Art Directors: 1994
  ''978-1-873968-71-0EditorEurobest: v. 3
  ''978-1-873968-72-7Liz FarrellyLions 41st International Advertising Festival
  ''978-1-873968-73-4Donna KaranDonna Karen/Herb Ritts
  ''978-1-873968-74-1Edward Booth-ClibbornArt Directors Club of Europe: v. 4
1995978-1-873968-75-8Designers and Art Directors Association of LondonDesign and Art Direction 1995 (British Design & Art Direction)
  ''978-1-873968-76-5UnnamedItalian Art Directors Club Annual: v. 9
  ''978-1-873968-77-2Us AD Review: Vol 16
  ''978-1-873968-78-9Brian ParkesHighflyers: Clubravepartyart
1996978-1-873968-79-6Marcello Minale · Jeremy MyersonHow to Run a Successful Multi-disciplinary Design Company: The Story Updated
  ''978-1-873968-81-9Pure Fuel
1996978-1-873968-82-6Alice Tillander-Godenhielm and Milica IlichFaberge
1995978-1-873968-83-3Edward Booth-ClibbornAmerican Illustration: No. 14
  ''978-1-873968-84-0Edward Booth- ClibbornAmerican Photography: No. 11
  ''978-1-873968-85-7Oliver FolimiTibet
  ''978-1-873968-87-1Renaissance (In Style)
  ''978-1-873968-88-8Art Nouveau (In Style)
1995978-1-873968-89-5Fernando PirelFacendes
  ''978-1-873968-90-1Jewellery by Artists in Italy
1996978-1-873968-91-8Phil SayerSplendours of Ancient Egypt
2002978-1-873968-92-5Edward Booth-Clibborn · Booth-Clibborn EditionsCannes 42nd International Advertising Festival
1996978-1-873968-93-2Neville TuliIndian Contemporary Painting
1997978-1-873968-95-6New Fusions
1996978-1-873968-96-3Edward Booth-Clibborn · Booth-Clibborn EditionsEurobest: v. 4
2001978-1-873968-98-7Peter SavilleRemix
1997978-1-873968-99-4Edward Booth-ClibbornBritish Packaging: Design for Today's Consumer Interface